Personal update, request for help perfecting my UCC1 financing statement as well as my business

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Hey there i don’t know if i headsets picking up or not guys you try to this again i hope you can simply share me through the mic if that doesn’t work hopefully i’m glad enough my vocals dude just actually carry usually i realize i haven’t been here for a minute so i just want to kind of for those of you emotionally invested and me as a person that sincerely cared

For me i felt that i owe you i’m told you know that i’m alright no um you know as per previous updates i have stated i have not felt the best that has not significantly changed i do not feel that great i’ve been one to sing with you guys however i repeated past mistakes my ex’s world fell apart and i’m being kind enough to help him and in turn that kind of drags

Me down always has with his negative energies always have got me down it doesn’t help my health and he said but that’s just me being who i am i’m just kind hearted even though i sat down some lunch he doesn’t respect them and i’ve got my daughter here as well and apparently we’re facing hurricane harvey um you know i don’t too much worry about the weather i’ve

Got my mom shoot me text messages bless her heart being concerned for our well-being asking if there’s anything she do or we prepared well you know i don’t much think about these things because i mean a heart of corpus christi i’m near corpus christi bay one of these last weather flare-ups we have it shook the entire house and a tree went over my fence line but

Did not affect it and it all signed it on my roof but it did not like you make contact and everybody in my home my loved ones were fine so i feel the universe has my back i’m not like fretting this and my oldest one brought a few things i you know paper goods and household stuff grocery she brought me a few items by earlier looking out for mom i’ve got beautiful

Wonderful children i’m not much fun that so we are in the path of hurricane harvey i have not been feeling that well but i do want to give you guys a shout out like you know i’m alright if you guys could further help me research like all heather’s work and as far as the ucc filings cuz i filed my ucc financing statement through sos direct gov that i made mistakes

And i’m also i’ve got a sole-proprietorship account with treasury directgov and i have to make some i’ve got to fix some stuff they’ve got my picture all wrong and my picture on the caption all wrong so i’ve got to fix that for security purposes i have not been filling my life and now i think is the ultimate time to tell you guys too with everything going on

With all of us expecting you know nesara just are the rv or to gain access to your treasury direct deposit accounts i think this is something very important to bring out to you guys because let’s notate i rarely use email rarely ever but that’s that i checked in hell over the past week i’ve had at least a dozen if not more which i have to say i i i love to give

Everybody a chance all are the same birds of a feather about a dozen got massive huge amounts to deliver you financially but i need money up front i feel there’s a problem with that and every single one of them have done that i’ve even had one which was post leaf from janet yellen but she is what director of board i i made sure to google this she’s what board

Of directors for federer’s so that would make sense but there’s also scams involving her – so you guys watch out and they all want money up front i’m sorry if you telling me delivering the tune of 5.5 million dollars you still made my money i i smell a skunk i don’t know i smell a scam and she keeps telling me i’m being rude help me that is tying somebody you’re

In poor health and you don’t have money that kind of money up front because you’re you know money tree up back hadn’t grown up yet how is that for disrespectful i’d love to know see you guys if you got further insight and all this yeah mind me i’m getting old and i’m getting real tired and i would love to excise my funds and you know if i than i am please do tell

Huh they’d make a world a difference in my life and then others because i really need the heck out of here and i’ve got great humanitarian projects in mind i really do get on board with so if y’all have easy simple steps in which to access our funds to the federal reserve our treasury direct deposit accounts please do play me in please i will say another avenue

I was checking out i forget the exact website well it was through the federal reserve because i was checking out said wire transfers and creating a master account because apparently something between the link on the back of your social security card and involving your letter to their routing numbers there’s a ventral reserve bank to your master so there is a lot

Of truth in all this guy’s but of course we need to know what the hell we’re doing sometimes playing to gel let’s do this properly you do what you feel compelled to do i’m not advising anybody one while researching just like you are and if you’re any closer to the truth please let me know because i filed i used to see one finding a sick statement i know i made

Mistakes also filed for business formation and a name reservation for snuggle bugs haven and if i don’t get all this through in a very short manner time they’re going to like retract all that although because like i as if i never put it forward guys and i know i’m right there knowing what i’m doing but i just need somebody to help me further perfect my ucc financing

Statement if somebody can please help me i haven’t dared bother heather because of her predicament although i know she’d have a lot of the answers on her so if you thought the answers and perhaps can help me please let me know i i sincerely would appreciate felt that great i hope to get back singing with you guys i miss you all my job as always talk about angel you

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Personal update, request for help perfecting my UCC1 financing statement as well as my business By Angel Fambro