Mastercard launching program to let financial institutions offer crypto trading to their clients.

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What’s good youtube i haven’t made a vid in like two months been so busy with irl stuff back selling on amazon oh can you even see this like 45k 46k in sales the last 30 days it’s doing well um having fun with that just trying to scale it uh bring more people on the team and whatnot but yeah i haven’t made a video talked about crypto or even what i’m doing the

Last couple months so i just wanted to come on here um just say what’s up uh total crypto market cap yeah like i said that one trillion dollars is our uh it’s the line in the sand below one trillion bearish above one trillion bullish um looks like middle of august we tried to break above one trillion dollar market cap in crypto couldn’t do it and now we’re we’re

Struggling to stay above the 900 billion dollar market crap in crypto not too long ago total market cap of crypto is at three trillion dollars uh this time last year about so we’re down almost like 70 80 percent bitcoin’s been ranging from this like eighteen five levels to like 20k has been ranging from like 12.50 to like 1400. just bouncing off these two levels

The last couple months i’ve just been sitting on cash um for crypto stocks everything i haven’t really been investing in anything in the last couple months qnt had a really big month up up over a hundred percent in the last month month and a half pretty bullish watch qnt they’re one of my favorite plays in crypto still and also chain link chain link is still

Ranging from like the like a six to eight dollar range they just announced a partnership with swift um swift is like a international payment system that connects like 11 000 banks and like 300 countries and they’re working on uh like a cross-border payment system so that could be gigantic if link um further pursued partnerships with swift just type in swift in

Google it’s gigantic as for the spy last time i was making vids it was around it was around 4 20 and i thought we were going to top out and come back down and we did looks like we’ve been ranging between like this 360 to 380 area uh like the last month or so today is october 18 2022. i hope everyone’s keeping their head above water and not getting liquidated i’ve

Been talking to so many friends out here that are just i’ve lost all their money or just losing money still trying to trade so it’s tough um like i said i’ve been i’m back on amazon just selling stuff just because crypto’s been so dead and i just needed some cash flow but some bullish stuff walmart chief technical officer says crypto will become an important part

Of how customers transact uh bullish bullish news creators of yu-gi-oh are entering the web 3 space with nft marketplace for in-game assets that could be cool mastercard is launching a program to left financial institutions offer crypto trading to their clients mastercard it’s crazy all these big companies mastercard walmart amazon they’re all talking about crypto

And have been talking about crypto for the past six months so it makes you it’s they they gotta know something we don’t that’s why i’m sticking around personally texas securities regulator launches investigation into ftx u.s and ceo sam bankman fraud the sam banquin fraud is the guy behind uh ftx and solana the token they have a crazy talented team over there

They’ve done a lot for the crypto space over the last couple years um they just got the crypto arena in miami uh the basketball uh the miami heat play there pretty sick and then uh last piece of news for today was a web 3 infrastructure firm chain safe has raised 18.75 million in series a funding to expand its blockchain gaming utilities but yeah like i said i’m

My bad i’ve just been busy irl recently so i’ve been able to make any vids but i want to start making these again i really just like making them and it was fun i feel like i was bringing a lot of people into the discord um through the comments so if you want to join the discord lincoln bio i’d love to help you out with amazon ebay crypto stocks nfts uh making it

More of like a general server for just people to learn but that’s all i got for today’s vid uh thanks for watching if you did uh gonna start dropping more vids more often i found this guy fulcrum on youtube and he’s so funny he’s just like yodi gang and like he just like yells at the camera and you could just tell he’s so himself and i feel like that’s how i was

In the beginning of my youtube videos and then i just stopped um for whatever reason and i just want to keep making that man because they’re cool and they’re gonna be sick to look back on but yeah hope everyone has a great day um you do you stay blessed stay humble and peace out

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Mastercard launching program to let financial institutions offer crypto trading to their clients. By Zach Sodano