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Owner Finance, For Sale By Owner, Real Estate McDonough, Georgia. Homes and Houses for sale in McDonough Georgia and Metro Atlanta. We have some professional buyer buying homes and putting contracts on homes and passing along great deals to you. This 5 bedroom 3 full bath house is a “steal of a deal” in a swim tennis community in one of the best areas in town with Ola Schools Call today 678-561-2589 or see us on the web at or

We have houses of all over metro atlanta this one’s in mcdonough this is a 5 bedroom 3 full bath custom-built perfect house give us a call today we’d love to help you let me show it to you 5 bed 3 bath brick less than 10 years old people that were buying it couldn’t complete the deal so let me show it to you their loss is your benefit this is a formal dining room

And a formal study walk right in here the front door to the wide open living room living area kitchen big tall ceiling 20 some feet look at the entryway nice entryway full bath main floor bedroom main floor bedroom one as we go over here i’ll show you the kitchen custom kitchen matching appliances island in the middle huge kitchen out the back door nice backyard

Sodded yards everything’s planted recessed lighting giant pantry off the kitchen its own room with a washer and dryer your entryway in through the garage everything is easy to get to we go back in look at this living room and i’m gonna take you upstairs show you the upstairs another full bath another big bedroom and by the way we just had the carpets done today

Look at this nice big house you just kind of got to sit here and soak it all in this is from upstairs looking down down into the entryway walk down here look over into your family room bedroom number four has a walk-in closet when you see if i got the lights this is bedroom number four in the walk-in closet actually has two closets so i’m gonna show you both of

Them and both of them in bedroom four walk-in closets that’s not even the master here is the master bedroom let’s hope you can see this custom colors wide open gorgeous big bedroom can you see this are you getting all this great big bedroom dumbledore entryway even into the bedroom big bathroom huge bathroom double sinks nice shower big tub and you got a seed

This closet – believe it it’s bigger than a lot of rooms those two stages this is the master bedroom i doubt if most people could even fill it and got a little dorsey’s you got extra storage on the sides but this is really a nice master custom-built mcdonough georgia all the schools from tennis community less than the rest lease purchase owner financed or buy it

Straight out giant discount on this house come and give us a call we’d love to help you love to show you this house and many others that we have you won’t find too many of these today not at the prices that we’ve got this is a great deal on a 5 bedroom 3 bath home in henry county we’ve got them in other counties to give us a call we’d love to help you have a great day

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