Mobile Home Investing On Land

What if I told you that you are not limited to investing in mobile homes located in a park? What if I told you there are a few benefits from investing in mobile homes on land that you cannot get in a park? Well let us discuss and see if I can peak your interest.

Hey what up guys and today we are actually going to be talking about mobile homes on land um not specifically all the details about moving and everything like that but why mobile homes on land are becoming so popular and especially while mobile homes on land are sometimes a better option than actually investing in mobile homes that are in a park all right let’s

Get it hey what’s up family it’s your boy official b boyd aka brennan boyd whatever you want to call me coach brandon all right and welcome back to the official b boy podcast and today we’re going to be digging into why you know mobile homes on land are sometimes a more viable option than actually investing in homes that are in a park now before we get into it

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We can get into it all right now today we’re actually going to be talking about like i said mobile homes on land and why sometimes it’s better to invest in that as opposed to homes in a park now over the past i’ll say you know a few years mobile homes on land have become extremely popular every investor you can think of whether they’re a mobile home investor a

Traditional real estate investor a developer whatever has has in some way shape or form come into contact or are starting to move towards the mobile home online route now there are three things i found that are really really some of the top reasons why people really go that route for one it allows you a lot of flexibility now remember you know a mobile home on

Land you know generally speaking if you’re going to purchase land for the purpose of a mobile home there’s nothing there um and it’s up to you to kind of develop it but with that being said being that it’s a mobile home it is mobile all right so that means you can actually go out find a mobile home that’s used that needs some work for a great discounted price

And move it to your land rehab it and get it exactly the way you want it another option is you go to the factory go to factory direct all right go directly to them purchase it brand new off the lot move it to your property set it up and boom you got a home with land you know it’s at that point it’s actual real properties real real estate right but the point is you

Have tons and tons of flexibility because the homes are already there already made it’s not like you have to go you know get an architect and sketch it out and do all this other kind of stuff it’s like hey you want a single wide a double wide in some cases even a triple wide two bed four bath three bath whatever you need is there so there’s tons of flexibility um

And a bunch of different options when going that route secondly um another reason is that you actually own the property right so so if you really really like think about it when you look at mobile homes within a community or within a park you don’t own the property you only own the mobile home and that’s it and that’s why it’s personal property because you just

Own the vehicle you you don’t own anything else but mobile homes on land a lot of times you’re actually going to own the property as far as the the soil the ground beneath the home and you’re going to own the actual mobile home too right so once you combine those together now you actually have real property now it’s like traditional real estate again and that

Just makes it more appealing to buyers your buyer pool is going to expand exponentially because now they’re like oh man actually get a home with some land i got a yard if they have a family they got they got space for them to run and play um whatever the case may be they get acreage now right so you have that available of which you do not have it available in a

Community now one of the third reasons as far as an investor is concerned like somebody like myself is the return on roi so the the return on investment is ridiculous when you think of a mobile home on land versus a mobile home in a community one of the things is that within a community a lot of banks won’t really finance them and even some of the ones that do

The interest rates are high or people just don’t qualify via their credit and things like that to actually you know finance them out so because of that sometimes you you’re really looking for a cash buyer or you’re looking to own a finance which basically means you’re going to collect a down payment and then collect payments over time now when it’s on land again

Now we’re talking about real property now we’re now we’re talking about just normal real estate so you’ve opened up the pool where there are much much more banks that will actually lend on it that will give a a loan to someone looking to purchase it so now the bank will cash you out and boom you’re good to go but because the land is attached to the or the home is

Attached to the land now instead of that home only being valued at 20 maybe 30 000 being that it comes comes with land now all of a sudden that thing is way up there you know 150 160 hundred thousand dollars right so the the return on investment is much much much higher um when you have the land attached because when you have that soil that’s totally different

That’s a game changer in so many ways so that’s why you know a lot of times you see a lot of newer investors or even people that have been investing in mobile homes for a while they really really really want to get tacked into the mobile homes on land and really kind of understand like what are the ins and outs how do i do it where am i finding my home where am i

Finding the land how do i attach it yada yada yada et cetera et cetera et cetera because while you you will spend more time on those projects because they do become projects they do become things that are going to take you know much you know more money upfront investment but in the long run on the back end it’s gonna be well well worth it and while you might spend

You know months doing five six eight ten deals in the parks you know doing wholesales and things like that you can make that same amount of money off of just one deal in the land space um so you know it’s a super super viable option and that is really some of the reasons why you know i actually um encourage people to look into that i’m not saying go away from

The communities of the parks but don’t limit yourself like expand your mind look into mobile homes on land because that’s going to be what’s already the wave is already the raven people people are talking about and that’s what you need to start to understand if you really want to expand that real estate portfolio and get out of just doing mobile home communities

Okay so hopefully this video helps you hopefully you learned something hopefully you actually go out there and execute and maybe find your first land deal who knows if you need some type of coaching if you’re looking for somebody to help you and really show you the blueprint from you know a to z how to how to get through everything you know agreements contracts

Whatever whatever the case may be highlight me i got you i got the program already set and ready for you okay there’s a link below hit that apply set up a time so we can jump on a call we can talk about it and then we can get you enrolled and kind of get you off to the races okay so i look forward to seeing you guys next week when i’m dropping more new content all right peace you

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