Payment Coupon Process Proof Debt Discharge 1099 A UCC Statues Credit Restoration Title 15 US Code

Proof Of Coupon Payment Process. It’s A Small Victory But It’s A Victory. We Are Working On Bigger Victories. The Most Important Part Is To Get Started & Work The Process For Yourself.

What’s going on it is coach mt here back with another great video for you here to share some great information with you all so uh i know i’ve had a lot of people ask you know is you know give you some some proof all right i know when we’re in this process of using our you know the the the laws and the statutes that we have for us as being consumers to the process

For some time it could take some while before you see results right because not every time when you send that first letter or the first coupon that first process will the individuals acknowledge it because we’ve been taught so long that federal reserve notes are the only way that you can pay or check is the only way that you can pay or money orders the only way

That you pay but those are all what we call non-redeemable negotiable instruments okay and it’s here in the book we are under the jurisdiction of the ucc which is called statutory jurisdiction we are using non-redeemable negotiable instruments and we are discharging debt rather than paying debts so this right here is a non-redeemable negotiable instrument right

So you can see all the things on here we got some codes on here the two cent stamp the two conservation stamp duty payable um the amount and you can see the amount written right there the signature and you can see right here where it was credited on the account okay so the payment date is for this one was march the 4th and you can see right here it was credit on

March the 3rd 2022 all right so exciting stuff crazy exciting stuff you know i was like what hold on i went stupid i was like hey so that’s when i started putting information out there and um just letting people know so just let you show you that there is proof to this process all right prove to the process now it’s not going to happen this way for everybody

It is not going to happen this way for everyone okay some of you going to fight for some of you’re going to have to go through those steps you’re gonna have to um call and talk to your supervisor and say hey are you refusing my tender if they’re refusing to tender then there’s discharge you read the laws hey you let them know hey your company xyz you know navy

Federal mega spreads discover whatever it is you’re operating under these ucc laws right because you’re in commerce and if you refuse this tender we’re just discharging the debt and so they continue to discharge and say no then you send there’s a letter that you can send to the ceo and the cfo with the copy of the coupon explain the same information and then that

Last step is the conditional acceptance so yeah there may be steps to it so there’s a lot of individuals out here who are having success but some have it at the beginning some may have in the middle some have at the end but when it’s all said and done one of the things that they mentioned in here about the let me hold on hold on hold on when it comes to the codes

It said this is the argument you can use in court now court is not just in the court court is anytime you are um you are uh using the law to help remedy something or recourse something okay courtney doesn’t have to be in court it says the code it says the code recognizes the common law if it did not recognize the common law the government would have to admit the

United states is bankrupt and completely owned by its creditors okay so but it is not expedient to admit this the code was not written to entirely override the common law therefore if you have mace sufficiently timely and explicit reservation of your rights pursuant to ucc 1-308 you can assist that the statutes be construed in harmony with common law so that means

That one thing’s about common law is that no one can be injured okay and if your debt is not being discharged you’re being injured in some way so when you use the ucc laws as being harmonious with the common laws okay so this is um or sitting on someone’s property as well too that’s another one in there as well so just want to share that with you as we continue

On uh this journey where is this uh okay yeah as we continue on this journey of becoming free right it says here writing a book how to free yourself from legal tyranny so you know i’m not saying i have all the answers uh i’m i’m i’m learning that people a lot of individuals out there that really that know a lot more than i do i’m just another individual that’s

In the mix just like you are okay i’m just another person in the mix learning the process you know information i just got off a call with a young lady that found me to help her and she ended up helping me i write with some great information and uh so i’m about to get right back into studying i slowed down my calendar a little bit uh because uh we we’re having too

Many one-on-ones it was just taking up the entire day so we’re gonna get right back into studying i’m applying this information i just sent out some more letters today all right this is march 28th this video is being made and i’m sent the the new debt validation letters i sent off for a client as well um we sent up a validation letter we sent off some of the

Navient we sent off to navion we sent the um we sent the conditional acceptance to navi the student loans hey we’ll perform on these conditions right so we keep you i’ll keep you posted on that as well too and then we had a client that was getting served by a um by a debt collector right and so she never received a letter from them for being served so we

Sent conditioned acceptance to the clerk’s office and then we also sent a debt validation letter to the uh to the debt collector themselves okay so um but i’m just here as as a voice i’m just here as someone to say hey i there’s a face i could talk to i got a face i could talk to someone that i can i could reach out to that’s in the same position as i am and

If there’s anything that you believe is going to be able to help people and you’re not really those one of those individuals like hey let me get on youtube and talk about it let me know and because you know we’re about to get right back into our studying right back into our researching if there’s anything that you want us to research or talk about or learn more

About or hey did you hear about this i hate to hear about that let us know we’re going to learn we’re getting ready to start getting our q-sip number uh i’m in that process and then we just had an individual inside the group that was able to purchase a home with a 1099-a so the gentleman is going to share what he did once she receives that final document he

Says a final document that he has to sign um and i think in order to get his you know like like the title to the house like you with a car and then we’re gonna all you know get on the zoom as a matter of fact yep there’s there’s the uh the telegram just popped up just now we’re all gonna get on the zoom and talk about it and then i’ll be able to share with you

All okay so coach mt just want to share that information with you i know it’s a small victory but it’s a big one in terms of is does it does it work all right so we’re in in a fight just like you all are and um i i’ve sent out a lot of mail so everything goes oh here we go i know it’s looking for it this is it right here the map from the magistrate okay so

Let me fold this up because of the young lady’s address so here’s what i did to i might see how i marked it up with violations all right you see that oh it’s backwards let’s have marked up with violations and so we got this sent out for her for it for these these crazy people cavalry all right so they try to send a bill of sale yeah or you or you want to sell the

Account or you want to send exhibits so you know we’re going to do we counter back with an affidavit and what does it say here at the bottom okay eileen or claim can be satisfied only through a rebuttal by counter affidavit point by point or a resolution by a jury or payment so we’re not paying anything she doesn’t want to go to court so we counter offer this it’s

On the back here of the ucc book okay some good stuff back there right so coach mt see you next video

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