Is now the best time to invest when the stock market is down? Are you a day trader or are you an investor? Will facebook stock meta crash tomorrow as it reports earnings for Q1 of 2022? Is facebook stock a good stock to buy right now? Meta set to report earnings on Wednesday as investors await metaverse payoff.

Facebook stock does report earnings today and just like we offered yesterday with google and microsoft i wanted to ask you guys if you guys want me to live stream today’s quarterly earnings for facebook i would be more than happy to all you literally have to do is get this video to over 1 000 likes and i’ll live stream but it needs to have over 1 000 likes before

Facebook reports earnings i would love to host the livestream i just want to make sure that people show up so again they report earnings after market hours so destroy the like button and make sure that you subscribe to the channel all right guys we’ve been getting so many questions as the market has been pulling on back what am i doing when it comes down to preparing

For the market to recover now i’m really big when it comes down to intention not everyone has the same intention you have investors that never understand why people trade you have traders that never understand nor want to agree with what investors have to say i try to keep a very level head when it comes down to my intention especially at these very oversold levels

I want to use this as an example facebook first off has to report earnings they had one of the worst quarterly earnings last time so i don’t have super high expectations i actually end up seeing them not meet their expectation as the last time their burn rate was really high because of the metaverse investment with that being said if we look at the overall day chart

Facebook is really really cheap so the question is not you know should i buy facebook right now to try to make money right now because if that’s your intention if you’re trying to trade because you’re trying to make money right now facebook is probably not going to be the best bet for you but why because overall market direction for facebook is not in your face

Uh in your favor facebook has been selling off so with that being said it just doesn’t make sense for you to want to trade something when simply the direction is against you but for people that do want to invest that don’t need a return right away think about it i don’t know if you guys have paid attention but facebook based off of all-time highs and where it’s at

Right now it’s down 50 and now it’s not to say that it’s gonna recover in just a couple of months it’s going to take time maybe even years but think about it if it’s down 50 that means the upside is over a hundred percent right because when something recovers it’s twice as much 116 percent is what facebook offers if it were to recover now you don’t have to buy in

Right now facebook still has to report earnings and if anything if you’re trying to play it safe i would wait till after earnings and see how facebook reacts because it might even be cheaper it might be trading at 150 a share after it reports earnings but i want you to understand someone else’s perspective it’s not that one person is more right than the other but

If your intention is not needing to make money right now think about it it might not be a bad idea that if facebook does drop and then maybe when it does establish a support level to be able to buy a small position size and then make money as the market recovers over the time that it takes for that stock to make a recovery and that’s kind of the question it’s not if

Facebook will recover but can you tolerate the time that it will take for facebook to recover that’s more of the question that makes more sense and with that being said i started to buy the dip on a couple of companies that i see value i don’t need all of you to agree with me just like you don’t need me to agree with all of your investments but this is what i wanted

To share with you i decided to buy a very light position size about nine thousand dollars worth of tesla right now and i plan to buy over a hundred thousand dollars worth of tesla i would love to right tesla based off of the overall year chart is testing at uh the moving average support level and that’s great but why do i not buy a hundred thousand dollars worth of

It right now well tesla can easily continue to sell off it could go to lows of 750 and with that being said i don’t want to put myself in a position that i simply cannot tolerate and that’s kind of what i’m here to share with you the only people that are freaking out right now as the market is pulling back are those that did not prepare they’re though they’re those

People that do not have any more money to buy the dip and or reinvest in the market’s recovery they’re hoping and they need the market to recover that’s a different intention this is why we always talk about position size and knowing when to step on the gas if you’re part of my learn plan profit group we talked about this in today’s live training session so this

Is what i began to do i’m not going to invest in 10 or 15 different companies just because i see value in them be honest with yourself when do you see yourself to be the most effective probably when you are following maybe one or three different stocks i can juggle that 10 15 different stocks i don’t know that’s just not my cup of tea so with that being said tesla

Is one of them i have two others that i’m going to be buying the dip on and averaging up only when they begin to indicate signs of recovery i don’t mind buying the dip knowing that it can continue to dip it’s all about intention i’m all about day trading as well right you’ve seen me trade live multiple multiple times if you’re part of my lpp team that’s great but

I like to benefit from the best of both worlds i like to trade when directions in my favor and i like to invest when the markets are cheap it’s a balance right trading is more for people that have the time for it investing especially during current market conditions or people that have the stomach and that can tolerate the time that it will take for the market

To recover maybe people with full-time jobs and maybe the people that are students right you can’t watch the market every moment of every day and that’s great you don’t need to you just wait when the deals present themselves that that’s when you strike but do it in an effective manner watch your position size don’t go all in know when to step on the gas know when

The direction is in your favor these are the things that i’m most excited about to follow up when the market work covers because everyone right now right we’ve said this so many times before every previous recession was viewed as an opportunity right covet 2020 market dipped and now looking at how the market dipped we view that as oh man we should have bought more

Whatever stock and then the market recovered right it was viewed as an opportunity now but every current pullback is viewed as risk but why it’s because anyone can look back at something and be like oh man i should have bought more houses in 2009 i should have bought more houses in 2010. yes because you saw how the market now recovered but that’s the thing it’s

We’re not here to make those assumptions right we’re here to simply prepare to understand that when deals are among us we understand it it’s not that we have to be blind with it it’s not that we have to be aggressive with it but that we understand that we can cherry pick what we want to invest in in a tasteful way in a way that we can tolerate the time that it

Will take for the market to recover that’s the beauty of understanding when and how to invest i was actually thinking i don’t know you guys can let me know down in the comment section i was thinking next week maybe on monday i can host an in-person um kind of like session about swing trading and investing uh at the hq a lot of you guys might know especially if

You’re part of my learn plan profit group i bought a building in chandler arizona it’s 15 uh offices 7 000 square feet um and it’s pretty much just the co-working space it’s a it’s a trading center for all of our learn plan profit members and i wanted to host the session um you know 30 minutes an hour in person um it’s it’s free for all of our learn plan profit

Members uh but i wanted to see if some of you guys would show up and if so if we can get 10 to 20 of you guys to show up at the hq i’d love to have that session maybe even record it um and answer any questions of stocks that you’re thinking kind of like a sunday stock talk but imagine it in person that’s kind of the idea and just with our learn plan profit group

So uh let me know if you guys think that that’s a good idea i’d love to host it again comment down below any ideas that you guys would like me to implement uh but again i’m excited to hopefully live stream uh the earnings report for facebook so again make sure that you destroy that like that so i’m very excited to follow up i wish you guys nothing but the best

This is not a video to encourage you to buy the dip especially if you cannot tolerate the time that it will take for the market to recover um hope that every thumbs up please consider subscribing i will see you uh for our live today and again friendly reminder if you guys want to join my learn plan profit group that’s going to be the second link down below it’s

A one-time payment you get lifetime access to the a2z video lesson library daily live trading sessions the private discord chat and of course the tech buds trading hq all included one-time payment lifetime access again i will see you at our live like always let’s make sure that we end the year on green now take it easy team

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