Ministry of finance, trade unions in row over pension bill

Controversy has emerged between the Finance Minister Matia Kasaija and trade unions representing workers over the pension bill currently before parliament aimed at liberalizing the sector.

The bill aimed at liberalizing the peasant sector in uganda while stable in the parliament of uganda in 2011 but since easter boring it has faced stiff resistance from the national organization of 20 unions no two farms collapsed with people’s pensions americans were not able to get back their money was that the competition were talking about look at uganda telecom

We’re in trouble with it look at you god eroded cooperation we are improper with it and i want to warn finance that they should stop playing with workers all the money they are playing with their comes from our sweat the beer entitled a retirement benefits sector liberation bill 2011 would be in effect in the monopoly of the national social security fund be also

6 – mnd nssf act for our workers borrow from their savings as well as get their benefits array for specific cases you are little boxes you’ll get to you are many benefits employment use whatever magenta if you are going to get from this amendment hey you want to change you interested you will be able to benefit not only that those who are to borrow money from

Menaces if you’re going to board this wednesday not reveal that they had a meeting with a finance minima caucus idea and other ministers on monday this week and i agreed withdraw the controversial bill psc gender and bs finance have been directed to write a cabinet paper to be by wednesday – martine cabinet to withdraw the bill in parliament the claim disposition

Was arrived at following a directive by presidential mo 7e with the mini somatic azhagiya communicated during the inter ministerial meeting at the minister of finance let me even now reveal to you president called me personally and they say don’t worry i’m going to stop that nonsense and now we are stopped it take it from there you can put me a hundred times when

Contacted the minutes of finance mattia kafaja distance instead of from the energy directive i nominated by president hoover grow dependent a express is in addition about the nsa said faded into the job i thought that i could look to what i was did i told them on monday he didn’t know it yet never to me i’ve never talked to you about the d at the time i put three

Laps of discussing about the principles of the beam we will have we will have to go to cabinet first we have will that we shall prepare cabinet people and go back a minute and it is capability seek the competency now you can touch me my passion ideas because i would like to meet the dro but i can make sure that now myself i have to go to cup the cabinet possibly

First more than a year ago come and set up the uganda retirement benefits regulatory authority created pension sector organization as i did not work anywhere even in developed countries network and these monies which are in a success these unionized workers don’t even continue to tell about it they make a lot of noise but why don’t you listen to the voice of the

Other 90% to contribute like the institute of bankers the telecom companies they want to reform or not procedures ntv that you’re sort of supposed to move to liberalize the sector because of the economic benefits the country is likely to get why we support has a regulator the opening it up it will lead to it which will lead to greater efficiency in those who are

Participating today to unlock the economy of uganda we need to liberalize the pension sector that there are many uncertainties but you see you will never develop unless you take reasonable risks you must have a certain degree of risk you take because we all don’t know but we have seen these liberalized pension environment elsewhere the workers have also achieved

The authority of using the workers money to run the agency jingo francis ntv

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Ministry of finance, trade unions in row over pension bill By NTVUganda