My Financial Independence & Minimalist Apartment Tour (2021)

In this video, I invite you in to my minimalist apartment that is a big part of my financial independence journey. I show you my tiny space that I share with my fiancĂ© as well as give you insight on how I’m able to save money by living in this brand new modern and minimal apartment.

Welcome to the journey of finance helping you achieve financial independence my name is cedric and here on this channel we talk about how you can level up your finances and achieve financial independence and speaking of financial independence today i thought i’d do something a little different and actually invite you in my home and show you my minimalistic apartment

Here in south korea now i don’t actually live in the united states which is my home country but i decided to move abroad for work purposes and so i’ve been here a couple of years and i’ve been able to actually save a lot of money by moving here and actually working here and the apartment is just one of the ways that i’m able to do it i’ll drop a little bit of

Hints about how i was able to save money and especially by moving here but yeah i thought it’d be cool because there’s a lot of cool things about this apartment that i think you guys would find interesting so the cool thing about korean apartments is you have this little area as soon as you walk into the front door which is where you’re able to walk in with

Your shoes and as it’s customary in a lot of asian countries you remove your shoes before you actually step into the house and so that’s what we do here you know we have a lot of space for shoes but mostly where we store our shoes is in this closet right here so this is between me and my fiance so we have our shoes here and then we have a bunch of just basically

Boxes for all the like the film gear and the mics and stuff like that and actually what i like to do is i like to keep the boxes because what i find is that at a certain point i’ll probably want to sell some of my equipment maybe a camera if i want to do an upgrade so that’s a way to actually save money is you know you have everything that pretty much came with

The gear and it’s easier to sell that way so we have this right here and then this is some more storage so we literally have all of the film equipment in here that we use for all of our productions my fiance now we have a video production company as well so a lot of times we’re mobile so we’ll have to go out and take gear out and so we keep most of it in here

Now also i have another little storage area for like the cameras and stuff which i’ll show you in just a second so yeah this is pretty much what this closet is used for and my fiance really loves this big old mirror here so yeah that’s the front area and so let me show you the gear closet this little area more storage one of my favorite areas actually you’ll

See why in a second but here we just sort of hold our books uh in random stuff for right now but uh i think eventually we’re going to turn this into maybe a mini bar uh but we’ll see i don’t know so up here we actually keep all of the camera gear and microphones and so even the camera that we’re filming on right now we usually have it here and the lenses and

All of that so uh yeah this this is uh obviously like one of my favorite places i should lock that up figure out a way to lock it up so i really love this because i get to not only own my gear but i get to store my gear because a lot of people just don’t have space for it but we’re able to have space for it here which again i look at my gear as a tool to help

Me make more money so another benefit to this apartment now the cool thing about this apartment is it actually came with a pretty spacious kitchen now there are a lot of different apartments here in korea where the kitchen is tiny or non-existent so we were able to actually find big counter space and then we had also like a big sink so basically this is just a

Very sleek minimal design obviously you can see that there are no handles here but these are all like storage and cupboards and stuff all you got to do is just kind of press it like that we keep all of our like dried foods and spices and seasonings and stuff like that in here and then this of course the fridge so nothing special going on in here i don’t need

To show you guys i don’t think but um yeah so this is pretty much where the magic happens actually i don’t do any magic in here it’s all my fiance she does a lot of cooking but the cool thing about this apartment is prior to me moving in here and actually prior to me and my fiance moving in together i had the habit of constantly eating out so i would always just

Spend money on food because i’m not very big on cooking i don’t like to waste time on like cooking and cleaning i’d rather just order something which is something very easy to do here in korea you can order anything and it’s delivered to your door in like 15 minutes but after moving here we were able to save and cut down a lot of costs on eating out and actually

Watering into and so yeah so we do a lot of cooking in here we have enough stores to be able to you know buy some of our dried foods and just always have something to cook basically this is pretty much just where you cook wash the dishes we have our little rice pot here one of my favorite things because i can literally eat rice with every meal we have our little

Tea pot kettle thing which i i never use but my fiance loves this so we can like boil our tea and stuff like that yeah so this is essentially just our minimal kitchen let me show you this this is funny so this is pretty much all that we own in terms of like dishware so it’s another way to cut down on cost because i mean of course with the pandemic we we’re not

Able to really entertain or anything like that so we just have pretty much these four dishes and then we have like two big plates as well which is more than enough for the two of us and i kid you not these are the only two cups that we drink out of most of the time but we do have our occasional like wine indulgence so we have two wine glasses there and this

Right here these are what we call soju shot glasses and so soju is sort of like the national liquor of korea and so occasionally we like to go all out and then we have um just our little tea cups or coffee cups up there so yeah we just keep it simple and we save a lot of money by cooking at home okay welcome to the living room i think this is probably the most

Familiar part of the apartment because this is where i do most of the filming not only do i film for journey of finance but also film for my other youtube channel and also my fiance’s channel as well we podcast here so everything happens here so this is sort of like a multi-purpose room if you will so right now it actually looks like a living room but you should

See it when we set up everything for filming but that’s one of the reasons why i like it i mean it’s still a small space but we’re able to make it work for filming so let me show you some of the furniture that we have in here we have this couch which is really really nice and it is super wide and i’m telling you it’s like really comfy but what i love about this

Couch and also this coffee table and if you look over there we have the tv and also the entertainment center what i love about this is i didn’t have to pay for any of it so this apartment which is not super common in most apartments at least here came fully furnished and so we didn’t have to worry about buying anything in here so that was a way that we were able

To save money so it was a big selling point for us because we didn’t know how long we would stay in this particular apartment it’s all built into the rent really i guess so in that way i’m still paying for it right now this is something that i would not have purchased probably if it didn’t come with the apartment because i usually just watch everything on like

My ipad or my computer but pretty glad that we have it because we’re able to have like little movie nights or and watch our shows and stuff like that and if you look over here we have these photos on the wall as well very proud of this because we took this when we went to a beach trip here in south korea busan it’s really cool because instead of having to buy

Expensive prints or someone else’s work you know i’m able to actually print my own stuff and it’s a lot cheaper that way and it looks great and very proud of the work so have this on the wall to add a little bit of character into the living room but one thing that i really really love about this space as you can see there’s not too much going on here and it’s

Very minimal it’s very simple and it helps me to really focus on doing my work or sometimes just kind of decluttering my mind welcome to the bedroom so this is probably like the most minimal part of the house and this is the part i spend the least amount of time in i just basically come here to sleep the furniture that you see in here or really just the bed

And the mattress came with the apartment so didn’t have to purchase it and it’s really cool because we have our headboard here it actually has this light strip built in and then there’s also like a little charging port where we can charge our phones overnight here this is actually i think this is one of the only pieces of furniture we actually bought but uh yeah

So this is our little nightstand and really we purchased it so that we could put all of my battery and uh chargers here because this is essentially our charging station so i make sure all the gear batteries are charged up in here and you get to keep it out of sight which is really cool so this is my walk-in closet that i obviously share with my fiance kind of

Small but at least there’s a little bit of room to just walk in and you know get your clothes and do what you got to do but uh i won’t bore you too much with what’s in here but basically we have this side is mostly my fiance’s clothes and her jackets dresses whatever she has as you can see she doesn’t have much and then also this is my side right here um where

I have my shirts pants if you’ve noticed in all of the videos i tend to wear like the same shirts and so i sort of when it comes to like my casual style at this point i want to be a little bit more minimal with that and uh you know i like fashion but i also don’t like to have a closet full of just so many things to choose from so basically i have a couple of

Different t-shirts that i usually just kind of cycle through throughout the week and you know if there are occasions where i need to dress up or something like that or wear something a little bit more formal you know i have my button-up shirts and stuff which all of these shirts i’ve had for at least five years some of these are going on 10 years i’ve been wearing

This for a long time just because i don’t find value in just constantly purchasing clothes and yeah i mean that might change a little bit but for right now i’m able to save a lot of money and just constantly just make use of what i have so a little power tip for you is to keep your closet very minimal simple and then you don’t have to waste any creative energy or

Just decision making energy on trying to figure out what to wear for the day you know so that’s sort of my style i’m not saying you have to do it but it is something to consider so that was my apartment tour that helps me to achieve financial independence and hopefully you guys enjoyed that and were even motivated or inspired so you know this place is definitely

Not a perfect place but it’s near perfect for where i am in my life and so being able to work here live here and save money in that way it’s it’s great as far as the monthly rent for this place because i don’t own it but uh you know i’m paying monthly the price comes out to be about 1500 usd uh so for the biggest metropolitan area in korea that’s you know this

Is a pretty good deal so uh yeah i’m still able to save a lot because again this is sort of my office space as well in studio space so definitely well worth it we’re able to cut costs in many other ways and also i don’t have a car here so we use public transportation a lot we’re right next to several different subway lines so able to get throughout the city no

Problem and save in that way yeah so anyways hopefully you guys enjoyed this let me know in the comments what you think of this apartment and if it’s very different from where you live or if this is a place where you would want to live to help you achieve financial independence i’d love to hear your thoughts make sure you subscribe to this channel i’m uploading

Weekly videos on helping you achieve financial independence and also follow me on social media journey of finance on instagram i’ll see you in the next video peace you

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