NEVER have I seen a single wide like this! Mobile Home Tour

I’m totally into this new single wide mobile home floor plan, it’s like nothing I have ever seen before!! Today we will be touring a single wide mobile home that is down right beautiful! Hey friends, this is Chance with Chance’s Home World and we have a unique single wide mobile home video tour video for you. Be sure to subscribe and like this video if you enjoy please!

All right so when it comes to touring single wides i’ve started to realize y’all really enjoy them a lot as well but when i do them i really want to be able to do unique ones special like stuff that that you just don’t see every day and what i’m trying to get to is this is one of those homes right here this home has a floor plan that’s well i’ve never toured one

Like it you may be like i’ve seen a hundred of these chants well i hadn’t seen any of them so y’all stick around we’re gonna head in but i do want to show you just a couple things on the exterior like where our back doors positioned and you’ve seen on the other side how close that front door is because the kitchen living room’s like up here on the front it’s uh

It’s pretty pretty awesome i’m at bayshore homes this is in meadville pennsylvania and this is their manufactured section um they have this area over here with single wides and double wides and then over there they have uh several modular homes which are going to be touring as well so y’all stay tuned to the channel where we get a lot of inventory here and i think

When they allow me to come and if you’re over this area i recommend checking them out great family owned business and uh nothing but great things to say about them let’s go ahead what do you say we just go ahead and head in because it looks like it’s starting rain again out here the weather has been crazy over here it’s starting to rain again we gotta go hey let me

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To serve the american dream through attainable home ownership let their manufactured home loan experts help turn your dream home into a reality foreign okay so when you walk in it’s just uh there’s really not no way for me to hide it so i’m not going to but yeah this floor plan is sick it’s really cool it’s really cool and this is just the beginning like back

There ah man i’m not i’m not even gonna get into all that yet it’s a lot of turns and you know it’s it’s a lot of a lot of cool stuff foreign ly when i was planning to come here for this trip this was one of the you know homes that i was most excited about touring and i hadn’t really laid my eyes on it i just seen a floor plan of it and i was like wow y’all are

Gonna definitely love it now i love to do the big huge modular homes we’ve got some of them here uh and that’s you know i love touring those as well i mean it’s it’s it’s great a lot of cool stuff you could see but um a lot of people are looking for something more affordable but still want something very nice i’m starting to see that and so that it’s been a real

Big mission of mine here the past few months to try to find a bunch of those homes for y’all i love those windows that you have there you got this huge kitchen island got some different color cabinets here on the island but look at the countertop space is this all this is like a double wide kitchen i mean honestly in a single wide house those light fixtures are

Nice stainless steel appliances thank you now let me give you a shot of this floor plan in case you want to screenshot this or save it or look at it or whatever three bed two bath now here’s where things start to get trickier are we already heading down here i mean i feel like we just kind of flew through that but we did look at everything okay so let’s go this

Is where things start getting tricky yeah but like a while ago a while ago that’s something you don’t hear in pennsylvania y’all probably like what in the world he just say he say something a while ago where i’m from means like a few moments ago or minutes ago how do you spell that w a uh here’s our first bedroom but what i was trying to say is a few moments ago

When i looked at it before i started recording i come in here and i was like wait a minute sure the house don’t end right here with a bat and then you turn the curb over here getting ahead of myself because we ain’t got back there but it’s wild it’s gonna be your uh you know your smaller room on the home thermal paint windows i like this wall board in here um

There may be some other options on that i’m not exactly sure but i do like this you even have a computer desk in here foreign cabinets and drawers is that the same countertops let me see yeah yeah same countertops we got different countertops in this bath right here i can tell oh i can hear the rain again goodness gracious i may be stuck in this one for a while

Y’all just wanna should have went live on this video all right so we got a shower tub combo right here great and this is just our first bath we have another bath to look at now where do we go to right here next up spot for your washer and dryer is going to be wrapped in this position we’ve got us a nice rack right here to put detergent you know things that you

Need you i’ll tell you one thing that you need you need that static spray y’all got any of that i’m talking about starting to get winter time you’re gonna have all that static on you you spray that static stuff on your clothes and it keeps you from having all that static man it’s good stuff and that’s where you would want to keep it well i ain’t gonna gotta be no

Rush to get out of here so so there is the back door we looked at on the exterior so if you did have your carport off this back door you’d walk in you got a spot right here to hang your uh backpack tennis rack coat whatever you need to so i’m telling y’all man it’s a crazy floor plan right we walk into our next bedroom foreign looks like where your yep it’s

Where your furnace would be now i’m backing into the uh the main bedroom okay so that we have the same countertops we’ve seen that other bath and we have one sink in here but we do have a lot of countertop space on each side of the sink that’s a plus we have some cabinets below there we have your walk-in sliding door shower you might could possibly customize

With a tile shower i really don’t know about that we’ll uh we’ll try to discuss more of that towards the end but regardless you definitely have a big shower and you could probably customize a shower tub combo in here for sure if you need a tub but you know we had a tub down there so just keep that in mind this is the closet with that panel beer right there i

Bet that’s where the water heater is going to be behind there what a unique single wide y’all definitely drop me a comment let me know what you think about this one if y’all see some more stuff like this uh actually i just had a single wide come out on the channel last night and um you know you could check out our single while playlist if you really like just

The single wide homes but i you know it was kind of something i just did them every now and then but now some of those do so much better than even like the big uh you know the big big homes i guess it’s because people are looking for more affordable but the ones i do record of those i try to try to pick ones that are very unique very cool that i think y’all would

Like to see so stick around we’ll get into more information at this home let me say if you have not subscribed well you need to and let me say if you have not dropped me a like let me say you need to or would you i mean could you could you could and lastly could you or would you share this video put it on social media share it with a friend share it with a family

Member something come on so what about that unique single word look they they sure even hooked me up with a little bit of merch big shout out to jane she actually uh gave me this cap and also she’s the one that lined the whole trip up for me to come there so special shout out to her and if you happen to go to their location be sure to tell them you’ve seen some of

The videos uh so let’s uh let’s see what i want to talk oh information on this home i’ll have some in the description and uh y’all keep in mind that we have the members area and what i want to do is so cullen has his uh first soccer game tonight and uh so i’m gonna get a little video of that that’ll be something i’ll put in there so you can check that out there

But i also want to show you a picture so i’m gonna pop that up okay uh there you go first soccer game tonight’s crazy i think that he’s playing soccer he’s pretty good too well maybe i’m partial the members area is set up where i’ll really take a deep dive it’s some exclusive stuff like that but most of us say or i really talk about the homes what states you can

Get them in case you’re not in pennsylvania and you know that that type of stuff just information you can’t hear in the videos so check that out plus we have our website link you can use in the description below and that will be how you can get more information or get in contact with someone about this home uh personally on this home or any home that you see on

The channel and you know see about finance and stuff like that and in the comments section on the website link if you can put kind of what you want to know then we’ll be able to better service you that way so so those links will be in the description plus i’ll have some general information on this particular model they’ll be toured there at bayshore homes and yeah

Now we’re going to get into the pricing we’re going to wrap the video up so that being said when it comes to pricing just know this is what they provided to me is what i’m giving you guys now just keep in mind you know that bayshore only covers their area so if he wants to get us home in a different uh location uh even though this manufacturer may cover your area

Uh you gotta keep in mind cover the freight charges county regulations just stuff like that and it’s a b for at the time of recording but this uh will give you a great idea which you could get this home for right here yep there you go i want to close out tonight’s video just by saying you know i’ve been thinking a lot about uh those that have been affected uh by

The hurricane and just seen on the news how you know crazy it was and how much damage it done and you know ultimate people lost their lives and and there was two things i wanted to share number one if you’re watching and you are from those areas you know uh scripture says that it rains on the just and the unjust so you know just just hang in there and just know

The lord has a plan through what he’s doing i know it’s and it’s easy for me to sit here and say in your what you’re going through it’s it’s you know you’re probably like what what good is from this but he always has a plan always always and then for those of us that you know have not seen any effect uh you know where we live from it you know it’s a great time

Just to be thankful for what you have and that you know tomorrow everything can be taken away just to have a grateful heart and i want to just be a positive light in this world and that’s one way i can do that through this channel is to share and just two things that i was thinking about there uh but i hope maybe this helps you a little bit y’all drop a comment if

You want to and i’ll be back with the next video next tuesday night 6 45 central time the videos come out tuesday thursday and saturday that’s three times a week and so yeah tuesday night i’ll see you here hope you have a great weekend see

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NEVER have I seen a single wide like this! Mobile Home Tour By Chance’s Home World