Mini Series: REASONS WHY I LOVE/HATE BPI Credit Cards

So this is a new series which is bite sized about the top 3 things I love and hate about my credit card for today I’ll focus on BPI as it is my go to credit card for a good reason.

Hey guys so again this is i think another third installment that’s all about what i’m going to talk to you about here is all about bpi um top three things i like about it and the top three things i don’t really like about it or i hate what you hate nobody’s anyways again so what i’m going to talk here about is the gold cardi bpi and check out the signature visa

Signature actually i first things first one i love using my bpa credit card number one bpa has the lowest exchange rate for an exchange rate every time you’re gonna buy anything online philippine peso whenever you’re gonna swipe it abroad number one thing that you’re going to use will be your bpi lowest lowest allegation when it comes to your conversion of your

Um foreign exchange rate as in close to what you see online number two i think what i love about ppi is my promotion currently in december it’s for their own uh guys for december it’s their mastercard promo and bb i promote when you spend 3 000 pesos you’re going to get let’s say that the jolly bee shaky snion if i’m not mistaken you get a gift away so

You can choose whatever gift you want i think guys 100 peso jc guys i love that i really love those kind of pieces okay anyways that’s what i just find it so fun okay to collect all of those this is the third thing when you’re talking about loaning from your credit card but sometimes you cannot pay for your credit card so interest fees what i know because i

Haven’t really done this but whenever i read all of their ads yeah for example when you purchase something in feb tapu’s march named fem purchase one of march during april will only be for that purchase more unfair because a lot of credit card companies what happens is whatever you learn percentage of interest so for example one thousand pesos shop what credit

Card company does casino interest fee marriage and interest charge mere passion financial charge based okay okay so that’s that that’s one that’s in okay second why i don’t like or sorry it’s not my second now why i don’t really like ppi number one super hero don’t apply i don’t know if that’s just my experience but guys alamo to apply this credit card my

First credit card with them was the blue one as in when i started working you know documents so i don’t know i’m just telling you guys based on my experience i think gundam cbi it also thought tell so much about that back the very sigrista that’s the main reason why it’s hard to apply for that card so i’m not really discouraging you not to apply but i’m just

Discouraging you have that patience to apply and it will be worth it second thing i don’t like it like about bp items sometimes jose gusto cppi i do a lot of my banking at night because when i remember something i’ll do it at night so cbpi guys i really don’t know i have my screen recording on here now unable to process your request at this time but there

Are so many things at least anyways you know something that i really don’t like about bpi actually if you’re gonna ask me does the hate overpowers the love for it no um you have to see cusa ammo gagamite or gasto peramo or which card gagamite want to spend that depending on number one the promo that they have number two the ilano at the specific time and number

Three when you’re spending it rewards me with so i think that’s one thing that you really have to think i know it’s more good to think about that but oh my gosh can you just swipe it but again it’s not that easy if you really want to get let’s say my promos you want to get those clothes you want to prepare you want to get free food in this anyway so that’s all

About bpi let me know um what else let me know if i missed something out but you can ask anything down below don’t forget to like the video subscribe to my channel as well and then guys just comment i say i really like to converse with you guys um you can follow me on instagram um actually on instagram depending on it but let me know that’s all about ppi so till the next series guys

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Mini Series: REASONS WHY I LOVE/HATE BPI Credit Cards By Jax \u0026 Jaz