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This is auto line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry while tesla lost the ev sales crown to byd in china last month the american evie maker is number one in bev sales in germany according to germany’s federal motor transport authority nearly 38 500 teslas have been registered in the first nine months of the year in the country

Which is up 50 percent compared to a year ago and that’s ahead of the volkswagen brand which registered 32 300 bevs down 40 percent vw blames the drops on part shortages along with rising inflation and energy costs but even though vw slipped in germany last week the company said its bev sales are up 25 so far this year globally and speaking of ev sales south korea

And hyundai are stepping up lobbying efforts to ease restrictions for ev tax credits in the u.s the recent inflation reduction act requires vehicles and batteries to be made in the u.s or a qualifying country to be eligible for ev tax incentives and bloomberg reports that the south koreans want to delay the manufacturing requirement since hyundai’s ev plant in

Georgia isn’t scheduled to start producing vehicles until 2025. they also say the subsidies should be in line with the two countries free trade agreement which treats batteries critical materials and cars built or assembled in south korea the same as those made in the u.s so korea is increasing pressure on the biden administration to make those changes it’s unclear

What will happen at this time but with europe also lobbying against the ira provisions we wouldn’t be surprised to see them change back in september lincoln revealed that unlike ford it would not offer dealers options on if or how quickly they want to transition to selling evs but they’re still going to have to pony up if they want that new electric lincoln in their

Showroom the price for a lincoln dealer to go electric is roughly nine hundred thousand dollars which includes installing chargers as well as for sales and service training for comparison cadillac told its dealers they need to invest 200 to 500 000 for evs but many lincoln dealers also sell fords and ford says dealers will need to spend up to 1.2 million dollars to

Make the transition to electric so that’s over 2 million bucks we wonder if some of that investment would transfer from one brand to the other but even at the lower amount cadillac said it expects to lose about 40 percent of its dealers so we wonder what ford could lose thank you foreign hyundai revealed the design for the all-new version of the grand door which

Is sold in other markets outside of south korea as the azera and as the flagship sedan and the brand’s lineup it has very stately proportions including a coach-like rear end that looks like it took inspiration from other ultra luxury sedans the front end is very upright with a diamond mesh grille while thin horizontal lighting that stretches the width of the car

Highlights the front and rear overall we think the design follows closer to hyundai’s evs but it doesn’t say what kind of propulsion system the grandeur will have and we would be a little surprised if it is electric since it doesn’t follow hyundai’s ionic naming structure as for the interior it’s highlighted by large screens that are combined into one display on

The dash with a second display for hvac controls mounted lower and note how the gear selector was moved to the steering column to free up space in the center console no word yet on when the new grand door will launch as you know chip shortages and other supply chain issues have crippled car inventory in the u.s over the last year leading to a lot of empty dealer

Lots but over in china the exact opposite is happening according to the brokerage firm china merchants bank international automakers had delivered more than one million vehicles to dealers in china in the first nine months of the year which is a record the problem is the economy is starting to slow which is hurting sales deliveries to dealers were up 33 percent

Last month but retail sales only rose nine percent leading to more inventory on dealer lots so now analysts are concerned the market will face a slowdown in 2023 earlier this month sylvan felipe the head of formula e-team and vision racing said he sees evs reaching cost parity with ice by 2025 or 2026 but it sounds like renault ceo luca de mayo doesn’t agree with

That and it all has to do with rising material costs eight years ago he expected battery prices to fall by one hundred dollars per kilowatt hour over a five-year period but he says we still haven’t seen that reduction demaio says quote i can come up with better battery chemistry and better power electronics but these gains would be erased when the price of cobalt

Doubles in just six months and adds about evs and ice quote i do not see this parody getting close close quote however the ceo does not give a timetable for when he expects that changeover to happen at schiffler we pioneer motion electrifying mobility manufacturing smarter reducing co2 emissions making energy production clean sheffler pioneers motion to advance

How the world moves oh we want to know what drives your testing ota connected car diagnostics remote testing intrepid control systems is here to help you work from anywhere intrepid control systems driven by your data there was a time when most of the vehicles sold in australia came from british or american car companies not anymore today most of the vehicles

Come from japan thailand and china and in that order sales of chinese vehicles are rocketing up the charts as recently as 2018 chinese-made vehicles ranked only 12th in australia today mg which is owned by saic and great wall is leading the way along with a company called ldv which sells utes and vans but the rise in chinese-made vehicles also comes from tesla

Which is shipping chinese-made model 3s and wise to australia and we want to thank our viewer warwick dundas in australia for bringing this story to our attention a little over a year ago we showed you rotating screen technology from the supplier mitsubishi electric and now it looks like it’s making its way into production henrik fisker showed video of the user

Interface for the new fisker ocean on twitter which shows the user can flip the screen from landscape to portrait mode we’re not 100 sure if fisker is using mitsubishi electric system but the supplier does have a patented application on the technology so fisker most likely is the cadillac escalade is probably the most profitable vehicle that general motor sells

But did you know there was a big fight in the company over whether they should make it or not a number of people in gm thought cadillac customers would never buy a luxury suv and they tried to prevent gm from building it and that’s what we’ll be talking about on auto line after hours tomorrow afternoon john smith who ran cadillac at the time and fought hard to bring

Out the escalade will be our guest and will also get his opinions on cadillac’s goal to go all-electric by 2030. so join john and gary for what will be an amazing look into the inner workings of a giant car company but that’s the end of today’s show thanks for joining us and we’ll be right back here again tomorrow auto line daily is brought to you by bridgestone

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