Mbiatem Kenneth, Financial consultant Episode 4, Crypto Consultancy

In this episode, Economist and financial adviser will be explaining the depth behind crypto money, and how to go about it.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to our class thoughts in this episode we like to talk about crypto money visual money uh recently it is a form of activity that has gained ground and i want to really want to know why people are involved in crypto money is it the form of gambling that’s what it seeks to understand how is it compared to our real money

That’s paper money for some time now this activity has came down you want to trade but this form of trading is a money which is json visual means that money is exist has to be converted to everyone but that’s not pointing out it is about the functionality but here i want to talk about how it reacts to a normal daily activity we’re not talking about what is

What is meant for but we want to talk about activity generating income respect to crypto money you notice that somebody can walk apart to us okay can you join the money and the the first thing that you benefit about 80 percent of profit just kind of charming kind of advert but we have noticed that practical money is money that we don’t know about the money

That we don’t practice we africans so we are trying to move up to the western world that is there is no regulating regulating body that’s one aspect and we have noticed that some group of persons or engineers can create true computer credit form of language which is introduced as a form of money with converted converting us blockchain this is a normal form of

Traditional banking or traditional savings where you have your ledger you deposit and debit you make credit or you pay for a payment transaction but at this point that you you can buy when you buy sick buying equity maybe buy an orange i’m hoping that the price of the ranges will rise and i’ll win the price i’m going for that one time the orange can get rotten

What i mean by this the economic cryptocurrency the moment where it’s by getting increasing in the profitability is the price is bubbling means bubbling means that the prices are increasing means that you benefit and when you start having the decreasion means that price where you have 1000 funds and you save one thousands and when this increase is booming you

Have 1500 and when there is no booming means i don’t make any gain they get onto your account you want out of the finish so that’s why it’s volatile business very very volatile it’s very risky so how do you want to separate your platform or your portfolio so we are suggesting like broncos economist you have to separate your portfolio measure your money if

You have one thousand funds just an assignment means you just invest there maybe one hundred thousand fifty first if again fine don’t having much money and you put all of them in character man you don’t want to see it’s not good you can have high blood you can have depression because it’s not everybody who understands trading online trade online is very very

Skilled so we are calling to sensitize people to a financial planning advisor you want to advise on crypto you need to understand you can lose your money so we should caution from those who see other join my cryptocurrency join my platform the number of crowdfunding that you have to know about what behind you you also report what so it’s a language which is

Not it’s not good if we’re going to a business to help the business partners give them present to them the advantages and disadvantages that india were they’re not only overwhelmed by the fact that it cryptolyzes they make much money also tell them that if crypto falls you lose everything so it’s on this base up through our regular thoughts we come up with a

Bit of tips in our dear lives you can subscribe to our normal regular youtube channel for more videos thank you very much i want to do this more somewhere in french about m perito in the bus to kanye to them

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Mbiatem Kenneth, Financial consultant Episode 4, Crypto Consultancy By Mbiatem Egbe