NASCAR Diecast Reviews: 2020 #48 Jimmie Johnson Ally Patriotic diecast review

Corporal Patrick Deans is a Orlando, Florida native that was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was killed in action when a suicide bomb attack killed six American soldiers in Afghanistan used enough explosives to bring down a building the soldiers were in.

Hey everybody what’s going on dustin here with another nascar diecast review now i know some of y’all are thinking am i finally done with those jimmy johnson reviews well guess what there’s still some more coming this one’s also another one so today we’re taking a look at jimmy johnson’s 2020 ally financial patriot car well it looks like an armored vehicle patriarchy

It says patriotic on the box this came from the 2020 coca-cola 600 race from charlotte motor speedway now this car is mean and it’s green and you can kind of get the whole entire military understanding of what this actually is it actually kind of looks like much more of a helicopter or maybe a tank or something i don’t know but i kind of kind of get it you know

The way that the other letterings are with the lines in them look like it’s a spray painted with stencils so anyway we’re going to go ahead and take a look at that in a minute we’ll take a look at this box right here the car that comes in got jimmy johnson’s face off a fortran on it we get the rendering of the car it’s a standard finish display stands in there

There’s the jimmy johnson number 48 ally patriotic 2020 cam camaro zl1 won one of 692 made then put those back and put this car back here as well now this was the car that almost won the coca-cola 600 right if jimmy johnson would have had another caution he would have passed brad kuzlowski for the lead what many people do not know is that uh jimmy johnson had a

Illegal modification onto this car and it basically encumbered his a second place win and it wouldn’t matter if he won either way one or lost either way he would have been disqualified and brad last go to want it anyway so here’s the front of the car it is it has that matte flat green finish like you would have seen on a military truck you got the 48 you have

Chevrolet the hendrick motorsports plays alexander logo you also have 3m here sunoco down there we also have the ally on here now i really love the detailing with the little rivets and all the paneling we have a corporal dean’s name up here if you want to learn about him there’s a link down in the description below for uniler and talks about it also a couple of

Articles there’s the 48 just like just like the design it’s like it’s a military patriotic design looks like a spray paint spray paint with stencil compared to the uh the 48 on the box well when we get before we get to the back let’s take a look at from the front to the back on the sides now just like just like the other past few call of 600 cars i got these

Tires do have the honor and remember on it in place of the eagle you also got a good year which is still the tire going back we have the uh the nascar salutes we also have the no step can’t step here got the nascar cup series decal up here we got usa zero five 24 2020 that’s the date of the coca-cola 600 race which should have been the uh the ultimate day in

Motorsports but we know covent had other plans for that you know it’s heavy uh nc blue cross blue shield you got jj’s uh signature up here xalta freightliner siemens and cincinnati incorporated all along the b pillar we also have microsoft and valve lane on c pillar we also have ally and the ally a on the back corner panel and of course the military detailing

With the paneling and the rivets on the back we have ally mayor camaro valvoline and the taillight decals 48 and of course on the back deck lid we also have the ally as well there’s a die cast identification number with a jimmy johnson’s name last name on the back you know yes roof flaps do open and along sides the very same thing nothing too fancy did you

Actually like this car i pretty much do um true story i try to i try to join the military but they wouldn’t take me so i was kind of bummed out i’m down when that happened okay but it was alright because the one thing i dreamed about was working at a military on a military base so as a civilian contract civilian contractor back in the day it was about as close

As i could get underneath we have the the chassis got the exhaust pipes now this is all molded plastic no nothing too fancy kind of like the previous cars that we have done over the years of course the engine compartment left my precision screwdrivers uh unfortunately i left my precision precision set across all across the bedroom to which we all know what the

Engine actually looks like anyway you’ve seen it a hundred times maybe even more now i understand this the diecast review was a little bit shorter than usual because i just want to try to get knocked out try to get this one knocked out of the way and i think that’s that will be all for this review now if you actually like this review leave a comment subscribe for

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NASCAR Diecast Reviews: 2020 #48 Jimmie Johnson Ally Patriotic diecast review By Dustin Krueger