My Successful Investment Banking Cover Letter + Free Template

My Investment Banking Cover Letter is explained in this video. This cover letter got me interviews at Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs, where I ended up working. It also includes tips and tricks for improving your cover letter to potentially land an investment banking job yourself. This is useful for spring weeks, internships, and full-time positions.

Hey everyone my name is kenji and in this video  i want to walk you through my investment banking   got me multiple interviews at places like   jp morgan morgan stanley and bank of america it is  true that in the end i ended up working on goldman   sachs where they didn’t actually require a cover  letter instead they require the

300 word personal   statement and it is true some investment banks  require more essay-like questions but the overall   idea is still very much like a cover letter so  i’ll also be attaching a cover letter template   in case you want to use it for yourself so before  we get into the details let’s first look at the  

Differences between a resume and a cover letter  so essentially in a resume it should be much   more factual as in year one i did this year two  i did this and it’s more like a bio in that sense   whilst the cover letter has much more of a flow to  it it’s more like a sales pitch where you have a   whole story behind you as to why

You want this job  and why you’re the right candidate a cover letter   for instance if you don’t have amazing grades or   if you study something that’s not finance related  things like that you can really convey them and   put a good story to it during the cover letter  whilst it’s not really possible in the cv ring  

So you’re probably wondering which one is more  important well a cv is by far a lot more important   basically a cv is the one that when you get to the  interview room usually the person interviewing you   nowhere to be seen but on the whole uh cover   letter if you don’t do it well can still hurt  you can still get you rejected

Basically but on   the flip side it’s probably not gonna be the deal  breaker it’s probably not gonna get you the job   can see it’s only one page long it doesn’t   really only want to put whatever is relevant   in there and that being said you can see that it’s  fairly simple there’s no fancy colors there’s no  

Images no things like that that can be distracting  to the viewer and that’s really how they’re meant   to be for investment banking in terms of sections  it’s really five main ones the first one is   just the header or the contact details then you  have the intro so essentially who you are after   that you’re gonna have a section

Called widest  company or widest position while you’re into it   next up you’ll probably have something called  a yu why you’re the right candidate basically   but overall between why this company and  depending on how strong you are of a candidate  and what kind of a compelling answer you have   and i’d say this cover

Letter the structure not  only applies to investment banking but also to   any other really like business oriented role   all right so let’s get into the details of each  section so for the header this is really quite   simple essentially you have the recruiters info  on one side so their email their contacts etc  

Have your own contact details that might be   said in my case at least i usually didn’t know   the recruiters there so i didn’t really have their  emails right so i would just omit that part and   you only have your own contact details and that’s  fine at least for me it wasn’t really a problem   or you’ve gotten in touch

With that person   it’s not gonna hurt your your cover letter   all right so moving on to the intro section here  you just wanna introduce yourself right so i was   a full-time student so that’s essentially what i  wrote right i’m studying at this university i’m in   this year i hope to graduate by this time and this 

Is my major it’s really that simple now if you’re   a full-time worker you might have something like  your position and the department you work at with   the company name it’s really just that then after  that you want to add how you learned about this   company so maybe you had a networking event at  your school or you know the

Recruiter or you know   someone inside that’s recommended you things like  that if you do have them make sure to put them   overall they do probably give you a preference   if you’ve already been to one of their events  say but that said in my case at least sometimes i   didn’t really have any connecting points so i just 

Didn’t put anything right i just said that hey i’m   interested in the position um whilst not really  linking it to anything else and then towards the   end of the paragraph you just want to say what  specific position you’re applying to and what the   company’s name is so after that we have the widest  company and why this position

Section and here i   typically have a first widest company and then i  might have why this specific role so starting off   with why this company if i’m applying to goldman  sachs i might say something like i want to gain   exposure to some of the largest transactions in  the economy like most recently your airbnb ipo  

Where you were an advisor to and things like that  so overall you do try to give examples of some of   the work that they do so they really see that  you’re keen on it and you’ve done your research   right now moving on to the widest position side  suppose i’m applying to goldman sachs for their   analyst position so here

I’m essentially going  to say some of the tasks that analysts usually   do a goldman sachs and explain why i might enjoy  them so for instance i might say something like   i’m very keen on the analyst position because  of the high responsibilities the collaborative   environment and the use of financial modelling  all of

Which i consider fundamental to a career   in the financial services industry or something  like that then after that we get into the why me   or why i’m the right candidate section so here  it’s essentially a sales pitch right you wanna   explain whatever you’re good at and how that’s  gonna relate to the role ideally you wanna

Give   some examples of that also you should have a good  idea of the types of skills that they might look   for in an investment banking candidate say for  an investment banking analyst they might look for   someone that’s good with finance and accounting  that’s numerically oriented that’s a team player   and say that

Enjoys a high pressure environment  so all these things you want to try to relate them   back to your previous roles or your university  courses such that it looks like you’re the ideal   candidate right so in my case for instance if we  look at my example i previously worked at pwc in   their financial audit team so essentially

The role  is somewhat similar to the investment banking role   finance so these are all things that are relatable  to the role that said i realize most of you   probably haven’t worked at pwc so let’s look at  my other example where i worked as a belmont and   but if you pitch it well um it can have some   some kind of

Link and some kind of relationships  between the two so for instance in bellman you   work as a team right an investor monk as well so  you say you’re a team player that’s one number two   you might say you have attention to detail right  if you work at a five-star hotel say that means   that you’re clearly attentive to what’s

Going  on and you want to deliver high customer service   that’s the second one thirdly you might say you’ve  have exposure to client interactions just like   investment bankers do that’s another linking point  and so on and so forth so you kind of get the idea   you can use that for bartender roles say you can  use that

For really anything that’s people related   i also added a paragraph on my background i  felt like it added to the application i speak   that they could look at favorably hopefully   you whether it’s that you you were an athlete   that you did really well in a math competition or  whatever it is and if you feel like it’s

Strong   then just put it in there and overall there is  no real guideline as to how many paragraphs it   strongest right so if you really only have   one work experience just put that one and you  don’t really have to talk about what you did   when you were 15 years old right and then lastly  for the conclusion here

You just want to reiterate   that you’re keen on this position that you really  appreciate their time in reviewing the application   that’s really about it there’s really no tricks  on this section and you might wonder if i made a   answer is no usually i just had a template   rearrange that to whatever bank i was applying

To   on and kind of put it in there for instance   i wasn’t bothered and i just have the exact   same cover letter only changing the name of the  bank but if you have a solid template you should   minutes and honestly if you’re applying to say   25 positions or more then you really don’t want  to be spending one

Hour on each cover letter right   useful was to have a cover letter for each   industry that i’m keen on so for instance one of  the industries was investment banking obviously   another one was real estate or accounting and so  i’d have one cover letter for each and showcasing   and tailoring my skills to that industry

Right  so yeah that’s the end of the video hope you   found it useful if you did feel free to like and  subscribe and if you have any questions do put   them in the comments i’ll make sure to get back  to you and i’ll hopefully catch in the next one

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My Successful Investment Banking Cover Letter + Free Template By Kenji Explains