Owner Financed Off-Grid Land for Sale in Missouri (7 acres)! 00 Down! – InstantAcres.com ID#CG67

“Jumbo” tract at THE RIDGE near Springfield, Missouri! – Only $500 down and NO credit check to own this large tract! – Please click on the direct link below to see if this property is still available:

All right drone video for a big tract at cedar gap hollow this is uh looks like a seven acre property so one of the biggest ones out here and i’m not sure where we are yet i think we’re on the north side we’ll see in a moment yeah we’re on the north side we’re on the easement road on the north side we’re looking southerly so this particular tract actually borders

An easement road on its north it’s west and it’s south sides you have access to a lot of different areas of this property as we’re looking southerly uh truck is parked on the easement road on the north you can see how the road kind of wraps around the entire property it’s the highest on its west side by the easement road and as you go easterly from there there’s

A valley in the middle i mean you really need to check out the topo map to see just how this sits but it’s a it’s a really interesting tract looking off to the south you can see highway 60 in the distance that’s the main east west road in southern missouri once you’re on highway 60 you go straight west about 30 35 miles and you’re in springfield missouri so

We’re going to do a fly over here hopefully we’ll get down and get a good look at this these tracks were logged within the last couple years you can see that we’ve got some open areas we’ve got some wooded areas and uh kind of everything in between the middle of the property by the valley looks like it’s got some big timber in it the topo map shows at the west

Side at one point decades ago was uh an open meadow you can see that if you look at the topo map it’s indicated by a white color on the topo and it’s obviously not a meadow anymore it’s grown up into timber okay so that’s gonna be the word we’re looking at the southwest side right now facing easterly if we back up a little bit we’d have a really good look at

The property we’re still seeing bits of it here and there for sure that valley area has some some large large timber in it good chance you’re going to have a wet weather creek in that valley area toward the center of the property not likely to flow all year there are caves all over the place in this area and if you look at the topo map this would be a good

Property to explore if you’re into uh trying to find caves or springs anytime you have a valley like valley excuse me like this in this area um that’s a good candidate for for some cool stuff maybe a little spring or possibly some type of cave as far as building sites you have a lot of options you’re going to have more level areas toward the west side of the

Property more than likely i will say that when we came out here the other day uh the the western easement road uh was was fairly wet i’m not sure if the guys hadn’t finished shaping it yet or if it’s just because it’s more shaded and we didn’t drive through the western easement road but we would have used four wheel drive if we had drilled through it definitely

Do want four-wheel drive to access this property a truck or an suv with four-wheel drive um actually on the easement road on the south we were driving up and we stopped about halfway which is a silly thing to do on the road to get out and take a picture of something when we got back in um the wheels just spun so luckily we had four wheel drive we put it in four

Wheel drive it was fine but that just is something you want on an easement road or gravel road but just in case so very private very rural out here deer and turkey population is phenomenal we’ve got a lot of options for building sites and campsites um yeah nice property larger than most tracts out here so we’ve been looking for a kind of a jumbo one this might

Be a good one for you so if you have any questions uh let us know if you’re not already on the website you can go there and you can check out the different videos and maps and whatnot and we would love to hear from you

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Owner Financed Off-Grid Land for Sale in Missouri (7 acres)! $500 Down! – InstantAcres.com ID#CG67 By InstantAcres