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Govt vs Private Medical Colleges.

Hi everyone so as you know both the neat ug and epg counsellings are delayed for now and i have been getting a lot of queries both from neet ug and need pg people students that said what is the difference between a private college and a government college and to be very frank i am a student from a private medical college and in my short career for now i have

Seen a lot of government colleges their teaching styles their ethics and i think i am one of the fair persons who can give you a fair comparison between the pros and cons of a private college and a government college so i am nachiket bhatia my instagram id is dia.nachiket bhatia you can always connect with me over there and i think i’m going to give you a tour

About what was the biggest pro and con in my own private college life and how would i suggest that if you are willing to choose your own branch over your i mean you have to choose a branch in a private college or a government college how you should go it how should you should go ahead with that so basically let me tell you the biggest difference between a

Private college and a government college is the thought process i come from private college you must be thinking about but there was a group of students in my own batch in my college who when they first took the need pg exam one of the student got ranked 737 took radiology in a government medical college yes that was a group that was there the problem was

The moment we enter into private medical college we assigned people with money with literally very less ambition and the whole concept that we will buy a pg seat as well and suddenly it is a direction that goes wrong because i used to call people you are a nerd if you are going to a class for the first two years of my college life i was in that group i took

The different direction of moving into entrepreneurship and my business when i was in third year and i realized that the college was not wrong it was a student it was the mindset it was the peer and our seniors that were that were in the wrong they were giving us always the most laziest of options if you choose the right set of people around you even in being

In the private college you are going to have an un i mean an impossible rank and you can achieve that that will happen if you have the right set of people around you who push you to be better the person that i am talking about so basically he was in my batch only and i never found him anywhere in our parties he was always the person who was studying we used

To call him the nerd and everything and at the end of the day it is the nerds that rule the world it is actually and i’m proud to say i am a big nerd today i changed everything in my life starting third year i made new set of friends who were always into courses always into learning and when i saw and met government medical colleges i realized that this is the

Provision that they have from the very first day when they enter into the government college many of the places i know they have no teaching at all the faculties are not interested in teaching but it is a seniors who become responsible who take the responsibility of teaching their juniors pushing them forward yes we have to crack usability yes we have to crack

Aims rank one they show them that vision there is no other option and the juniors they learn from the seniors they get motivated they start learning on the very first day and it is all about the thought process and in every classroom in every college in the whole world there is always a set of super motivated people the front ventures the mediocre fifty percent

Who are like okay thicker dunya whether you want to go into a private college or a medical government college you want to decide which set of people are you in even if you go into the top government college you become the back venture into that domain of people who are into just you know drinking alcohol and everything in three years you will get used to that

Thing then after then if you want to crack that pg or if you crack if you want to crack the dm become the success that you want to do you have to change your lifestyle there is no other option and if you are super motivated yes luck might not be with you that you have to choose a private medical college this time but it should not be a depressing factor private

Colleges have great classes they have their own they have they teach their whole curriculum they have timely classes it was me who was not in that phase of life i was not motivated i looked back and i realized today that yes my college was amazing at giving lectures my college was they had decent clinical exposure i would say as compared to a government college

But it had decent clinical exposure but mecca reporting so it was my problem i changed myself college so if you want to choose a government college or a private medical college whatever you choose be happy about that don’t think that yes just because private journal you are going to rule this world not the super baby guy because let me tell you i was one of

The super cool pepe guys in my college and i regret that the most in my life i wish i was a nerd from the very first day i think i might have been in a different place right now so that’s me nachiket bhatia if you want to choose any college be proud of that be that super motivated nerd and again i’m telling you nerds rule this world that’s me thank you so much

For watching this video i hope it helped you out if you want to have a word with me you can always connect with me over at dr.nachiket bhatia on instagram happy to help you always thank you and best of luck you

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