Polluter pay principle #college diaries

Foreign thank you in the breaking dawn of ever-changing technologically dominated world a little hamlet called cowling was situated high in the himalayas still untested by the effects of mechanical and technological advancement the people leave there harmoniously with nature contented and happy with what their field yields foreign we will be lucky if we

Have a good harvest this year i think so clean air and water have never been a problem for domestic and agricultural fields in the village the fields were irrigated by clean water but not even a soul in the village was aware of what would happen next more deep and sole purpose of benefiting the financial status of their village a textile industry was set up by

Mr pamper and a huge amount of water was channeled into the industry but local people were unaware of the controversy this small action would take them into pollutants from the industry was directly discharged in the streams and pollutions from the industry has not only affected our water but also drastically affected our crop production yes we should we should

Do something about it the clean irrigation water which the indigenous people have known for ages from their forefathers became a history and myth concurrently the irrigation water had become so polluted that the crop production was slowly declining the local people and the representative complained to the ceo as well as to the government dispatcher is affecting

Our crop production i think we have to do something yeah our crop has been decreasing we should do something about this you should go and talk with the leaders yeah yeah you have to talk enough was enough the local people were saturated with frustration because of paying the price for something they never laid their hands on and have zero contribution to the

Pollution problem the journey to seek for justice started and local people gathered together raising their demands pay for the pollution and the environmental movement against the industry started the movements gained so much attention that even the national news broadcasting service covered the topic ceo who gave a second thought and realized that everything

He and his company does affect the people around them the government could not bury the issues so a panel meeting was organized involving representatives from the textile company government and local people as well as news reporters the polluted bay principle was negotiated whereby the polluter that is the company was made to compensate the farmers and also set

Up the wastewater treatment plant to make up for his wrongdoings three posters reported the news to the broadcasting service and the news about the political bay principle in case of cowling village and the textile company became an exemplary case for every concerned citizens and the novel principle that is the political principle was advocated and studied in

Schools and institutions foreign should also be for the consequences the principle affects any type of pollution where the land air or water if for example an industrial facility produces any toxic waste or chemicals as a byproduct of the operations they should ensure the safe disposal of such toxic products the importance of positive based principle lies in

Its potential contributions to the environmental justice movement this principle alongside litigatory efforts employed by environmental justice lawyers could change the world for better while in general the polluter based principle may help to offset cost associated with pollution or toxic environments its effect on wider environmental justice issues to date

Is perhaps debutable according to the international review of law and economics a variation of polter-based principal could potentially be used to compensate communities for suffering the consequences of pollution however this has been predominantly the case only in developing countries in some instances the state may be responsible if a poulter is either not

Identifiable or insolvent being ultimately responsible can be a motivation for governments to uphold environmental laws and increase the monitoring of activities that cause pollution and exposure to environmental talks the ceo of the textile industry set up a wastewater treatment plant and alas after few years past the wastewater treatment plant have been a key

Factor in providing clean water to irrigate the fields back again the crop yield increased and with the textile industry aiding their financial conditions equals of laughter pollution yes foreign foreign foreign

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