My Investment Plan For 2022

Here is a video outlining my investment plan for 2022! I forgot to mention my goal to buy 2 properties this year but will do future videos on this topic.

Today i’m going to talk about my different investment choices for 2022. i’m going to go over all the investments which i’m choosing which percentage of my income i’m actually putting into each one and also my goals for the end of the year financially so if you do not know already i am a forex trader from the uk i started at around age 16 um trading markets pretty

Much on a demo account at the start before i went live and then now turned it into a career at 18 years old and you know making decent money in the process last year you know it was kind of my first year making decent money so i was kind of new to actually having money and knowing what to invest in so you know i did kind of invest in a few different things put

Some money in crypto put money in different isis and stuff like that which i’ll go over the main things i sort of invested in was my 4x account because if my career is actually trading forex then it’d be silly to have more money in something else than my actual forex account i basically invest all the money i don’t make from forex into other investments and then

All my money from forex i actually reinvest into my forex accounts so pretty much compound the accounts over time and just build them up gradually you know i’m not really focusing on making a thousand percent here a thousand percent there on each investment in a week on crypto or my forex accounts you know i have done account flips previously where i’ve gone from

Ten to a thousand pounds but obviously that is a rare occasion that doesn’t happen every single week this year i’m hoping to invest around seventy percent of my income and this is obviously post tax um because if i did that then i’d have no money left after tax i’m going to go over the different investments which i’m choosing and why i’m choosing each individual

Investment so firstly in the uk we do have the isa and the lifetime isa and i’m going to max both of these out this year to april which is 2021 to 2022 tax year in the uk and then from april i will again max it out for the year after from 2022 to 2023 so this is 20 000 pounds per year in the normal isa and this just pretty much means your money is already taxed on

Your income then you’re putting it into the isa and any gains you take out at either retirement or with the lifetime isa you can take it out when you’re buying your first house um these are all tax-free gains and obviously that is why they have maxed it out because it you know if it was unlimited tax-free gains then it would be you know too good to be true and in my

Lifetime i said the max is four thousand pounds per year and then as soon as you deposit that four thousand pounds they actually give you a bonus of a thousand pounds or if you invest less than the limit they top up 25 of your initial deposit if you do take your money out of these investments early i think you get charged a small fee instead of the tax-free gains

At the retirement age and the reason i’m doing this is pretty much to just compound my money over time you know it’s money that i can afford to invest and money that hopefully over the years to come will compound into millions and as with anything that is using the compound effect the earlier you start the better so that’s why i started as soon as i can when i was

18 to then maximize the benefits of the compound interest you know there are some crazy stats out there that show the difference between starting at 18 or starting at 20 or starting at 30 and the results are quite crazy the investments i’m actually making in this isa and lifetime isa is actually just going to be index funds i could do normal stocks but i’d rather

Use an index fund which mirrors the whole us stock market i also have other investments in there like the ftse s p 500 the vusa um and i’m also looking at some other index funds to invest in i am actually investing in some individual stocks and again the s p 500 in my free trade account this is pretty much just normal stocks and shares account the general account

That is taxed by capital gains um the reason i’m doing this is it’s just accessible money that i can access anytime i can sell the stocks at any time say i need the money i can just sell it and then pay the tax and then i get the money back on any gains i have made i did actually lose a bit of money on two stocks which i’m going to talk about i invested in fiverr

And zoom i saw that there were higher cases of the said virus and i thought you know maybe if we get another lockdown i was investing on the chance that we do get another lockdown that people will be working from home using zoom using fiverr you know online sort of apps and you know these stocks are down quite a bit i’ll put up a screenshot on the screen of how

Much these stocks are down and it’s not looking very nice i invested around a thousand pounds in these and i think we’re down hundreds of pounds so it’s not ideal for these ones but you know overall we’re not looking too bad i’m investing a lot of my personal money into my health so i am currently building a home gym as you see got the gym shark on we are trying

To develop that physique um you know healthy body healthy minds definitely helps with the business aspect of it you know nothing better than waking up in the morning doing a workout and you’re pretty much feeling better for the whole day then and investing back into my business for things like this camera i just bought this new camera looking very very nice bought

A new macbook new setup and everything just to make my productivity a lot better meaning that i actually want to work instead of just using a slow computer that’s 10 years old you know i actually want to go and work at my setup because of all the the new kit i have and these investments are roi positive for me because you know this camera people are more likely to

Watch my videos if they got better video quality and better audio quality and this does increase my business revenue one of the main things i am actually investing in is crypto currencies you know i was limited when i could actually invest into cryptocurrencies as i did only turn 18 last march so as soon as i turned 18 i did actually start buying crypto i bought

Xrp and ethereum very very early on i’d have made some decent gains on them you know i’m also holding a bit of cardano i actually did triple my money on cardano and i sold it the highs which is very very nice and the same with ethereum around 3x on that in total um but we are still holding xrp ethereum and cardano at the moment and you know if you have any

Other crypto suggestions then be sure to leave them in the comments down below um and i can look into these maybe for a video and buy some cryptos live you know i’m not going to invest as much in crypto as i would in my isis over long term because i do think that with money like 25 000 pound a year it’s not really the amount of money where i just want to chuck

It away and you know crypto could lose 50 of its value overnight so i don’t really want to lose that much overnight so it’s just kind of like money that doesn’t really matter all my money in crypto at the moment is just profits so my original investment has actually been covered by the profits i’ve taken in crypto so everything in there at the moment is pretty

Much just profits so any gains i make are just extra and any losses i make they’re not wearing away from my original investment they’re wearing away from my profit made this also does help with the psychology of actually holding you know diamond hands because you’re not actually losing your original investment and you know if crypto does actually end up being the

Future then the prices we’re seeing now are actually very very low compared to what we could see especially with coins like ethereum cardano solana obviously bitcoin you know we could see very very good upside depending on how the financial system does change and you know there are plenty of cryptos which can offer you you know a thousand percent gains overnight

Or a thousand percent gains in a week but i’m not really into this and because i’m mostly a forex trader i don’t usually spend my time looking at crypto investments look at the next new coin the next new hype coin to invest in it’s not really on my list of things to put time into because i just don’t really think it’s worth the risk in many cases and i don’t really

Follow many crypto accounts either because you know there’s always that chance that you could fomo in to a coin because you see the potential it has the potential it has from all these people promoting it so i kind of limit what i do crypto wise to just buy and hold investments for the long term you know the remaining income after all these expenses and investments

Because obviously i have expenses you know i pay a rent i have just general life things like gym stuff and you know sometimes i do like to treat myself to a nice thing every now and again but like i’m not like every other forex trader i just buy cars gucci clothes and just withdraw loads of cash to flex on all the people on social media you know i want to use my

Money now to invest for the long term so then i can live a comfortable life without ever having to really worry about money and you know i don’t really want to fall victim to lifestyle inflation so i’m kind of limiting what i buy and just living a life where all the money i’m spending will make me more money like this camera i wouldn’t usually spend two and a half

Grand on a camera but i know that it’s gonna increase my video quality increase the views on my channel and you know in the long term that will increase my business revenue and last year on youtube i made around 2 600 pounds on my other channel and that pretty much covers the whole camera um in one year of youtube and lastly i just want to say i’m trying to keep

My investments very very simple you know i’m not trying to beat the markets in my stock picks you know i’m investing in some stocks but not with a large amount of money compared to my index fund holdings because you know the index funds i think that s p did around 22 last year and i think then you know there’s probably a handful of hedge funds which actually beat

That and you know even the best stock experts that have been trading 30 40 years still can’t beat the s p 500 long term so that’s why i’ve just decided to put my money in there you probably see a lot of finance people talking about it as well you know graham steffen you have a lot of other people like that that’s mainly who i did find out about it from but i’m just

Trying to focus on growing my income so then i eventually have more money to invest because as you know money makes money the more you have to invest the more money you make from investments you might put 10 000 pounds into the s p 500 and only get a thousand pounds in a year you know 10 that’s pretty good but say you have 100 000 in there you’re making 10 grand

In a year so you’ve got to realize money makes money and investing so at the start say you’re early on in your career or you’re just starting up your business or in the first year or so and you’re not making decent money yet then just focus on income growth try and build a cash flow business where it’s majority profit and then you can scale it very very quickly

And make a lot of money and then you can worry about the investments later on i hope you guys did find this video useful me showing you the potential investments for 2022 and what i’m currently investing in you know mainly index funds and crypto and comment down below any other videos in which you want to see on the channel without further ado i’ll see you guys next time

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My Investment Plan For 2022 By Will Aldridge