Parcel #4076 – Beachfront Property with Seller financing on the west coast of Ambergris Caye

Check out this beautiful property on the west coast just 2 miles from Down Town San Pedro.

Hey everyone dennis k here with belize islands real estate hope you all are doing well today hey listen a lot of you guys are looking for beachfront property and beachfront property anywhere on ambrose key is becoming more and more rare in fact i just posted a beachfront property at secret beach just a few days ago that property sold within 24 hours so it is

Currently under contract that one’s no longer available it’s off the market but if you’re looking for something along that west coast and you don’t want to be too far from san pedro town i have a brand new listing that israel and i just went to take video of so we got some pictures of the property some video some drone shots but today i don’t have everything

On this computer but today i want to show you some of the video and some of the google earth overlay maps just to show you where it’s at and if you’re interested in this property then go ahead and email me and i will send you all the other videos and pictures and stuff as i get them on the computer so here we go this is a beautiful part of ambergris key along

The west coast just a short drive from san pedro town so here it is on my google earth overlay map it is parcel number 4076 it’s located right here now this little island here that you see off in the distance that is called kyle esponto one of the most popular luxury resorts anywhere in the country belize let alone its own private island so if you want to see

More about this go to this website www dot a private island dot com that’s www.a and you see just what an incredible resort this is and from this property 4076 out to the island you’re looking at 2 000 feet so what is that about a less than a half mile 0.37 so you’re about a third of a mile away from this beautiful luxury resort and you can

See here how all the waters here are absolutely stunning so how would you um get to this property if you own property here oh right here is the san pedro airstrip right here is an area called the boat yard so if you owned a boat you could keep it down here at the boat yard and from the boat yard you would just come out into the open lagoon drive around the point

Here and you would come to your lot so let me just see what that would be as the crow flies so from the boat yard out to the lot itself is 1.82 miles so let’s say two miles two and a quarter miles so you do that to come around the little point here it’s about a two mile boat ride from uh downtown san pedro really easy to get to beautiful waters uh this area right

Here is currently off-grid all right so there is no power that reaches here yet but power is up in this area right here so this is the costa del sol area where bravo blue is and the villas of key winds uh this is where uh i think one of the new projects is going here in here called aruna so there is road access you can see that leading down to this area there

Is not yet road access though that goes from here down to this point so that’s obviously going to come at some time in the future but for right now i would suggest that if you’re interested in buying and building you just plan to be off grid and boat access only for a bit so let’s try to get some video of the lot and area we’re going to really dig this the waters

Here absolutely stunning so let me play this for you and this is a 32 second long video so all of the properties and this little stretch of beach here have this beautiful crystal clear water in front of them no sargassum washes up on this part of the island there’s kyle esponto right out there in the distance i’m just giving you a quick overview of this area

Beautiful crystal clear waters very easy to get to these lots and here are the financial details on the property oh israel’s get some drone shots there here’s the financial details so the lot is being listed at 220 000 u.s or 220 which is actually a really good price considering what some of the lots are on secret beach have recently sold for so 220 close to san

Pedro town off grid the owner has free and clear title and you can finance this property with 15 down so a lot of you guys are looking for financing so 15 down you can finance the balance uh on a 20 to 30 year mortgage but the seller will like about a seven year balloon so basically what that means is you can keep your payments fairly low uh but the seller would

Like to pay off within the next seven years to go ahead and cash out and go on to other investments so let me know if you have any comments questions or concerns and if you want to make an offer on this property go ahead and email me one more thing i’ll do for you real quick is if i have that website uh for the island out there there we go let me just pull this

Up and show it to you because there’s a couple interesting things on the website that i think you’ll find pretty interesting when it comes to buying developing this lot this is this beachfront lot that i’m showing you so let me show you do another share of screen here and right there kind of smart all right so this is kaio esponto that private island off the coast

You can see how beautiful it is and the architecture is real belizean on here so really cool use of color of lesion hardwoods and open air designs all of these villas here have a little plunge pool so i think something like this would fit in really well on that property on that 4076 property in addition if you look at the let’s see if you look at the availability

Let’s check out the availability now this is august so obviously not a peak month for us um you know things start to taper off between now start to pick up again around november but if we just um oh you know what check availability let me see if they’ll do this without me having to enter all my information again no i gotta answer it all again so anyways go ahead

And do this enter information check availability you might get on their mailing list that’s pretty cool anyway um and you’ll see that even for the month of august they are fairly well occupied um and these aren’t cheap these things here these little homes villas whatever you call them i think there’s five of them on the island um those go for 2 000 a night all

Right so 2 000 us dollars a night they’re not large they’re meant for couples um and you know these aren’t big four or five bedroom villas but they’re 2 000 a night that is all-inclusive but still um that goes to show what people are willing to pay to be excuse me on those beautiful waters of ambergris bay so here we go recap bishop property thousand fifty percent

Down financing fifteen percent i said not fifty fifteen percent down financing uh let me know if you have any comments questions concerns and uh hopefully you guys can be one of the fortunate who are able to own property on ambergris key thanks a lot have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon

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Parcel #4076 – Beachfront Property with Seller financing on the west coast of Ambergris Caye By Dennis Kay II