Mortgage Rate update | Russia-Ukraine Impacting Mortgages

Wondering what’s going on with Mortgage rates? In this rate update we cover how the Russia-Ukraine situation is impacting rates along with other economic data driving prices.

Are the markets shrugging off russia and ukraine are home prices still appreciating like crazy regardless of interest rates i’m going to answer those questions but before i do make sure to like this video hit that subscribe button get those alerts and make sure to leave your comments below alright so what’s going on with interest rates well this week so far stocks

And bonds are both lower and the geopolitical turmoil between russia and ukraine continues so we have to be on guard as it’s a serious issue and it can have big impacts on the markets as these stories are released okay now in housing news the case shiller home price index which is pretty much considered the gold standard for appreciation it showed home prices rose

0.9 in december alone and 18.8 percent year over year which was unchanged from the previous report appreciation remains at very high levels even in the face of rates which started to move higher in december they continued to increase since then so we could start to see these figures moderate a bit but with the increase in cash buyers and investors they may not be as

Affected the top three performing cities were phoenix at 33 percent tampa at 29 and miami at 27 now check this out even the worst three performing cities including chicago minneapolis and washington saw roughly 11 gains now the federal housing finance agency released their home price index which measures home price appreciation on single-family homes with conforming

Loan amounts now while you can have a million dollar home with the conforming loan amount it’s typically your lower priced homes okay now prices rose 1.2 percent in december and are up 17.6 percent year over year which was a slight increase from the 17.5 percent in the previous report now this week we’ve got an action-packed week and it’s shortened it’s highlighted

By a bunch of housing data the gdp report and also the fed’s favorite measure of inflation which is the personal consumption expenditures the pce now new home sales and pending sales they’re going to give us a look at signed contracts on new and existing homes from last month the pce inflation report showed 5.8 percent uh and 4.9 at its core it’s expected to be 5.9

Percent and 5 respectively in this upcoming report now mortgage bonds continue to trade in a wide range of support and the 10-year is trading at 1.94 percent which is broken back above its 25-day moving average it’s been pretty tough for mortgage rates with geopolitical uncertainty still at play and support from mortgage bonds holding we’re advising our clients to

Be ready to lock it any time until the next update this is the new way home you’re watching the sacramento region’s top resource for all things mortgage whether you’re buying selling or refinancing this is the show for you we go live every wednesday at 6 30 and we drop fresh content on our channel regularly make sure you hit that subscribe button share your comments and enjoy the show

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Mortgage Rate update | Russia-Ukraine Impacting Mortgages By The New Way Home