Parkland Shooting Survivor Details Being Shot 4 Times

Parkland school shooting survivor Madeline Wilford details how he shot her 4 times. “I was shot four times in my right arm, my right lung, some of my ribs on my right side and I had surgery on the right side of my abdomen,” Wilford said. “I still have troubling breathing with my right lung.”

Okay good afternoon please raise your right hand do you solemnly swear or from the testimony you’re about to give us the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth i did okay thank you go ahead and sit down and put your hand down put your hand down and sit down if you would please lean into the microphone when you’re speaking and state your full name and spell

Your last name for the record madeline wilford w-i-l-f-o-r-d good morning miss wilford how are you good good are you going to school i am where do you go to school southern utah university i’ll be a junior this upcoming year okay uh where did you get high school stoneman douglas and did you graduate from southern douglas yes what year did you graduate 2019. okay

I’d like to call your attention to february the 14th 2019 remember that day yes i’d like to call your attention specifically to the fourth period of that day were you in school yes and where were you during fourth degree i was in ap psychology with ms ryobi correct and is that classroom 1213 yes okay could you tell us what happened um we were just going about

Class like normal and we heard shots um it took us a second to realize what was happening but when they were fired off again is when we started to move and um hide i was stuck between the teacher’s desk and her podium and then i was just hiding until i felt myself get hit i didn’t know how many times i just i just noticed it and i tried looking behind me

To see if anyone could help me but all i saw was blood on the floor so i just kind of turned around and um when the fire alarm went off i also thought that hopefully like they knew what was going on and so that they were coming soon but um i ended up passing out and then what’s the next thing you remember after cast out i was in and out of consciousness until

I fully woke up that thursday night friday morning and so do you know what happened to you yes what happened to you i was shot four times and my right arm my right lung some of my ribs on my right side and i had surgery on my abdomen okay and how many surgeries have you had three three uh are there any after effects from your surgeries um thankfully i had a

Great orthopedic surgeon so i’m able to use my hand but i still do have trouble breathing with my lung okay okay and um you you passed out you remember how you got out of the classroom is that correct i briefly remember hearing the responders but i mean i didn’t really like and i remember being in the ambulance but i don’t remember much okay okay thank you

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