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To me this is capital one planting their flag in the travel game and making a pretty big statement to chase the funny thing is that they’re also making a pretty big splash with the other whale what’s up guys it’s sebastian and today we’re looking at news updates and some new offers big favor give this a thumbs up to hop out the algorithm kind of stupid but part

Of the game and if you are new here consider subscribing we talk about credit cards and travel and how to make the most of the spend that you already do if you’re someone looking to apply for the chase sapphire reserve then you’re in luck at the moment we’re seeing the largest offer since 2016. for a limited time you’re going to get 80 000 chase ultimate reward

Points after four thousand dollars in purchases in the first three months conveniently we just did a video on how to maximize chase points and some different options and methods you have so maybe check that one out after this one the floor value of chase points is about one cent per point so 80 000 times 0.01 is 800 in cash and yes you can cash this out into your

Bank account to be fair i don’t think i would do this given that there are a lot of other options to easily get about 1.5 cents per point so 50 more value in that case 80 000 times 1.5 cents per point is 1200 in value there’s a ton of different options depending on what you want to do for example if you want apple products you can redeem through the chase portal for

This elevated value until november 30th it probably doesn’t cover a full on maxed out iphone but a mid-spect one number two and one thing i really like about chase is that they have a pay yourself back program meaning that you can redeem your points for that elevated value for a lot of everyday transactions until the end of the year for the csr it’s going to be for

Airbnbs as well as dining number three you can book travel through the chase travel portal so for flights hotels car rentals and even cruises if you are someone that’s after aspirational travel so think first class in business class and still motives and bora bora then there are some other options i’d recommend watching the other video though for the promo there

Is no set end date and that’s a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you look at it on one hand maybe it ends up lasting forever on the other hand i don’t think that’s likely it’s probably based off them hitting quotas so for example for banks they generally want to hit a certain number of card members per year and this is probably part of that my guess

And i can be completely wrong is that they end up pulling the offer once they get close to that number if you or someone considering the tree sapphire reserve please make sure that it actually makes sense for you we do have a calculator where you can play with this and pretty much put your numbers in and see if you actually get value if you’re debating the chase

Sapphire preferred versus the reserve we also have a calculator for that as well and i think it’s definitely worth 30 to 60 seconds end of the day i want to make sure that you guys are making an educated decision and getting something that actually works for you reminder that for both the csp and the csr you can downgrade it to a no annual fee option in gear 2 if

The card doesn’t make sense one thing i really like about chase is that you do have a lot of optionality and if life happens then you have kind of an exit path on that note if you do want to learn about cards and you want to support the channel we do have links on the website and down below in the description box make sure the links are competitive but

Otherwise it’s a huge way to support the channel so thank you guys in advance moving into the lightning round we have rocketan which has an elevated offer as well right now you’re going to get forty dollars or four thousand points when you spend forty dollars normally it’s closer to twenty five dollars so this is pretty good in case you’re not familiar rocky 10 is

A cashback portal where you get extra money when you shop online so when they say spend forty dollars it’s not specifically with them it’s through one of the retailers so maybe nike or adidas on kind of a relevant note i’ve been working out a bit more recently and i didn’t realize how fast i go through workout clothes so 10 off nike definitely does not hurt link

Down below if you want to check it out if you’re looking to travel capital one is offering a 30 transfer bonus to virgin until october 31st virgin is probably one of the best options if you are looking to routine for business and first so delta one is a pretty good example along with a a first in business the last one if you’re watching on october 20th is that

Southwest does have a pretty good offer where you get 20 off points bookings if you use code save 20 now there are a ton of rules here so i’d recommend reading through their terms this is going to be valid for flights until december 15th of 2022 and there are some blackout dates alright so moving to capital one they made two pretty big announcements the first one

And the one that i’m most excited for is the fact that they added a new lounge but it’s very different from what we expected if you talk to people about lounges and their major complaint one is probably going to be over packing and maybe any into the lounge and number two is going to be the quality of the food and to be fair i guess i am kind of weird because for

Me free food is free food but some people are a bit more picky capital one saw this complaint and they’re addressing this by launching capital one landing lounges which are going to be restaurant and culinary focused instead of just regular lounge amenities to do this they partnered with jose andres to offer authentic spanish style cuisine the whole idea is to help

You avoid spending money on overpriced and generally low quality airport food and drinks and maybe i’m crazy but i generally don’t like the restaurants in the airport because they overcharge so i should not be paying 12 to 15 for a light beer or a badly made cocktail at the same time it is the whole amusement park mentality where they can pretty much charge whatever

They want because you’re forced to be there if jose andres sounds familiar it’s because he has two different restaurants at the conrad los angeles that we recently visited sandler rail definitely had pretty tasty food and i’m looking forward to trying this new lounge option funny enough mandy said pretty much exactly the same thing that we’re looking forward to the

Food and especially not having to pay out of pocket i guess kind of are paying out of pocket if you have the card but you get the idea you’re not really capped off i’m not paying more money to get more food he’s also pretty good of designing cocktails so it should be pretty good okay all this sounds great what’s to catch number one is that it’s only going to be

Starting two airports one of them is going to be washington dca and the other one is new york laguardia i feel like i don’t go to washington enough to really benefit new york is a pretty interesting one though but because i tend to fly through jfk it might be harder and to be fair i am a bit of an edge case because most people want to avoid jfk in our case because

We have delta status we generally try to fly during less busy times to potentially get upgraded to delta one and for the most part it’s been working out pretty well number two and it’s a pretty big one is that we don’t know what the requirements to actually get into this new lounges maybe i’m crazy but i don’t think it makes sense for them to make it dramatically

Different from how it currently works so for right now if you have that venture x you get in as well as two of your guests for free if you have the venture or the spark miles you get two visits per year and then each subsequent visits forty five dollars if you have guests then each one pays 45 dollars per visit if you don’t have any card at all then it’s 65 dollars

Per person and obviously it depends on food but there is an argument to potentially pay that 65 bucks if it’s good enough to me this is capital one planting their flag underground and making a pretty big statement to chase something i’ve talked about in the past is that more competition among them is generally better for us so if anything we kind of want to sew

Discord as weird as that completely sounds feel free to let me know what you think down below because i’m pretty sure an intern has to read through this the second major announcement is that they are launching this new hotel program so this is going to be the capital one premiere collection and there’s going to be exclusive perks at a curated selection of luxury

Hotels worldwide these upcoming products are a continuation of capital one’s investment in the travel space over the past year it’s kind of crazy because every complaint i’ve had about capital one cards over the years they’ve slowly addressed whether it’s six months or 12 months time they slowly eventually do it as much crap as i’ve given them over the years i’m

Pretty impressed there are going to be a wide array of properties from boutique design hotels in cities to resorts and villas and tropical destinations and they will be available for booking before the end of the year through all of the stuff they do mention a few different destinations and i guess locations so let’s take a look at the prices arista one is going

To be the ned nomad in new york city about 6 38 at night so a bit above my budget and i don’t think i would probably stay here unless i had certificates or points so a skip for me como in italy looks interesting and a bit more affordable maybe a splurge if that’s her jam it does look pretty cool though i think for me given the prices right now sugar beach might be

The more interesting one so normally it’s about 1300 and right now it’s 600. i have no clue what’s going on but it looks pretty good and it is still a bit of a splurge so probably doesn’t make sense for most people as a foaming it is a bit hard to say because it does seem to be that upper echelon of stuff that’s not as affordable and maybe these are just kind of

The name brand ones that they’re going with to start to launch the program and they’ll have more affordable ones afterwards that just don’t sound as cool i’m kind of in that weird spot where i like those fancy things those bougie experiences but i also don’t really want to pay for that experience if possible i wouldn’t pay as little as possible and that’s why points

Are useful i want lobster and crab but i’d rather not pay the premium if i don’t need to one thing to keep an eye on is if they end up adding vegas hotels because it tends to be a sweet spot for other programs as you expect given the nature of the program and what they’re after you do get benefits by having the capital one venture x so for example you’re getting

10x miles back and you’re also getting a 100 experience credit or the local equivalent to use for dining spa and other activities in addition you get daily breakfast for two complimentary wi-fi as well as other perks such as early check-in late checkout and room upgrades to be honest it’s probably a bit out of my range given what we’ve seen at least but i know

Some of you bought pretty hard i am kind of curious if this is capital one’s plan to acquire that like higher echelon category of people that don’t generally care about points but still want to travel and get perks and if it is then it’s going to be pretty interesting because capital one has had a lot of historic stigmas and maybe this is done breaking through it

For normal people i think this is still one of the best cards out there given the effective annual fee and how they’re pretty much paying you to keep the card so you did the travel credit as well as the anniversary mouse and that’s before considering priority pass and the fact that this is one of the best options if you do have a larger family and you kind of want

To give other people and your family lounge access for your party pass with that said if you do want to learn about cards whether it’s capital one chase or pretty much any other issuer out there and you want to support the channel we do have links on the website and down below in the description box if you made it to this point in the video then leave a

Whale emoji in the comments down below given what capital one’s doing in effect they are trying to be the way up my questions for you what are your thoughts on the adk offer for the chase sapphire reserve number two the landing lounges are you a fan i’m a pretty big fan of that one number three thoughts on the hotel program and whether it’s going to be applicable

For normal people let me know and everyone else know in the comments down below big favor give this a thumbs up consider subscribing but otherwise hope you guys liked it see you guys next time foreign

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