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We’re going to give you an in-depth look at the 2015 silverado 2500 hd with the duramax 6.6 diesel hooked up to an allison transmission now they’re about a million duramax diesel is on the road with the allison transmission with over a hundred billion miles of combined experience so you know this trucks going to last a long time when we’re going to show you what

It’s all about so the front of the truck is completely redesigned for 2015 an aggressive new headlight look with hid headlights a huge chrome grille i mean you really can’t miss this big truck coming down the road of course they’ve added the front parking sensors just like they did in the 1500 silverado it is a big truck and you’ll want to know how close you’re

Pulling up to things and then you can see the huge intake here for the transmission cooler the intercooler for the diesel this thing will tow anything up a huge hill and never get hot over here on the side of the truck you’ve got a lot of cool features as well you have these big 6 inch chrome assist steps to help you get in and out these big mirrors to help with

Towing those big trailers some big 18-inch wheels with big tires this is really a big truck now this truck is available with a 6.0 liter v8 engine that will give you 360 horsepower but the model we’re showing you here has the 6.6 liter duramax turbo diesel engine that will give you 397 horsepower over 700 foot pounds of torque and it’s paired up with an allison

Transmission now you take all that you put it inside a fully boxed frame you have one tough truck the back of the 2500 silverado has a lot of cool features as well most people that buy the 2500 are going to ask how much can i toe with that truck well the answer is about 17,000 600 pounds with this 6.6 liter duramax diesel now there’s a few other cool features

Involved with this trailering package and that comes standard one of which is the trailer sway controller the trailer sway controller uses sensors and monitors your trailer if it senses any swaying of the trailer at all it automatically applies the trucks brakes and the trailers brakes to help bring you back in line now speaking of the trailers brakes we also have

Of course in integrated trailer brake controller in this truck and that helps you monitor and control your trailers brakes the last feature that really is with the 6.6 duramax diesel is the exhaust brake and what the exhaust brake does is helps with towing a big trailer down hill it’s really going to reduce the amount of break you have to use a couple other cool

Features back here the back up camera the back up sensors of course which are always nice when hooking up to a trailer you have the integrated steps now in the back just like you did in the 2014 silverado 1500 of course you have all your trailer controls here right next to that beautiful dgdg calm plate frame and the easy drop down tailgate and this one has a nice

Spray in bedliner to go along with that step inside the 2015 2500 silverado and you’ll see this really is a different truck than the previous model years with the brand new 8-inch mylink infotainment system built-in bluetooth in the steering wheel heated and air-conditioned seats dual climate control bose audio and memory seats this thing will keep you comfortable

On those long trips cross-country

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