Mr Hydara- The Finance Ministry continued to snub us and never responded to our letters.

Mr Hydara- The Finance Ministry continued to snub us and never responded to our letters, the only ministry that was responsive was ministry of petroleum.

We are discussing where exactly you agree with and yes you found the vice president very accommodating to your views and what happened next what happened next you know for example if you call us and want to know we explain everything and you understood everything the next thing is as a responsible citizen of course he call history country is to you know tell

Us he told us that he will try to solve this matter between the shortest possible period and then to be able to do that he needs time of course we understand this you don’t expect him to take decisions just yesterday yeah he needs to make certain consultation make certain meetings with certain stakeholders we know this thing okay this is why it is reasonable if

Somebody tells you give me time to look at everything you know discuss it with the with the right players and then come out with a solution that will work for both of us it’s a fair statement okay based on that what he belongs to the same government whatever what guarantees do you have that he would change things we have faith you know we’ve always been living

On faith the reason why we are here today yeah when this mother has started way back in the beginning of the year or last year yeah it’s because we’ve always had faith on promises you know certain people were giving us we come to realize in the middle of it that those people some of them making these promises their hands are equally tired then we reach out to

The right players also wrote letters to them numerous who could solve the problem that is the finance sector yeah and we realized that instead it becomes a snob what we get is a snobby’s attitude some of the letters are not even responded they don’t even respond to these letters the only ministry that was responding is the petroleum ministry what are the orders

I will never respond so it was like a snobby so what made you believe that the rest of the government are not aware of this vice president for example well i believe that maybe he is not aware because yes this is what i want to believe to be honest okay i don’t know how but i believe that maybe he didn’t know the picture he didn’t know the true picture you know

You can know something you hear something yeah but you might not know the truth picture this way at some point we were even trying to negotiate to see the highest man in office so that we can lay down this thing because sometimes we know how things play out um if you are the focal person dealing with us yes and maybe you and your preconist exactly and maybe you

Are not reporting to your boss yeah the right things you are only reporting things there that favors your story yeah then the other side will never be normal yes yes and the right action so this is why and the right action will never be taken that’s what we suspected ever since the you see whether they even understand what was happening as we were contemplating

And throughout this way we realized that they didn’t know the severity of the problem problem and for him to solve it he needs time and we give him that time and he called up do you know that even given that time and calling off the the the the the the sit down as we’re speaking mr charm every leader that they are dispensing in our stations we are losing money

Yes that’s that’s what that comes to the point that how long or how many days have you given uh the the well this much trusted mediator now in the government how long are you gonna keep that you you put you of course are holding back uh mondays action but for how long well we’ve given him a reasonable time how long i wouldn’t want to put a time frame to it you

Don’t want to put it down no no because he didn’t know why let me tell you why let me tell you why he has promised a certain time frame but i will want to keep that out of the public view yeah but in the meantime if you but it is a very very short time so any more reasonable enough to make consultations in the meantime as you claim your losses have been made the

Importance and suppliers are threatening to get so you know eventually the longer it takes before a final solution is found the higher the risk of fuel shortages by way of suppliers cutting officer and that is what is our biggest fear not only the suppliers holding back like two has cancer vessels that’s already happened how much percentage is that going to be

So it’s a reasonable one very reasonable and that’s absolutely but there are some still coming and negotiations are continuing with those ones i’m sure at some point if the matter is resolved quickly yeah confidence will begin so that those people can resume quickly and then continuity will be there and this is what we are hoping but to be very honest the damage

Was done long since this discussion is unfortunate it’s just happening now if it had happened earlier earlier maybe it would not have been even here

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Mr Hydara- The Finance Ministry continued to snub us and never responded to our letters. By Kerr Fatou