People on Their Credit Card Debt

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Do you have any credit card debt you ever paid interest i racked about 15 grand hey amanda hales we’re at the parthenon today we’re getting people’s take on credit card debt huge sale get an ote t-shirt buy a t-shirt get a free bonnie hat uh use promo code freehat please uh fill up a tub full of expired milk and place that like button in it and put a put a board

Over the like button and then like a heavy like rock over william you have any credit card debt yeah how much uh not a lot do you you pay interest on it yeah a little bit how old are you 21. how long you um been using credit cards since i turned 18. how did you for get how did you um how were you introduced to credit cards uh uh i was just like like youtube i was

Like willing to like learning about credit and stuff so i started learning on youtube and then uh i built my crate up and i got one with like secured loans and stuff all right you feel like they’re worth it no they’re toxic toxic predatory yeah all right um you plan on paying it off and never using it again yeah definitely lizzy do you have any credit card debt

I do not you ever used a credit card i have three all right well good for you so no um you pay your balance and stuff you get the points i do southwest oh is that your favorite card it’s my favorite card right now you got some how do you how does that one work you get free flights uh yeah so you get i think it’s like a dollar for a point and then you just rack

Them up and then you can pay them you have to get the whole flights worth but when you get like 20 000 points you can start paying for flights sweet what um have you ever paid interest before very good how what do you do for a living i’m an executive assistant for all right do you have any credit card debt i do not actually good for you do you do you have any

Credit cards i do have one what uh what you get points from it honestly i just got to build up credit to buy my first house okay um how old are you uh 22. wow so you’re like you’re getting close to buying your first house yeah what do you do what do you do for a living i work in like i work for a gas company in southern arkansas like uh like oil rigs yeah well

Not like it’s like that a corporation like we’re the headquarters for a major gas company so heck yeah nice jacob you ever had a credit card i did when i got out of boot camp i got one that they just gave me i racked about 15 grand in debt did you pay it off luckily but not really i paid off like a debt consolidation thing so i paid half but i mean it went on

A bankruptcy thing on my credit report so you declared bankruptcy one time i’m out of it now it’s all good and everything but it’s been three or four years so wow um debt consolidated how does that work they uh pretty much when they figure out you’re not going to pay it at any point they pretty much just say if you pay half of it we’ll pay the other half and

Then we’ll file it to bankruptcy so so you have to declare bankruptcy yeah yeah what do you do for work i’m a line cook barcelona wine bar very nice well thank you yeah appreciate it you’re going to use credit card again no never jim you have any credit card debt no very good uh you ever paid interest yes how come what what went wrong well we bought a house but

We paid it off we bought cars and we paid them off and we use one credit card that we pay off every month we get air miles cool and you that’s the one you paid interest on yes and what uh do you feel like it’s been worth it over the long run no do you are you uh have you gotten some miles with it yes how often do you usually use a debit card or a credit card uh

Debit most the time pay for cash with everything for everything very good so you feel like do you feel like credit cards are a good or a bad idea i think they’re a bad idea because nobody’s taught how to use them yeah and the banks and credit card companies make hundreds of millions of dollars a year off people not knowing how to use a credit card i agree um

Yeah that’s about it that’s about it yeah hey thanks for your time yeah thank you naomi do you have any credit card debt i do not good for you do you have any credit cards nope i do not i’m from europe so yeah which part uh the netherlands amsterdam wow um you don’t have an accent thank you were you born there uh yes i’ve only lived in america for one and a half

Years wow what you came here for college uh no i’m in au pair so i take care of kids okay so they pay my credit cards and they pay it off okay so you’re like a nanny yep yep all right um so you don’t have any credit cards in your name yeah exactly all right yeah that’s about it sorry yeah i wish i could be more do you think you’ll ever get any credit cards probably

If i end up living here here but i think they’re a good idea or a bad idea i think they’re uh well i don’t think they’re a great idea because i think that people spend money to date just very typically i’m in um they don’t do that in my country we indulge yeah yeah we don’t do that in my country what is you what’s the language there dutch you speak dutch say

I don’t like credit cards they’re bad for society um experience credit cards left um yeah steve do you have any credit card debt no i don’t very good have you ever had credit card debt never do you use credit cards i do what uh for points why just daily transactions so you you feel like they’re safe for a good idea or oh yes you just you’ve never have you

Ever paid interest uh no i’m not that type of person i pay them off at the end of the month uh why not just use a debit card um you know credit cards were there first and i had more trust in credit cards than i do on debit cards even though i haven’t i have both i i use uh now she’s the one my wife is the one who uses debit end credit but i just use credit cards

Feel more comfortable they i feel they’re more safe right yeah i’ve heard they uh you know scammers they can there’s less of a liability whatever that’s what i would think megan yep do you have any credit cards yes i mean yeah sorry do you have any credit card debt no oh very good uh how how long have you been using credit cards uh how old are you 22. how did you

Get introduced to credit cards my dad signed me up for one have you paid any interest uh yes but i think very minimal what happened you just it’s like late payment or uh yes i think i forgot one time do you feel like they’re a good or a bad idea um i feel like it’s really dangerous because a lot of people don’t get the financial education that they deserve and

Then it’s very easy for them to fall into debt very fast i was very privileged to have my dad to explain the whole thing to me but i think at their nature they’re not in i think they may be intended to be predatory they can be beneficial but only if you have the privilege of the education on how to use them all right what do you do for a living uh currently i am

A volunteer so nothing what do you volunteered for uh catholic charities i’m with the jesuit voltage very nice um yeah that’s about it all right so today i learned the majority of people are more financially responsible than i am credit cards i’ve i keep forgetting about taxes and then i’ll put it all in a credit card um but i’m learning the someday i plan

To get you so many points that it makes up for all the interests that i’ve paid and that’ll be my way of getting back at chase bank we’re getting there let us know what your thoughts on credit cards are in the comments section below um and uh i’ll see you next week

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People on Their Credit Card Debt By LAHWF