Pay College Athletes – A Persuasive Speech

So college athletics are literally a billion dollar business in 2019 the ncaa reported an 18.9 billion dollar revenue um across all their sports um of that 18.9 billion the ncaa was allowed to give the students zero dollars i have big problems with this but number one is the health and safety of these student-athletes so what’s the problem the problem is that

These students aren’t allowed to make any money off their image or likeness while the colleges profit immensely and i think the solution is pretty easy uh you uh it’s one of two things you either pay them a portion of the revenue that they’re making or you allow them to make money from sponsors it’s that simple so number one college athletes aren’t allowed to

Make money off their image or likeness my first problem with this is they are college students who have bills to pay and they’re not allowed they can’t make money to pay their bills this way these are college students so normally they would have jobs to help support their college lifestyle but with games practices and off season training that makes having a job

Pretty much impossible for a college athlete so anytime you see a college student walking around with their favorite college quarterback jerseys on the student athlete themselves make no money off that they can make no money off that if there’s a series of video games like the ncaa football series which ran from 1993 to 2013 college athletes can make no money

On that the college athletes can’t even sell their autographs to make money if a if the ncaa finds out that a college athlete is selling their autograph or receiving money as gifts from sponsors they are stripped of their athletic scholarships they are stripped of their amateur status and they effectively cannot play college sports anymore why is this allowed to

Happen well colleges say they are paying student athletes not in money but in scholarships and to the school which would be fine i would be totally fine with that but there’s a rigorous recruiting and scouting process for athletes across the country by these colleges they go to high schools and find the best student athletes that they can find and try and entice

Them to come to their school not to become graduates but to boost the image of their athletic department this is supported by the fact that 40 percent of all ncaa athletes do not graduate most of them just move on to the pros or they drop out of school but either way they don’t that 40 of ncaa athletes walk away with no degree um so number two uh if the student

Athlete isn’t profiting then who is profiting take for example tim tebow who went to the university of florida from 2004 to 2008 and you look at his jersey sales it looks like it’s being reported that he sold about 25 000 jerseys per year that he went to the university of florida tim tebow wasn’t making any money off these jersey sales every penny of that is

Being split between the ncaa and the individual athletic department so if the uh the jersey is being sold at forty dollars wholesale um and then being sold at a markup of seventy five to a hundred and fifty dollars per jersey that’s essentially a million dollars a year for one person’s jersey and for the university of florida this is essentially found money they

Just walk away with that money and are totally fine with not giving it to any portion of it to the student another huge money maker for the schools are ad proliferations and ticket sales for the games take for example march madness which takes place in march it’s a basketball tournament that lasts for three weeks in just that three week period the ncaa reported

That they made 933 million dollars from march madness i find it scary almost appalling that you’re not allowed to give any of that not just a portion of that to the student athletes so number three and i think most importantly these student athletes are putting their lives on the line and their long-term health for the good of the school’s athletic department

In the years 2005 to 2009 it was reported that there were in football ncaa football there were 8.1 injuries per 1000 players which means from 2005 to 2009 there were about 40 000 injuries in ncaa football of those 40 000 about seven point one percent were concussions and of course we’re learning more about concussions every single day but it’s certainly we know

Concussions go a long way to attribute to your long-term health there were also 11 fatalities in college football these are categorized as indirect catastrophic injuries which can be anything from heat stroke to heart problems anything like that but the point is 11 college students died playing college football for their college for their school just to boost

Their school’s athletic department i don’t think that’s right i think the very least that a school could do is to pay these students a wage or help pay their parents or something something needs to be done because that’s not right um in 2019 16 000 about 16 800 students were eligible for the ncaa about 16 800 students were eligible for the draft for the nfl

From the ncaa football program only 254 of those students made it to the majors which if you factor in the 40 of students who don’t graduate that means there’s about 6 500 student athletes who no longer have a career path and who no longer have an education because they didn’t graduate i think the least that could be done is that schools start focusing on paying

These student athletes in 2019 california passed a law called the fair play fair pay to play act which allows students for the first time in history to make money off corporate sponsorships such as nike or adida or something like that after they pass a law the law doesn’t go into effect until 2023 but after they passed the law in 2019 16 other states hopped on

Board and i think this is great um it should have happened sooner but better late than never and i think the very least that these colleges could be doing is paying their athletes

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Pay College Athletes – A Persuasive Speech By Ryan Hail