Private Seller vs Dealership to Buy Motorcycle

Buying a used bike, or a lemon? Watch this so you don’t get ripped off!

For those of you looking to buy a motorcycle i know you may have the dilemma on whether to buy a motorcycle at a dealership or buy it from a private seller a lot of you guys are kind of hesitant to buy from a private seller but at the same time you’re going to save some money the dealership’s more of a safe bet but you’re going to pay a lot more money so that

Begs a question where should you buy your motorcycle at i’m going to tell you in this video and i’ve have a lot of experience with that because i bought a lot of different bikes at dealership and from a private seller before stay tuned today if you’re going to get a motorcycle make sure you get the gear i have some awesome gear if you want to get it this is my

Favorite helmet i have a link to uh it’s an ultra lightweight carbon fiber helmet and it comes with the automatic tension this airbag vest i never leave home without it this is my lifeline here shorty gloves jacket pants boots i have links to all my gear in the description and comment section of this video you know i bought used bikes new bikes from the dealer from

A private seller um i’m going to tell you buying from a private seller i’ve seen a lot of writers get scammed you know my sister’s boyfriend got ex-boyfriend he got scammed bad and he’s a and he’s really i mean he’s street smart he’s no dumb fool he’s you know he’s really street smart man he got scammed anybody can get scammed especially down in florida having a

Good old time out here but what happened with him is he got this jigser a gsxr 750 i think or 600 one of them like 5000 bucks it looked mint condition everything looked great right and then when he got it home it actually they had put that the seller had put a tracker on it so the next day or so they tracked the bike to he was at a friend’s house or something

And they they came in a pickup truck and they stole the bike back and from what i heard they were running a scam out there where they’ll you know they’ll steal the bike back and then they they uh take the parts off and put it on another frame and they resell it to somebody else so that’s something that you know you got to be careful though man this bike is fun

Boy ripping it out here on these back roads out here in the country but with a private seller it’s a big risk that you take you know what i’m saying with a dealership you know you’re getting a solid bike that at least you’re you know it’s not stolen but at the same time you can often get a good deal from the private seller and also you can uh oftentimes you

Can have them which is illegal by the way i don’t recommend doing it but a lot of people do it is the seller will change the price so it’s lower on the official you know on the title so that when you go to pay tax on it you will pay less tax which is something a dealer will not do and also you know with the private seller you don’t know how good the motorcycle

Is uh and if you have problems with it you may have a hell of a time getting back to that seller or taking them to court he may not even be you know i’m saying as where with the dealer their rep is on the line sometimes they give a 30-day warranty you pay more uh but most likely you’re probably going to get a decent bite from the dealer because their rep is on

The line honestly in my opinion i don’t really mess with private sellers anymore even though i haven’t really had a problem but let me tell you this with a dealer you can have problems too man because i bought a used 2017 aprilia tuano v4 1100 factory and i’ll tell you that i tell you that i had problems as you guys for those of you that follow my channel you

Saw the problems that i had where it went into lit mode this is bold man and i was like what the heck is this crap it was breaking down on me man i paid a lot of money for that bike you know like twelve thousand dollars or something for it it had low miles on it and it still was under factory warranty so i thought i couldn’t lose with it right um which i took it

To the aprilia dealer and they just said it was something minor i don’t know they tight the battery cable they reprogrammed it uh updated to the latest software and i still honestly every now and then it seemed like it would want to go into limp mode and i i felt like i was kind of burned with that bike like i got a lemon with that bike um but it was still under

Warranty and i was able to sell it for what i paid for it so if you’re gonna buy a used bike at a dealer or even private try to make sure that that the warranty will transfer over to you so at least you have that sense of security in case something goes wrong but what i have after me buying all the different bikes i bought over the years i got to the point where

I really i don’t buy used bikes anymore but i’d buy leftover new bikes that’s you can get deals on leftover new bikes sometimes that are cheaper than what used bikes are going for that cbr1000rr that i had that 2012 that i bought and i think 2014 or 15 i bought that in it was a two or three years old it was brand new that had been you know was new it hadn’t been

Used it just had been sitting on the the showroom floor for a long time and i paid what i paid i forgot why i paid 9 000 for it or something and never used bikes with tons of miles on it that they wanted for even more than that and i got mine new so sometimes you can get a good deal but i like leftover new to save but uh sometimes i buy brand new like this bike

I really did it for the channel because this i wanted a supermoto and i wanted a brand spanking new one because it had the new features on it on this bike so i ended up buying it brand new and i still can help you save even if you buy brand new i have a buying tips video uh link here in the desk in here right up here click on that and that’ll take you to the

Tips on how to get the absolutely lowest price ever on the motorcycle of your dreams guaranteed that you will get a cheapest price you could possibly can which is tough right now because things are so expensive but you will still save i guarantee you with my technique but if you’re gonna buy from a private seller guys i highly highly highly highly recommend if

You can to you know have a guy a mechanic friend or somebody that knows of how to work on motorcycles and and have them look over the bike to see if it’s legit but i recommend you really take it to a dealership of that manufacturer and they usually charge anywhere from like 60 to 100 maybe i don’t know it’s worth it though to have them do a full check of the bike

From top to bottom so that way you so you know that the bike is legit is good it’s not doesn’t have any problems and if it does have problems you can get the owner to fix it or maybe negotiate the price lower a lot of people won’t do that though because people just don’t they don’t want to do that because it’s too much of a hassle but honestly that ensures that

You’re getting a solid bike but you do what you want to do but bottom line my opinion is is to buy it from a dealer look at this check this out they got a little dirt bike track going on that’s awesome man i should try to go over there and see if i can join them jump some of their jumps with my bike dealer all day baby dealer dealer that way like i said their

Rep is on the hook you know so if you got any problems they ain’t going nowhere you’re gonna be able to assume or whatever you want to do or you can badmouth them online or you know whatever uh and they don’t want that trust me they want a good rep so this in their best interest to sell you a good bike but anyways leave a comment below and share some of your

Uh you know good or bad experiences with a dealership or a seller and maybe my viewers can help learn from that or if you want to share any other tips leave it in the comments below let’s talk about it what motorcycle are you looking to buy now i can talk with you in the comments and let you know when i think it’s a legit bike for you or not at your skill level

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