Netflix .99 Ad Supported Tier Launch Nov. Netflix To Beat Earnings With Success Of Dahmer Series.

Netflix $6.99 ad supported tier to launch November. Netflix expected to beat earnings with major success of Dahmer series. Netflix will reveal for the first time how many people watch (or don’t watch) its shows.

Hey everyone alex unesco here welcome to investors guide to the galaxy netflix 699 ad supported here to launch november netflix expected to beat earnings with major success of dahmer series netflix will revealed for the first time how many people watch or don’t watch its shows let’s dive right into it netflix stock price october 17th down one percent here to date

Down 61 percent past year down 64 percent if you look at last 30 days netflix has outperformed the s p 500 s p 500 is down eight percent and netflix is down 5.6 percent netflix will reveal for the first time how many people watch or don’t watch its shows netflix has typically kept its viewing figures close to his chest but now detailed statistics for the streaming

Servers will be available and measured by an external independent body in the past netflix has only released very limited audience data revealing for example ranked lists of its most popular series and films or global success stories like the smash hit squid game which broke streaming records but beginning in november netflix viewing figures will be reported by

Barb broadcasters audience research board after the streaming giant signs up for the service the british rating service already reports monthly statistics for over 300 subscribed broadcasting channels including bbc and itv but the addition of streaming services disney plus has already signed up allows for far more detail insight into how traditional channels and

Streaming platforms compare the uk is the first and only country where netflix has done this and it comes after policy makers in the country have pressured streaming platforms to abide by the same rules as broadcasters why now the figures will be used by journalists advertisers and competitors to assess the success or failure of netflix’s offerings a significant

Outcome since the platform is launching its new cheaper ad supported subscription here at the same time in a bit to boost subscribers after a bad year netflix reported a loss of 1 million viewers in the second quarter of 2022 and was overtaken by competitors disney plus hulu and espn in viewer numbers the platform has also pumped heaps of money into original

Programming only for these shows to be outperformed by cheaper productions its most expensive movie ever the gray man cost the company 200 million dollars to make and was reportedly knocked off the top spot by rom-com purple hearts in july barb’s data will also help determine just how badly those costly ventures performed the data will be available to barb’s

Subscribers from november the 2nd the other company of course in the streaming space netflix the big giant here reporting next week what are we expecting there what’s interesting about this earnings report is for the first time in a long time i don’t think subscriber numbers are going to be the be all and all if we take a look at the numbers here netflix says it

Expects revenue at 7.85 billion adjust dps at two dollars and 22 cents a share they expect that subscriber number to come in at 1 million i actually think they might even be on that subscriber number due to the success of dahmer that series has just been crushing it week after week on the netflix top 10 list but going back to what’s happening at the company right

Now ad supported that is going to be a big driver there’s been a lot of optimism on wall street we’ve seen a lot of upgrades the stock is up 18 over the past three months widely outpacing the broader market we still have a couple bears in there that say there’s a lot of volatility there’s a lot of competition we have disney’s out supported coming out in december

People are saying that netflix could come out with theirs november 1st to beat disney to the punch but right now i think ultimately analysts are really hoping for some more clarity on the ad supported and they’re really banking on that to help netflix improve their free cash flow and profitability so that’s going to be probably the biggest question that investors

Want answer during the earnings call in the report you think that people will be a little more cautious in this environment in terms of you know which advertisers would be willing to pay up but i guess that points to the attractiveness of the platform that at least you know the analysty if they’re upgrading it because the additional revenue source they expect to

Come in and that’s been some of the bearish sentiment too because netflix is charging a really high premium me um to a lot of these advertisers so if they even want to be on the platform they’re paying above industry standard and that could be a risk yeah an important point to it it’s official netflix had supported there will cost 6.99 and launch next month the

Company’s ad plan the basic quit ads will cost 6.99 a month in the us and officially launch on november the 3rd at 9 00 am pt just ahead of disney’s ad-based offering on december 8th which will be priced at 7.99 dollars basic with that will complement netflix existing ad-free tiers and be available in 12 countries including the us the uk australia brazil canada

France germany italy japan korea mexico and spain the theory will roll out in several stages with canada and mexico being the first two countries to access the new offering on november the 1st all other eligible countries were excluding spain will see a november 3rd launch date with spain rounding out the rollout on november the 10th pricing will vary depending on

The country we are not trying to steer people to one plan or the other netflix ceo grab patterns said on a call prior to the announcement we think the revenue model will be fine as a result everything people love about netflix netflix is currently utilizing a fixed price model for advertisers it would not reveal its cost per thousand rate but said it’s open to

Adjusting that mod in the future according to netflix worldwide advertising president jeremiah gorman the platform nearly sold out all of its ad inventory globally for lunch basic with ads will feature an average of four to five minutes of ads per hour with tight frequency caps so members won’t see the same ads repeatedly at launch ads will run 50 or 30 seconds in

Length with some running prior to the start of the program while others will be mid-roll ads in the grand scheme of things it’s a very pro-consumer approach peter said emphasizing that the ad experience was thoughtfully created netflix revealed that a limited number of movies and tv shows won’t be available for users in the ad tier due to licensing restrictions

Estimating that about 5 to 10 percent of overlap programming won’t be available depending on the country the platform said it will look to reduce that number over time in short basic with ads it’s everything people love about netflix at a lower price with a few ads in between the company said in a blog post what do you think of netflix is it a value stock now or

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