Part 3 – How do I buy a house – Financing & Mortgages #Mortgage #Homeloans

Mortgages can be a tricky world to navigate. That’s why I made this video, to help you through the process from the Realtor point of view. Enjoy.

Hey everybody out there in cyberspace this is eddie the tattooed realtor coming to you with part three of this series of videos i’m making about buying a home so if you can before we get started be sure to like subscribe comment i’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments at all feel free to leave them in the comment section below or you can

Feel free to call text or email me my information is always in the description i’ve been proudly serving broward county in west palm beach county here in southeast florida for over seven years and i want to be a resource and an asset for you to use i’d love to be a service if i can help so let’s jump straight into a part three about financing financing can be one

Of the most trickiest elements to the whole buying process because financing is kind of like this you know unicorn where you hear about it and you’re like well what does it really mean well financing always it’s referring to the mortgage on the property okay if you’re going to buy your property in cash that’s a separate discussion but if you’re going to buy your

Property using a mortgage from like a bank that’s what this is talking about when you’re thinking about using a mortgage what i recommend you do here at this stage is you do your homework go and look at different mortgage companies in and around your area or even in the state anything that can service you that has the best mortgage products that are going to work

For your needs remember how we talked about in the previous series where we’re talking about this idea of being able to understand whether or not it’s the right time in doing so that has a lot to do with the type of mortgage because the type of product you’re gonna need to use okay so once you’ve decided like let’s say you’re gonna use company a i recommend do

Your homework on them analyze them check out their google reviews check out better business bureau check out which allows you to have more of a inside perspective about how the company actually works and that with be sure once you once you’ve decided the mortgage company then you’re gonna do work with most likely a mortgage originator

Or a loan originator the loan originator a mortgage broker is going to help guide you it basically hold your hand through the whole process i recommend that you run them through a fine-tooth comb as well you can check their google reviews or their facebook page or you can ask to get recommendations from them don’t be afraid to ask these questions because you’re

Gambling here i’m not really gambling but you’re actually playing here with your credit your purchasing power your home so ask the questions and that leads to the third point ask questions if there’s something that is stated or seems kind of funky err you don’t even let’s say just something simple you don’t understand ask questions don’t be afraid to ask questions

Of course you can ask a real estate professional like myself but there’s no better person to ask than the mortgage company or mortgage broker or loan originator that you’re working with so those are the three points to consider when you’re financing when you’re financing you also have to ask yourself what products going to work best for you okay products that

Mortgage companies offer vary all the time so you want to be able to sure make sure to do your homework be aware of any junk fees or processing fees a lot of times they can give you like an estimated closing cost statement which means this is how much money you need to come to the table with once they have a property that you’re interested in or a price range so

You definitely want to be in communication with them so anyways some thoughts about financing i hope you found it useful if i can ever be a service feel free to call text or email and once again be sure to like give that subscribe button a tap i would love that and comment and i’ll see you guys in part four

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Part 3 – How do I buy a house – Financing & Mortgages #Mortgage #Homeloans By Eddie – The Tattooed Realtor