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Hey ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel as always it is nick here back with your daily crypto news and analysis and today we’re going to be talking about quant network aka q and t so just dive in and let’s start off with this tweet here from robert is or robert’s i am me sorry about that i believe that that’s the app name if i’m butchering it i do

Apologize but they did post this buy order on coinbase of qnt being bought at 173 dollars and there’s 4 300 q t being bought and that is a total of 744 thousand dollars and a lot of people are asking like i believe that this might be the bottom this is the new bottom for qnt i actually don’t believe that is the case i mean honestly if you look here i mean they

Basically bought near resistance which is a terrible idea um it is technically major support zone or a major support zone as well if you look back in time like this is some major support going back here but this is also um this is a downtrend that they’re buying in terms of support so i i wouldn’t necessarily call that major sub support um again like the support

Zone that i’m looking at after you know we do start this breakdown would be about 157 dollars 158 um but i i would expect 136 dollars to be tested which would be the 702 and that would actually be a nice little sell-off on q and t i mean technically speaking this would be about a 40 correction which i think that that is a good area to look into q t could we go

Further yeah 100 um in fact i’ve been looking at qnc um on the three-day spend as you guys do see like the candle wicks don’t matter right what does matter is the candle bodies and the candle bodies are actually telling us that the major resistance zone is at 184 dollars there’s not a lot of resistance here uh most of the resistance back here was at around like

194 dollars before we ultimately broke out of it um but there is some resistance here in terms of this like sort of sideways trading that we did back in december of 2021 uh but what i am looking at and you guys probably know this on twitter as well is that i have a major scam wick buy order on q and t because you never know what’s going to happen and you might be

Wondering what is a scam wick well here is uh binance us this is bitcoin i’m gonna go back on the weekly here and do you see this major wick on bitcoin yeah this could actually be bought a lot of people don’t think that these scamworks could be bought uh this went down to eighty two hundred dollars and as you guys do see the next couple of weeks it did hit 70 000

That means that you could have bought one bitcoin uh for about eighty two hundred dollars give or take um and you could have bought multiple of them say for so 10 of them at 80 82 000 and sold them even just like the next week at about sixty thousand dollars per meaning you made six hundred thousand dollars after taxes i’m sure it was you know a little bit less

But that’s still a massive amount of money um but a lot of people have been asking me like where where is your scam wick buy order let’s just say it’s down in the 60s within the 70s range so within this green range down here now will it ever happen will it ever be hit i don’t know but it’s gonna be down there and it’s gonna stay down there for a very long time if

Anything i’m just gonna keep it there and i shared this um in the discord as well but scamwick orders do get hit sometimes it’s very rare i’ve actually been looking at this with other pairs as well i’ve actually shared um i don’t know if so yeah i don’t know if hbar is on here let me actually see i guess hbar isn’t on here i’m assuming but um h-bar was one that i

Actually seen uh be or yeah i know it is so h bar was being heavily manipulated back in the summertime on the one day and we did see some scam wicks on h-bar as well that i was actually able to buy and you could see this uh scam wick back here down to like five cents i actually bought this and i shared it on twitter that i bought it as well um it wasn’t a massive

Amount or anything like that i think it was maybe like a thousand dollars or something so it wasn’t anything crazy but you can see the deep wicks and you could see that later on we ran to about like seven cents and then ultimately we ran up to about eight and a half cents so there’s a great amount of profit to be made there all i’m trying to say here is that scam

Wicks do happen um they are very lucrative in terms of the return on them and if we do get this nice little scam wick on q and t remember things can happen especially with low cap gems like qnt uh this would be about a 73 of a crashing formation by the way we are still very well in a bear market and uh if we do see another major sell-off on q and t i’m not saying

That we will see this uh but but tokens can still crash about 90 percent even from their scam wicks i mean and i shouldn’t say scam wicks um there are major pump ups that’s what i was that’s what i meant uh so if we do get a major scam wick down here that’s totally fine um but ultimately coins can also drop massively and i’m not saying that this is gonna happen

I’m not saying prepare for this i’m just saying you know i’ve seen things in the past uh where coins that look extremely strong do have a major sell-off because some of them are heavily manipulated i’m not saying that q and t is i’m just saying if we do get this uh major sell-off where we are breaking major support zones you know then prepare to buy some nice

Lower price action but we definitely have to watch closely we have to see uh volume formation as well um on the daily we still are seeing the on balance volume kinda you know finding a little bit of a bottom here but we don’t know if this is going to continue uh we still are under major resistance uh we’ve been looking at the lower time frames as well lower time

Frames are still showing a diminished volume uh so we are going to continue to watch q t over the next major day or the next couple days for a major sell-off or anything like that remember we still have fomc meetings and things like that to look at but we did see some major updates today as well around sound quant in fact oracle so as you guys know we have been

Following oracle very closely in the developments happening around oracle because we know that this is a major client of you know quants we do see hsbc enlist oracle for digital transformation this is 15 hours ago oracle on hsbc one of the world’s largest financial services organizations today and now it’s a strategic collaboration to accelerate the bank’s digital

Transformation um and we do see that they will be upgrading and migrating their select database systems to oracle exadata cloud at customer a cloud platform delivered as a managed infrastructure service in hsbc’s own data centers the deployment will help support and scale the bank’s mission critical systems and services and this is very interesting um and this is

Really going to be focused on their entire mission critical systems and services so this is interesting um in terms of the scale that this could provide for something like over ledger when you see the oracle platform will also enable hsbc to more easily bring cloud automation to manage legacy applications and easily scale services according to customer and local

Market demands the collaboration contributes to hsbc’s multi-year initiative to transform transform its technology infrastructure to speed up the development delivery and scaling of new products and services making products uh more secure and available and build digital capabilities and skills across its workforce our strategy is to digitize the bank at scale so

That we can innovate faster for customers and our collaboration with oracle is important in advancing this transformation agenda this is absolutely huge financial organizations are rapidly adopting new technologies and transforming their operations as they tap into new market opportunities while meeting more demanding data a locality and privacy requirements and uh

Yeah this is something this is something special this is going to help deliver the next generation of financial services and again a lot of people in the q and t community were definitely there to connect the dots uh shout out to greg lunt 27 i did retweet this tweet definitely go check it out but we do see breaking hsbc has signed a multi-year agreement with oracle

To accelerate the bank’s digital transformation hsbc’s global head of digital innovation spoke last week at sibo’s on how hsbc is planning for the metaverse her come and speak volumes about the company’s overall focus as they delve into web 3. digital wallets virtualization automation and tokenization we firmly say that five times over virtual uh virtualization

Automation and tokenization we firmly believe the tokenized technologies and their associated economies are here to stay we want to be the ecosystem platform provider to power up the web 3 economy then down here oracle’s evp of techno technology echoed this sentiment in the new partnership announcement outlining how oracle can help usher hsbc into a new generation

Of financial services financial organizations are rapidly adopting new technologies and transforming their operations we look forward to our collaboration with hsbc as we help deliver the next generation of financial services the only way oracle can make digital wallets tokenization and automation a reality for their banking partners is through dlt blockchain

And smart contracts these are these all require interoperability and qnt is their solution and here you guys have the three faucets of blockchain and probability and uh they do mention of course quantier multiple times in parallel oracle fintech partner quant has been working with oracle and the oracle blockchain platform team to address these challenges with a

Production-ready solution the partnership has resulted in oracle certifying over ledger for interoperability with oracle blockchain platform for customers looking for production ready infrastructure to support cross-ledger and tropability between oracle blockchain platform and other ledger technologies bomb provides an immediately available solution certified in

Oracle cloud infrastructure then of course it goes on to mention all the major connections with dlt uh customers that want to be dlt agnostic and all that kind of stuff and then quant is now working in a highly collaborative manner with oracle to roll out solutions on the oracle blockchain platform for for a variety of sectors a key sector that we’re engaged in is

Financial services and then we do see over here hsbc is the largest bank in europe with 11 trillion dollars of assets under custody as they evolve their payment systems in the coming years on oracle’s technology q and t will play an important role in allowing for real world everyday applications and use cases today is a clumpy day and yeah definitely go check out

Greg by the way um incredible incredible individual in this space um countless hours researching he also does have by the way real quick he does have a patreon i believe where he does do these in-depth um researches i know that a lot of you uh come to my videos because you don’t have a lot of time to do a lot of research i highly advise you go check out his patreon

Also if you don’t want to pay for anything it’s okay he does release a ton of stuff like this where he you know dives deep into things i have utilized a lot of his content um in some of my videos or i should say in a lot of my videos actually and he’s just an incredible individual definitely go check him out check out a lot of the individuals that i utilize in my

Videos as well because trust me like this entire space needs collaboration at this point i mean i see so much division happening in crypto right now i see so many people fighting arguing it should never be this way listen if anything the one thing about this space that has always spoken volumes to me is just how nice a lot of individuals are i mean i talk to so

Many people in the space i try to help out as many as as many people as i can to help them grow help them achieve their goals and really just kind of give them an audience to to really kind of chat out with and things i mean i’m not saying that greg is lacking at all i mean like trust me he has 11.3k followers but he definitely deserves a lot more and i highly

Advise everybody to go check him out um but i i really do think that this space needs a lot more collaboration i think that this space needs a lot more you know individuals just kind of lending a hand uh because there’s not a lot of it and again like i said definitely go check out greg his app name is at greglunt27 you guys will not regret it um but i also

Do want to mention that hsbc will most likely be an announced partnership at some point in time with quant uh shout out to uh nava cuomfi quincy navas again another individual i highly advise you go check out um he’s into gems uh very similar to me like qnt and ao bt for an example and we do see qnt mentions hsbc in the ietf paper and here is that ietf paper uh

This is talking about api.over ledger a direct plug and play to overledger and this is from hsbc um and this is it’s actually talking more so about lending which is interesting but uh you can kind of see what they are focused on with a lot of the opportunity here um there’s also a trade lens and then there is ripple down here as well through api gateways and uh

The gateway is the key for all of this a lot of this is really kind of focused on you know what the next major partnership will be i do believe it will be hsbc it could also be um what was the other bank i forgot the name i think it was kpmg yeah kpmg was on their uh website and we still never seen an announcement from that but definitely focus on some of these

Huge announcements i think that honestly the oracle partnership will blossom into a huge domino effect that’s the thing like i always say that when we look at what um oracle is doing for quant it’s just a blossoming flower of huge connections to these major names like hsbc and this does scream that they are utilizing quants as well i think that the biggest key

Here isn’t what they’re focused on in terms of digitization but it’s just this one quote the oracle platform will also enable hsbc to more easily bring cloud automation to manage legacy applications and easily scale services according to customer and local market demands the funny thing is is that like this is all talking about digitization and connecting to the

Legacy system and we all know that that is a perfect area of opportunity from quant so it is what it is uh we will definitely wait on the full-on announcement of that uh right now yeah we definitely are watching the price action to see where we could buy this dip um so far right now from this little bit of a topping point we are down about 25 we’ve seen a little

Bit of a 25 pullback we’re still down about 23 percent um if anything i would be looking first at 151 dollars i mean this is more of like a resistance zone i wouldn’t be buying resistance i would be looking at buying around 150 dollars if i was trying to get in aggressively this is a 34 pullback you might also be able to get in at 137 which would be a 40 pullback

And uh if that is the case then that would be a nice op opportunity for all long-term bag but i’m really kind of looking at lower below a hundred dollars and if we never get it it’s okay i just want you guys to all know that i’m not in a rush to buy more q and t above a hundred dollars just because i have stacked so much under a hundred dollars and that is not me

Bragging at all um we’ve just been talking about q and t for so long and i talked about it the entire time that it was trading under a hundred dollars for we’ll say i mean let’s see where it broke really under 100 so we’ll say all of this time here that it was trading under a hundred dollars which was 70 days almost so 69 foley days um and then not to mention all

The way back into the may time frame back here where we also first started talking about it which was an additional you know 60 some days so 120 days in total we were talking about q and t while accumulating it so i’m not dead set i’m buying a ton over 100 just because i am still looking at other major undervalued gems at the moment but with all that in mind i

Hope that you all enjoyed this video if you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on if you guys have more free content you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free disc or down description below i was always happy you all have a beautiful day beautiful night river guys on this beautiful world it’s been nick peace out guys

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