PEG Ratio Explained in Tamil | Value Investment | Tamil Share

PEG Ratio Explained in Tamil | Value Investment | Tamil Share

– Kumar from atomic channel has escaped and ran over community amon amarth a nunnery in a kannada auger cuckoo dear nathan anybody will come in rhodium atom are the nunnery come on this talk investment patina ghee in the video a part of our home pokemons a pint and a big by the you know the p/e ratio is no particular value investing la in the ph d ratio motor

Number pending voucher for you o muhammad reader come in germany diorama in the video on the petha maryam calculate punter the one the first in the video milliman in your car together as a couple mandating in the our stock with recommending la orden de mundo non-gray in the are in the highest opening of all opening in our pg ratio winding a countercultural medium

In the company nullah growth alaric really intervene canterbury camry you okay in there you know stress alarm a mochi my warren buffett are cut to 11 in diablo cody omega pure a mystery alarm a one day in the ph d ratio a candy power on the considered pond wonga pg ratio allama where any mail on there you know or a stocking on alice bunny nose particular to come

Out hangar yeah me nah pg ratio have been rather one day ending per char other one the who laura come i come from earnings growth rate other you monday in the ratio cool a one-room so your lap in 33 up our curricula pg ratio one more talking about the donna and the company but you were a groupie tallulah valuations wrong okay in the company cheaper okay in the

Stock order price cheap rk illa in the stock would a price on the roma costly our key the manga cuda they obtained another understand money gonna yeah obtain ax or a company nullah growth alegre another price value on the cheaper gotta give a layup indra then i’m a cop like paula no okay i am ready woodstock women i love ella harry did she know chicken glass on

The stock or a growth a base penny well i hear you did she not a pop wait on the stock on omaha hazard a value idea male number costly on of allele of akita on the stock a upon either on the stock are the commander here at the kind of i become me and that you know says put in g wonga nomicon on the calculation a perfect up or tava and work for you was it yeah

On the valley we’ll just talk see poverty now in la caspia vicki donn under my beak under particular they obtained at the guru kiamana order calculation on the p/e ratio he boy 1 no not to leave us all right come on the needle lama in the calculation on the parens you can go first on the p p z ratio i’ll be another one there entity ever in a na pe ratio we know

Has a couple of eg ending growth rate either end do we know all the time that’s moodle point number price per sarah drew will share or a current market price no room by okay now on the company one company to render in the team a company account killer and the company or the price patina no no why you need a current to market of eleven the norma company to order

Market price from the no roy random a new worker could his tux you know what here yearning for sure you other why in the stock order yearning for sure but through i boy they’re a warning when they he was robbing huh current to market price nor walk to the number one chris tucker here over there was a march could look at the abdullah otherwise you are you hold on

Buddy no angie putting on moodle by year were they so other word a p/e ratio price per share by yearning for sure pps by eps i would erase your on 0 angie valuing angie in the company given their new casket the banger stock but through some bar super with it ok appalachia no but they couldn’t you see why poor pe ratio will be clear i ago corrected a previous p

In the p/e ratio own over some in our and is another erica no porsche i know are then i’ll do i know hopefully alarmed is it in there or someone the one body now he the percentage in salaam all over when these order ratio percentage in allah in the ocean angie so for our set of ada in the word some growth i really are their money in the company tulip one awesome

Under one banner on the day in the or some path i okay breathing love first appointed current value under the point a yearning per sorry woodstock when the new record wanna know somebody that you know somebody there eps a be another money control ending up a pattern law so you know somebody not a ratio on the ng one also toleration knowledge okay having money

In the company to one also thought a ratio of embody in the us without a ratio path so you do mundo were pulley air irrigate you do more poorly here is what is heating yeah he poor yearnings growth right en i have been patina in the nala come on jacob me on a gapper now what apply the gap earlier and the water pipe gap under the yet on a percentage zero pulley

Here at the ng poolavaram percentage lopatina you know at the energy percentage over all right one or someone they know to do why some boxes in the stock in the also mutirão 10-0 sambar chicken huh i pay extra or some bar is it again you know tangelo extra awesome bar okay how the percentage of ice layer all over our co-op dinner that kind of kept on running

You okay percentage ice layer over you know 10g percentage or are they marina in america there was some bars a company in the patrol or some bar sitting on extra growth the iru aruba extra growth i reckon what do we wander the yellow la one percentage council a percentage allah and the percentage had occurred the kind of calculation one do he endings growth rate

Ago in the end a calculation huh epoch current a ratio yellow angie by one also thought a ratio knowledge minus 140 can i own over though either one denis a person dies in a matheny in a 25 percentage when you see like 25 percentage then a minus 1 to power more than eleven to twenty five percent as it comes you know as a my design game but they buy one birthday –

140 now howser od a person is a person or a percentage or being a calculator will accomplish money pathing now we’ll gonna lop for him so you put on mine up on overall pe ratio overhead at the door simple calculation yarning growth relative at the dough okay p/e ratio and residue rostock occurred there was somebody today you know there are some bargain apollo

A ratio angie okay by ending growth rate until another four hours appear p/e ratio of attack in there was a p/e ratio low growth or que aprender a yearning growth rate for our zone then i’ll draw some arsenal in the company no son zero a sambar each is a growth iraq a guru pulley and a flat growth i reggae so upon the growth the condor bridgestone number one

Of my number number over anzio said they can the grow tomorrow what time right now so uh or some more it can a percentage zero tension % i0 twenty percent is a growth agate eric and the company a plain resin i’m a can duplicate the data in that evening growth ratio can double you know if i didn’t open tomorrow pg ratio here a shorter than other in the p/e ratio

And the p/e ratio water ending growth can’t approach allah other than the torah ratio under the country tomorrow other than the total ratio lower camp in birthing in huh in darkness result the all-important imperial short a result angie you know the percentage you know twenty five so angie by in with the engine or zero pulley here and they have been read over

In the company on our own but but they bypass our own denial over this zero pulley one was in worth it ok claw so i pay you the rent with allah in the stock one day zero pulley one brother in the stuck at zero fully render you know less truck without a jacket or no chicken either apollo tire not even deeper into the land on the back r rk obtain fatah in the

Pg ratio forth allah allah your come here common and accompany yara the american glow on the already costly a pricey recovery a company but zero pulley one by they are in rather one they already cost pir k0 poland and radhika mere clea so he the cheaper cricket in the price they are in the dart them along a lower ratio is better cheaper and the higher ratio is

Worse expensive or being so long a p/e ratio allah with mp ratio are the amarna the only expensive p/e ratio kami are known only cheaper price adding to the artem hippo nirmala market lena saldana worry polly like a killa and i vanellope pg ratio okay pg – illegal if a killer not melody polly look male another one the expensive strike initial town white paneer

Bunga i’ll accompany her you didn’t lm on the company how i’d put it on yeah me know i don’t know i’ll take a squeaky the la okay laurie intrinsic value portal although the costly every key they eventually don’t wanna hang up ugh come here christine so long yolanda person comes up in bottom now you know sold i’m gonna be no hypocrite the kind of british tomlin

The company animal otherwise a bugger the easy but shower so money in the company 25 percentage growth i get ever they happy another contributor in the company is earning per share allen leigh hearon dalam where is she where some in the company but the percentage is not growth lower they have another kind of or strong people you know to cook a company secret

My aroma huh but this otherwise i’m gonna be sick in my ear mop into the number pad to go up again idea my arrow you know tons a percentage company nadia my room either online or they appear a shoe c’mere either when the come here grow to come alone or a phd ratio i think a market cringe if gamma e the lab one overshoot or a growth other one the moon or city it

Is our homeland i’m allowed an original hat or some other warren older than the company order running condition of put it today wouldn’t it in and out without a degree has bank at the ganga oh now are you must have to work you know the price per share where am i doing the day eople a lot of price purse at very moderately i put in the value and the changes are

Gone so yeah la compañía la comida applicable i’ve allah operated over a drawback anna in the pz ratio goes up what went wrong – all wrong i know stress up in wadena normal on the l a memorandum became very lava so let me take a boo me and then i became velocity gives again nike bhoomi suit alana end up under they have been killing at i apprec– hassan allah he

Power give me in the company in the our growth teleplay attract a in evans in a my monoski media guru poornima okay and i work ponies and grow to go to the ganga how did the moon or said to me they’re my group are namida no man the company line is pumpin a gnome aberdeen rather in a store up in estrus point of view so you think oh when the technical zina saldana

Not technicals in a signal on the wine can i have a value presently anneke van down happening solely to play wrong so google od yeah you know splinter method a yeah the were learning a correct i think it has a character calculation per negative correct afoul of burning i’m gonna be gained curriculum in the p/e ratio of indra the current el cucuy a percentage

Order value operated very starchy pocket a key that in the app into reckon gg imbrium so i did the first show monda on the company give me capri a disaster on the dena javi in the ph d ratio kula condo ammonia the holodomor a disaster in lava or a near homonym disaster in la or a sector a beer economic ok a banana sector a amanda nobody importance could say none

Less sect erica he ever green sector clean the ph a ratio of apply benina now like you receive the combo diem have another investor sorta curtain he left power the warren buffett or a khartoum i would have monday in the evening growth the personnel company a select contrary okay what about to learn indian coriolanus assume what a company order growth opportunity

Like piranha growth lol clear be into the path allah who the company order stock on the cheaper car 11 the costly arc under the selectmen tonga depended i’m a phd ratio of into the path the dog kadesh our chinnough chinnough recap go through all price per share have been written or recurrent the marketplace a new reuter of price from the euro there are some bark

Is not a ratio on this engine aru by erosion bottom 9g percentage your own so pour over so on the percentage you mean those up on the percentage in a gap recall other growth american tours anthem so undergrowth ruin the hero 10g percentage ii so you didn’t appear number on the ratio of what i’m gonna price yearning growth breathing la either growth is already

A value on the comida either one the cheap on a stock in order volume are now the cost i’m stuck under the pg regime on i’m accountable to you medium so while you know stinky the room come on a pint in the calculation archie neo and then up on drinking apollo tired agree yeah jacket i read it again ah i pull out a tire or a current to market price in happily

Into the earth allah for dinner ok whatever comes your hair okay for now pull or tire stockholm look out a character on a value a period three k and then body 9g barring a apple attire stuck in a pullout i wrote a price over your personal applying by their other a peer is you know allowed a ending per share on the potentially are with render an operating a boat

Again carol tomb of athena holly harwood under evening per-share oqr anything important ah pai shodown over oh yeah even personal avoid potentially are with rendon bottom na e ratio mcfadden and jean can i get it but if you calculate willoughby put tobacco harding i have no sympathy knowledge marina put in hollered / buzzin ng only hurry with render equal to

Power monopoly tony that over the so father and genome evaluator to grow as an engine put it there eep when an appeal she opened engine curtis it’s a porno also thought a p ratio out into the park room when upward also got a p/e ratio no prax my top up convert okay hon oh my poor least you know okay now approximate a button button huh i pay in america the ending

Growth you overall more than ng by path a one or so but the p/e ratio in there are some pavulon gina yet the percentage very degree i put a popular on the 50 percentage on g i pray extra 100 a up i wanna extra on the review 50% extra winding road 200 okay all about i imagine porter k pg ratio paola paola nanji-bhai i bother putting in iowa calculation over on

0 pulley calculator laporta bothering her buzzin angie david at my i was in for t equal to protein on 0 pulley moon okay here the thank you know puerto rico 0 pulley moon and read over an alle pg ratio okay i’m a correct an evaluator kevin davey previous p/e ratio to correct a token degree should ever know in the wrought-iron important are in the including a

Jacket i are putting her previous p/e ratio condor podium correct up or dinner i play nakata cure randall away the butter stuck really cheap on a stuck under the only caracciolo breathing la people in the video of when they were passing in ha syllabic puri other i didn’t develop our yellow moon to that of a partner concentration alum and the video of partying

Alum candy paco i’m gonna go anyway putting together come on of mine the heart is to pay him come on i’m a path in a song we’ll put him need a video work idea of a character on akhada he get a portrait of marina correct up for you me a path you allah will put in zero okay i’m gonna put it up money then they’re thrown upward okay now put a copy bunny home below

Deck so she’s letting you write bernie kanger nino on the last sector kimura company mundane english the panel up okay funding and i end this talk on the chief park about expensive are contrada hora loca nominal identify pandemonium pg ratio of portal over identificado medium i look up amanda on the company to cash flow your pre-record motherland then i’m a value

No stringer candy budget punahou so value investing lamb came on apartment in the phd ratio well of a political coup de la nostra swim in the p/e ratio but candy power considered pond wanna so p z ratio considered panama reno sprinter brazil kinda powerful phil haggadah analyzed either hundred-percent the alarm athens your children home in the calculation that

We get into the river when the alarm a pathogen in the ph d ratio burning and allah memory per knitting in a p/e ratio mongol memory item yearning grow to monica memory item okay tommy’s unending app a comma in the ph d ratio pocket of nala is a long look a monopod amira so in the video on the regular partner the video a parallel to that walter mcaddy power like

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PEG Ratio Explained in Tamil | Value Investment | Tamil Share By Tamil Share