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This is a career & finance reading for Pisces sun, moon, rising, and north node!

Hey there pisces how’s it going let’s go ahead and jump into your career and finance reading pisces what do you guys have going on in this sector this is going to be the mermaid what is this oracle of the mermaid spherical i always want to call it the mermaid oracle this is oracle of the mermaids okay so let’s see what’s going well for you in your career um soul

Cage rescue escape from captivity and restriction some of you could be feeling closed in with your career um like see how the surface is like all sunny and pretty and bright but like down here to just dark your career could seem to have you in like a like a cave a little bit or it could be a little restrictive um of your of what you want to do i’m feeling like

Restrictive because it’s in the water so restrictive of your growth and opportunities creatively possibly or at least emotionally um in your emotional sector or like where you’re passionate in your career um and feeling some of you guys feel restricted why is that i mean i guess that can be going well because it’s like what you’re recognizing um within your

Work environment what blockages do we have with that water flight heaviness lips burns or cast away weightlessness um i think trying to get to this point really trying to climb out this person’s very submerged in the water and i think that may have been a blocker tree yeah 14 the numerology at the top is 14 it breaks down to a five which is about change and

Transformation so we think about change especially regarding career um i do see a lot of you guys maybe trying to come up like come up to the surface and you’re trying to get there and that’s what’s going well but your blockage may have been that you were completely submerged in this this dark space dark energy um and now it’s time for you to come out of that and

Harness what you’ve learned in the underworld very scorpio um but also very spicy and too because you guys know that you rule everything above you or prior to you you have a you guys pisces have all the wisdom of the science before them so it’s like oh they got all that yes they do let’s look at your future messages return of aphrodite i like this energy so

Much because pisces is exalted in the sign of venus um venus is exalted in the sign of pisces excuse my backwardness so look at that energy of coming up to the surface and with the dolphins very flirty very fun starting to realize that you know it’s out today venus is in libra as i’m recording this so like very like venusian energy coming to the surface for a lot

Of you guys and very happy energy i like that after seeing these other cards of being submerged in this deep captivating shell um and then what is incoming for you guys cockamodsie this right here this card shell divination wisdom of the shells this is just a very ritualistic card and in here there’s like a shells ritual that goes with this deck um maybe one day

I’ll do it as a video but um basically i look at a lot of it is you guys can take some sort of spiritual bath get connected with some body of water so that you can actually release and come up for air okay um because your career is heavily dependent on this i feel like your your career and this restrictiveness is so dependent so let’s go with the tarot for more

Details about kind of what i’m dealing with these energies for pisces this is golden girls tara if i didn’t say that earlier sorry and this reading is going to be for pisces sun moon rising and north node placement um or pisces 10th house just saying so interesting strong pisces and energy just go with it um soul cage okay i like that the empress is out that’s

Your energy but i think that with the seven of swords that’s what i was talking about like feeling caged in feeling trapped maybe even feeling like you have to um not fully be yourself or that your job doesn’t allow you to fully harness all of your mental prowess or um i don’t think your your career at the current juncture what i’m feeling this restrictiveness

It’s it’s restricted it’s really like this is restrictive usually for strategy and strategicness but this is what i feel is like dark energy it’s very restrictive on you it’s holding you know things away from you there’s two swords chilling here and then all the rest are over here so you could also have a very blocked throat chakra a lot of you guys may not be

Saying anything about this and maybe you should communicate it i don’t know if you need to move to a different area of your building maybe you’re in a very dark corner don’t ignore that energy if you feel like you need to get somewhere where there’s more um like fervor or happiness or you need to come to like a different um area of your of your building i keep

Feeling that some people need to come to like move to a different area where the sun’s actually like raining in on them versus they’re just in this dark corner where there’s no windows and stuff like that so if you guys are in that office setting situation i’m sorry i’m hitting my table if you guys are in that office setting situation i do feel like your creativity

Is being insightful because you’re literally in the dark in the most general sense of that temperance yeah i think you need to say something and you need to contemplate um balancing that energy out for yourself 100 but i do feel like some of you guys are a little nervous about maybe you have a boss that you don’t really gel with too much i did get some of that some

Of you guys are a little concerned to say anything but with you guys showing up as the empress here you know just be honest yeah be totally honest about where you’re at what you need you know four swords yeah some of you guys are just worried about like well if i say this what happens where do we go from here i i really like where i am um some of you guys with it

Being a cage too there’s like that restrictiveness like what’s holding you from releasing yourself is it money are you getting paid like a really amazing salary and you don’t want to you know what i’m saying like let that go or you’re worried if you do speak up it’s gonna cause like a really big issue or a really big risk somehow at work but don’t feel that way i

Do feel like you should still advocate for yourself i did feel that like i said blocked throat chakra so maybe you need to just ask for some changes around the office hey is there anybody who would like a you know a more dark corner i really want to be in the light i kind of thrive better i think better in the sun like don’t be afraid to be vocal about what makes

You feel good or even use it as an opportunity you guys can take it and with the sneak i kept on getting like go back to the sneak go back to the sneak this is a very sneaky card but some of you guys could almost like sneakily i don’t say sneakily but in so many words beat around the bush and like hey are there any other opportunities in different areas of the

Company and then you can see um use it as an opportunity to sneak into some growth for yourself as well and abundance for yourself that’s really cool that’s really cool pisces i like that i like that okay sorry guys camera glitch but this is incoming this is the communication i don’t know what fire gets lit under you but with the knight of swords this is fast

Moving communication that does come in i think maybe you contemplate on the situation like should i say something and you finally do um i like that though that you eventually move forward to say something about what you need or what you’re experiencing let’s look at the blockages here nine of pentacles yeah that is the money kind of holding you in um or that’s

Restricting you and it’s a night of pentacles which is great but you’re showing up as an empress energetically so it’s like you know you got your things together you’re good you’re doing good um but there’s this restricted restriction on money being like too much of the focal point the emperor here money in control this this is two cards like like control

Of money and trying to really be in control of money could be a very big factor here so just be careful of that um pisces be really careful about being i don’t know i want to say i don’t want to say too in control that sounds crazy but just be careful five of wands there’s gonna be a lot of like competitive energy around this and this could be part of what

You’re looking at is your emperor that’s showing up as your like the entity you work for um here and your your money being here your stability being dependent on this this entity and you’re concerned about that they do have also a very competitive work environment maybe where you have to be careful that’s the blockage here about this like being weighed down

Is that you feel like it’s a very competitive work environment but ten of cups here it does make you happy there’s a level of like happiness about being here and being this energy um i can see that because i think that the money aspect but that’s what’s holding you in yeah that the way that the spread is it’s like the emperor has the control of like the money and

Happiness and then crossing the emperor more competition so more competitive energy making you guys all fight for for everything oh pisces if you have this kind of environment going on it’s crazy um let’s look at the 501 energy here what’s this 501’s energy to a sword to really try to make a decision on is it worth it to be in this rat race um some of you guys

May look at releasing yourself because you feel like you are going to catapult into something better and some of you are making it happen for yourself by going to deliver this after thinking about being blocked off and all these blockages that are blocking you off so once you realize like this is everything that’s blocked me off you you think about it for a while

You contemplate and then you make action i like this energy because it’s you kind of taking control of your destiny um this card over here says rescue escape from captivity and restriction that restrictive energy rescue energy you’re like i’m coming i won’t let you sit there for too long very um sneak energy i like it but let’s look at the return of aphrodite here

Which is that venusian energy that love i really think is beautiful these are the future messages for you guys for work i like this because it’s you coming to the surface you kind of being in a happier place some of you guys could just be creative people um and what you guys do creatively you had been in the dark for so long and now you’re coming to the light to

Really show off what you put together that’s definitely for some of you but a lot of you i’m getting being in an office setting and then like like just it’s not like this glamorous thing that’s where my my head is um let’s look ooh ten of pentacles absolutely what did i say you were at the nine of pentacles and then you bump to the 10 just by coming up for air

Like whatever in the chariot card by making this move by making this opportunity um or by just moving forward and making it known what you what you need queen of swords speaking your truth living in that libra and energy that that that you kind of came on i kind of get that like charming libra and energy some of you guys could be uh or have strong libra placements

As well for you and then ace of pentacles you came through and that offer came to you i think because you spoke up someone said you know what yeah i actually think i do have an opportunity in a different part of the the company and why don’t you look what you seem like an ambitious person why don’t you put your resume somebody hit you with that you were like oh

Okay cool um i like that energy for you i like that energy for you tell me about this it’s a pentacles because it’s crossing with the ten of pentacles which tells me that you were honest about this opportunity and now you were honest about what you needed and now or what you were looking for and now that opportunity is like okay here you go passing it to you

Crossing meaning this is what you’re going to be able to work into that 10. you’re already at the nine which means that’s giving you that extra push to be uh where you would like i love this energy page of wands here pedro wants here means like going after it um putting forth the effort the energy into having that oh and the strength card having the strength and

The courage that’s what i’m getting with this being very courageous has really served you in this season leo season for yourself very proud um i did want to look at the ten of pentacles up here i do feel like that’s just representing an energy of an upgrade or a bit of a raise or you’re going to be making more money than you were like here you might have been good

You might have been maintaining i bet you might have been making it and then here it’s like no i’m more than making it i got my whole like look at the differences between the two ones on vacation and one has an orchard at their house do you get what i’m saying like that’s two different energies for somebody and you have 10 of pentacles and 10 of cups here so you

Already have like the happy fulfillment emotionally you were one pinnacle away from the financial resourceful stability that that one one and now it’s on the way now it’s on the way tell me about this 10 of pentacles for pisces yes ace of wands in the pool taking that opportunity thinking that whatever you thought right here to step in with that sneak with that

Sneak whatever you thought to do it made a lot of sense for you and it and it helped you get right to your ten of pentacles like that’s what you manifested for yourself that’s what i’m getting with this you manifested that leap for yourself nice job pisces i’m so proud of you i i thought about what to call this read i think i want to call it the creative strategist

Because this is such an interestingly done situation that worked in your favor and i’m so proud of you i am so proud of you pisces one card of advice for the pisces placements please wow what a bang to go out with for the career in finance this is the best one so nice job pisces you guys got some abundance coming your way oh i didn’t want to see that card but we

Don’t have to we don’t have to look at it okay sacrifice there are those worth making and there are those that will destroy you sacrifice just make sure whatever this is just be careful that’s a very deep warning i don’t know if um some of you guys are in this place of not being sure if you want to come from under the thumb of the emperor which i feel like

Is your your boss or your entity or whatever some of you aren’t sure if you want to to cross this person some of you guys might be intimidated by this person or you just might not know how like do i go to you or like should i say something should i not are they going to be receptive what do i do some of you guys just don’t know how to handle this person because

You look at or you view this um environment as a heavily competitive work environment but you guys are gonna make a decision on it and you gotta go for it okay you gotta just go for it and put your best foot out there because it does work in your favor but if you wait too long don’t sacrifice that opportunity okay so i’m at the siren the call summoning the voice

Into acknowledge some of you guys may be getting a call to move to a different area of work um of your work of your job that’s more your calling and it’s like a siren’s going off like ding ding ding ding ding this is that’s it that’s it go that way to go that way like you know what i mean that’s a very like tempting beautiful like luke i’m here this is everything

You said you wanted it’s that and it’s energy of five which is it’s like i can bring you the changes you’re asking for i can get you from the nine to the ten come with me come to my opportunity this could be another competing boss you know what i mean that can be another competing boss to this emperor here and now this competing boss has to make their own um offer

In this emperor if they would want you to stay if they care it i i view this as an entity not necessarily just a person but if they care they’ll come through with their own offer or their own way to try to help you be more comfortable in your current work environment but if they don’t this one that’s bigger and better and more beautiful will swoop you up when i

Say bigger better more beautiful like that she’ll swoop you she outshines them but anyways pisces i hope that you enjoyed your career and finance reading and i will talk to you guys later okay

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