Outgoing Bangladeshi ambassador: China has more open space for foreign investment

“The negative list has been further shortened. There is much more open space and many more options for foreign investment (in China),” said Mahbub Uz Zaman, the outgoing ambassador of #Bangladesh to China.

For china it is all related to development one is shift from high speed growth to high quality growth that’s a very qualitative change according to the 13th five-year plan it has shifted from the content under composition from high speed to high quality growth and second is that i find amazing the way china has lifted millions of people out of poverty this

Is a tremendous achievement a progressively prosperous society and third is the tremendous achievement in environmental management and environmental conservation so these three things impressed me the most about china’s you know rapid rise and under that foreign investment law the negative list has been further shortened you know narrowed down there is much

More open space and option for investment by the foreign investors these industries like agriculture i.t sectors these are the priority sectors or what we call the trust sectors which will be the key drivers to economic progress and development definitely this gives a very strong and positive signal for the foreign investor and there had been lot of incentives

Like protection of foreign investment intellectual property protection patenting these are very much inducements and incentives for investment and it gives a clear signal that china is willing to integrate with the world and provide more encouragement and support to the foreign investors there used to be visits and exchanges of traders business person that’s

Why we call it the maritime silk route and belt and road initiative there is a maritime in the shipping sector and also land routes so one route passed through bangladesh you know what is now bangladesh and and their traders used to come with these sales and luxurious items traded goods and and historically we see that there had been exchange of people trade

And goods and china is one of the oldest civilization in the world rich heritage and there are artifacts and traces which can show that we had links with china long long time before we see that under this belt and road initiative chinese state-owned enterprises are cooperating in the field of infrastructure investment and then we have people-to-people contacts

China major beach corporation one of the pioneers and the great companies in china extended their technical support and assistance for building the bridge and it took eight years because it was a very challenging task the river itself is treacherous teachers means that it changes its course very often and it currents are very strong and a major part of the

Money was utilized for river trading embankment to control the flow and diversion of the rivers you know and there is a way called scouring scouring also caused a major challenge for the laying of the piles steel piles so it’s a big big challenge to lay the foundation and it had to go much much more deeper in the earth because the river current is very strong

Through scouting you know it removes continuously the earth in the bed of the river so it was a big challenge for us but of course our technical expertise bangladeshi engineers consultants along with our chinese friends they sat down and discussed the plan programs and researched and studied it and they could construct this bridge it was one of the marvels on

The feet of engineering in the whole world and they have all acclaimed you

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Outgoing Bangladeshi ambassador: China has more open space for foreign investment By Invest in China