NHAI InvIT debt issue to open for retail investors

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Hi welcome to bondwitz the daily bond market highlights from inr ponds i’m arjun patsati and nhai invite infrastructure investment trust is investing is issuing bonds for investors through a retail debt issues and this issue is opening on the 17th of october for a total amount of rupees 1500 crores the coupon on this uh in weight on this bond is 7.9 percent and

Paid semi-annually and this gives an effective return of 8.05 percent on an annual basis and this is for a period of 25 years but it split into three maturities of 13 18 and 25 years investors can invest as low as rupees 10 000 this bonds are traded and listed and traded on the stock exchanges nhai is the national highway authority of india and this the and as a

Government of india entity and the risk is government of india risk so the in risk to investors in the form of principal safety is very very low in fact there is no risk at all in that sense liquidity is good that is investors can sell and buy and sell these bonds on the stock exchanges and the interest rate uh interest rate risk is high because of the long maturity

Of these bonds and if interest rates move up the prices of these bonds can come down so investors looking for safety liquidity and long-term investments and are comfortable with earning 8.05 percent annually for a long term period can invest in these bonds this issue is open um for public investments on the 17th of october and investors can issue through a upi

Mandate up to five lakhs which is 5 lakhs this is a very good issue for investors but only riskers in the interest rate risk and investors will have to be comfortable with eight earning 8.05 percent for a long term period and should understand that if they sell it when interest rates are rising they can earn a capital loss or they can lose capital because prices

Can come down nhai uh as i said is the nodal uh highway authority and is very very important to the government and that’s budgetary support uh in this invert is opened by investors on iron bonds quick and best platform where we provide the best data ipos with easiest of investment processes download the app now and invest in nhai in with bonds and with minimum

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NHAI InvIT debt issue to open for retail investors By INRBonds