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The most are those to welcome you all again to our channel with the academy in this lecture and in these series we are talking about some various basic important aspects of indian economy and some very basic terminologies of indian economy those as we have arrived to hook the head boohockey importantly with respect to in the neck remain for any computer example

Which you are preparing for that is the difference between the banks and the non-banking financial companies i know you know very well about the scheduled commercial banks what are they are working what they do what they don’t do but there are certain misconceptions between when we talk about the bands and the non-banking financial companies as these both are the

Financial intermediaries which provide the capital to the market humbo barber capito be social america is a banking system hamare up ahead phone book joke why not make international company is a word party here so subset and ad collection will start over a cold case accident mccoy scheme porter’s matassa too keen on being international companies we keep in a beret

Beret counter ta duque banking system say allah head or uske it a lot important say i hope outgoing non-banking financial company that is i l and f f infrastructure leasing and financial services for which we have made a separate video jovi a crisis worth of this poem dante il + fs franciscan am say in which it got a heavy loss of around 98 thousand coronal piece

For which government came out to bailout kyookie his mill of depositors the vessel agatha government who had eartha he a very non banking financial company jockey bought whatever a infrastructure projects cold own baby head who paid spent dirty hair other depositors the barossa in peso da the depositors family bar say ecb non-banking financial company may pass

On the hill and i am gay to is say of somerset to the government under reason about a bailout package kesariya to non making nikka ai importance him who sing about the new spark of otaku keep banking system sega avignon 10 enjoy companies cosmos so much ahead whatever miss could though t so many right girls who bothers too many sahaja yogi he stops a pyramid club

Jota head north bank what’s up t job banking system your bank’s kappa so many facilities have or non making natural miska pass and he would be here you see kedarnath joe do shots of the void no orphan on basically these not making generally come means these deals with these two first of those two math to put iqbal important in k differences but honghua macchiato

Bill full conceptually a clarity i in online influential companies macaca she said achtung here he gets a run girl he had a case a worker thr nahi kar sakte hain with respect to banks sabina start after those pizookie baha’i general points there or here her example of baku cha-cha-hey-hey key bags can accept all types of deposits via her type the deposits lace

At the head of a deposit snake is misery kikyo those two here the dough that he can get here coated time deposit or a cotton a demand deposit this also we have discussed when we were discussing the ndp intent is net demand time liability tom nominate misaki time deposits can opener demand deposits down bunnies are non-banking financial companies with agosto they

Can’t accept demand deposits right demand deposit nahi accept kirti head non-banking financial company who seeketh hoffman time deposit you have both legs at t hey i’m taking at those play a be kid your time deposit late he helps casa cusco push a laconic arthur her extra next points mammography apne agra kiki demand deposits in the hill at the nba seat cause

It’s lasik p.m. you sing about my npf caesar a fiat those over self drum checks jonathan hassell drawn check yay you should nahi kar sakte jump teabags kar sakte hain ok regulate conquer the edge if anything ever happens in an intermediate ism sub go in the end regulate to rbi he cart ahead mother yet regulate escape through ot head bang zoom has those booboo

Banking regulation act get through regulate routine head or license being co you see acted through theta on our way now are they also keep vision on the nba fc but they are regulated under the companies act from john jay risk american deuce a lecture with for which you can hear companies act economy you see cavazos to rbi jota head voice of co supervise kurt

I’m sorry banks why i mean very not making finishes of videos would depend on time though final authority healthy arm a tape a smoker included regulation taraji say for example ara insurance ki baat karu 2×14 carnival is corrected term novella heidi you taught merchant banks keep a thorough disco regulate them the velocity v utah hagerott microfinance ki baat

Karu this for a great term anomalous theater cb don’t over time you see que tengo gusto ahavat agua put a priority sector lending would be the second annamarie – my couch priority sectors their education agriculture – you have a yogi ambassador arabic a whole desire to have a jew priority sector lightning head who cannot be heavy nbx easement as we have seen

Campaign to majorly pessary tahoe private lobo correct that right a cha moustakas orbit abou he have a dog majority passer private no garage area pet government we have no personal animosity or job a society government ef novice allah got a choice kobold am non-banking financial intermediaries nba if i make a change huija time you think about the bosco barter

Thing is for connecticut novel necessary boutonniere required of time tomorrow vedado keanu pad banks for for legally do requirement a who 500 or small banks are holding here 200 corroding by non-banking financial companies put should have i see a semicolon acceptance a microfinance fire or or others back iike dokuro dolphin who seek a bodily ambassador less than

Dante cash reserve ratio naturally purity ratio you’re liable to maintain chaotic you deserve raja ahem scale bar mmm a color we don’t want to discuss skirt chicken so crr slr though those two banks who to maintain our money papaya again job ndt else’s father isaac i’m knows maybe they cotta crr slr co or up somebody a chemical or a new video bg ahead to pusuk a

Madman josie are hey boo an nda cisco maintain dermasurgery nanny him in fact slr be maintained tourmaline and he have mother if you are taking deposits a second about 30 a time deposit enough layer him – you have to deposit at least 15% of statutory liquidity and 15% s statutory liquidity ratio of net deposit right those who the bank’s ready here whoa octopus

A this is a a depositors near banks with a solid iron bank surface rocket we share market investing or thing affects one-half cabeza right mother nbs evil a octopus investor such thing horsey left off it make curtains other right or profit-making hey sam they have a private shall our opponent majority or ec current say in co co nbs cisco gülen after his shadow

Banking sector to come they forever shadow cabinet to be a basis for shadow banking sector beulah jaffa who seek about reduced oh happens your loans within him come up a bank smith yellow straight jorah thing is linked with the head base rate systems to ibaka cushion ahead ko samet is is a seminar palika it depends 4m b f6 to job in k and we have siskel don’t

Sweat the head yes each my defender thing a favor go comment box papa tango i am ready to ski barbados to capacity job pay service illegitimate appear to yell okay sir garden yeah hey this is our fizzy come down pc academic to bang your head boom kappa surfacey act to keep our him right behind oh nbf season who kept a smith eh is devious are faci mother only

For housing finance companies dukie nbf see me after a boost oh you have baked with cheese but ah who are cooking up a capital to risky asset ratio to what i see are a are yamaha yama pay yet we have cisco couch nbf cisco rockin aperta some of them have to keep cra uh again yama couch anaerobic requirement set officer with possibly other hand rocking a kooky

Both important many to push nvf cisco capital risk asset ratio track napa retire a mega request examples to nfc skies is a bordeaux neighborhood finance okiya cheat find me the esk example and dfc scheme husqvarna those tow a frequently spoken dude division the differences whose pellets also up to josiah fellow the payment settlement act him this get through

The secure any of your ideas are two banks me yeah cheese party here and bfc skupin sub chaotic is any of teejoe booth ahead when we have cysts apart nahi so those both these are the differences between the non making financial companies and the banks or minako amoeba that eq ndf suspect a lot say importance a by giving an example so i hope aqua lecture person

I arrived yes do subscribe to the channel and see me regularly upload these kinds of videos also mentioned in the comment box how you like this video the next topic which would you like to hear from me and andy a keep shining have a good

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