Paying Strangers For Their WORST Financial Advice

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So we are here on fremont street in las vegas and we will be asking people personal finance and investing questions and if they get it right a crisp two dollar bill lands in their pocket this is jack with action news starting now who is on the 100 bill is it thomas jefferson yeah it’s thomas jefferson there you go yeah lincoln yes it is lincoln all right you

Got it right now who is on the five dollar bill it’s lincoln isn’t it it is also lincoln yes uh washington not quite jefferson not quite benjamin benjamin you got it right here you go crisp two dollar bill congratulations what is a roth ira it’s an ira go roth ira yeah i can ask this guy excuse me sir no no question okay rejection excuse me would you like to

Answer a trivia question for two dollars okay rejection we all fall victim to it sometimes some people more than others specifically me if i’m going around asking questions about people’s personal uh money habits who is warren buffett warren buffett has a lot of money any other information warren buffett has a lot of money very rich gentleman berkshire what is

The biggest waste of money you’ve ever spent your money on gambling gambling okay here you go here’s your two dollar bill you’re gonna gamble probably i don’t wanna ask someone really big because if they do decide to beat me up i have no chance what is the biggest waste of money you’ve ever spent your money on 300 bucks what was that on it was oh god your net loss

Is 298 because you won two dollars yeah thanks what is your biggest waste of money amazon amazon i spent 2 424 so far on amazon just in the last 30 90 days 2 000 in the last 90 days on amazon yeah well you seem like a smart lady i’m sure you can afford it no comment subscriptions that i don’t use anymore that i forget about what kind of subscriptions uh like um

Don’t lie only fans what is your biggest waste of money plants plants potted plants plants plants again what is your credit score that’s good yeah it’s funny but mine like 660 665 is getting there my credit score is like 750. 7 30 7 40. 6 20. okay you know what i’m saying i ran it up i thought it was free what is your biggest waste of money probably food like 400

A month probably clothes to be honest like they shrink really fast what is the most expensive thing that you’ve ever bought a car a michael kors bag and how much was that i don’t know how much they cost 300. thank you for joining us on this episode of answer the personal finance question when two dollars so guys welcome back to the sta family and today i am trying

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If you guys make your first youtube video and upload it make sure to let us know in the comments so that we could check it out and thanks to wondershare filmora 10 for sponsoring this video let’s get back to the vlog alex this thing looks so sketchy where did you get this from amazon dude why did it come like this and why is it sold by the gram dude when i bought

It it showed it in this like really nice container and then you get this bag i tried this stuff on the iced coffee hour podcast and it was extreme it was the most sour thing i’ve ever tasted so and it burned a hole through nato brian’s cheek that one looks gnarly yep that’s the one you gotta eat do you see how much like caked on stuff there is right there here we

Go world source candy going in dude keep it in okay if you put it oh my god dude you put it on the side of your mouth no no no no not the stuff i got dude okay oh dude it’s good now it’s good now no yeah it’s good enough yeah i would rate this an 8 out of 10. you think they could do better be less sour oh my god so on a scaled 1-10 house sour oh that

That’s nasty no it like slid down my throat for a second there’s to be a choking hazard on that i just thought your outfit looked kind of uh funny you look to be honest graham you kind of look like an angel man like you’re here yeah you look like an angel yeah are those my sweatpants probably we’re with spencer and we got this package here i think you would

Appreciate this this is something that i have been looking for for months i think these are going to be worth a decent amount of money one day okay i got the entire collection no way are those goosebumps yeah oh my god now these are not like perfect condition but i got them in good enough condition where they’re like a lot of these have not even been opened i think

I learned how to read with look at him look at the condition look at the condition of this this is the new backdrop for your setup you’re gonna have a book honestly wow so i so my plan was uh i wanted to get these framed in one long long frame with 62 books the horror can’t jelly jam look the night of the living dummy dude this was not my favorite this one was it

Was that slappy dude that was so scary i remember that gave me nightmares growing up all right alex so i know i was just showing you the goosebumps books but i gotta show you this okay look at this what does that say what does that say is that t jacobus guess what i did found tim jacobus and i got this whoa look at that what the heck is that it’s a sketch

From welcome to horrorland signed by tim jacobs was that an actual book yes so i got the illustrator of the book to send his own sign sketch here wait graham what’s that on the counter no no no no this whoa what is that wait a second is that the brand new 1337 elite coffee now for sale real talk here so as you guys know meet kevin is running for

Governor of california and i wanted to do something to support him so you know what we came out with this limited edition coffee that he helped design he came up with this whole thing so all the proceeds go towards kevin to uh help make california a better place to live and

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Paying Strangers For Their WORST Financial Advice By Graham Stephan After Hours