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Global law firm Clyde & Co use business intelligence solution BigHand Business Intelligence to give their team access to self-service, real-time, financial data in a way that is intuitive and usable. With BigHand Business Intelligence Clyde & Co are now able to make quicker, faster, more accurate financial reports on a global scale.

We use the quantum product both the revenue kpi side and the gl management accounts piece we moved from elite enterprise to elite 3 back in 2016 as part of that process we were looking to provide a much more intuitive user-friendly dashboard of information to our lawyers to be able to get them to engage much more on the financial management of their portfolio

Of clients and actors so we engaged with with dw as it was big hand as now is to provide that that solution for us so we found that we’ve now been able to give much more attractive usable data to lawyers than ones that we were able to reach before but another kind of almost side-effect factor for us is the warehouse of data that we now have underlying that has

Allowed us to produce much more powerful real more real-time detailed complex data mining almost to provide quicker faster accurate almost one version of the truth data from a global perspective as opposed to we we know we information we being produced in each of the regions that may have been ballpark the same but was produced in a slightly different way that

Has been really really important for us so we can have our ceo sitting in london talk to our managing partner in hong kong they can be looking at the statistics for the apac region in either the local currency or in gbp they’re both looking at the same thing they can be doing that within a few days of of a period closing so we’ve got much more better quality

Information much quicker consistent accurate that people can share and we can start to be making much better business decisions as a result of having that available to us than we’ve ever been able to have before so you must need to know what it what information it is that people need it’s one of the things that we find we are constantly developing and therefore

The evolution of what it is that you’re trying to deliver and what information the business needs will evolve so i think it’s really important that you can’t you can’t reach out enough to to the folks who are the recipients of the data to really understand what it is that they want to be able to receive and that’s an ongoing process it’s something that you never

Reach the end of you continue to make that that data better as you go through the process when we originally entered into the work with with the dw guys as they were they have vision they have insight into what was needed but they’d also been and done the job within law firms so they had the industry knowledge which some other providers have not necessarily have

I think that’s really key for us to make sure that we we were able to talk the same language very early on we were able to come up with a vision of what we wanted and i think the synergy that will now be leveraged from the dw family joining the big hand family will allow an awful lot more data to become available to two firms to be able to use in a similar way

Leveraging that power of the of the warehousing capability that that the quantum product provides

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Paul Robins, Global Finance Systems Manager, Clyde & Co – BigHand Business Intelligence By BigHand