QuickBooks Online Tutorial: Purchase Orders and Partial Receiving

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Hi this is hector garcia and i want to show you a quick feature which is receiving purchase orders in quickbooks online first of all before you can receive a purchase order two things you must be on quickbooks online plus edition which is the one that can manage purchase orders and you also have to turn on the purchase order feature so let me show you how to do

That first we’re gonna click on the settings button and the top right of the screen and then click on accountant settings and then we’re gonna go into advanced and sorry not advanced we’re gonna go to expenses and then click on purchase orders and make sure there’s a little checkbox there that says purchase orders on so you have to make sure that’s in there and

That’s checked on for this to work and it is that’s perfect so to create a purchase order fairly simple we click on the quick create button on the top right of the screen and we click on the vendor side and we’re going to purchase order then we select the vendor on the top right of the screen your top left of the screen sorry and i’m gonna pick this one called chin

Gas and oil and then i’m gonna select in the items tab i’m gonna select the items that i want to purchase from this vendor so i’m going to select a couple of items here and then i’m gonna put a hundred on the quantity for the first one and let’s say 80 for the second one so that’s the original purchase order this is how much i want to buy from this vendor normally

At this point i would probably email this pio to them directly or print that fax it to them or maybe just send them an email or call them and say hey i want to buy this from you but the nice thing about the purchase order is that it lets you know that there’s an order pending i’m gonna go ahead and close this and then i’m gonna go into the reports section because

That’s really important to know exactly where you monitor these things so i’m gonna go to the reports section and i’m going to search for purchase order so yeah i just typed pyou and then i have a purchase order list and purchase order detail they’re both useful i’m going to click on purchase order list first so we can see all of my actual open purchase orders and

That’s basically all it is it’s just a list of open purchase orders and then the other report i’m gonna type purchase order detail will show me line by line detail of the items inside the purchase order and that it would also let me know whether or not the items are on backorder or they have been partially received so yes quickbooks online has partial receiving

Of purchase orders this is brand new for july of 2017 so i’m really really excited they added this feature because we’ve been waiting for this forever anyway let me go ahead and receive part of that purchase order that we just created just so you can kind of see the effect of what happens in quickbooks online so i’m gonna click on the create button and then i’m

Gonna click on build that’s normally the transaction we use to receive inventory from a purchase order i click on build i’m gonna select my vendor here so it’s like chain gas and oil and you’re immediately gonna see on the right side of the screen that little drawer that kind of slides in that’s letting you know that there’s open invoices sorry open purchase orders

Available so i can click on open if i want to inspect it or i can click on add and that’s going to bring the entire contents of that purchase order into the bill and close up the drawer now let’s assume that i’m receiving part of this bo because the vendor let’s say shipped shipped them in different phases so for example let’s say my vendor went ahead and shipped

Ninety seven of the first one and then it shipped 40 of the second one usually by this point i’ll put notes in there in terms of why they got shorted so in here i’ll put a note saying other three are out of stock it just lets me know that i’m probably not gonna get the other three and then in here i’ll put other 40 will come in next week whatever whatever is relevant

You actually don’t have to put the notes but i encourage it if you’re going to do partial pio receiving because you just you can’t let you know what’s going on so i’m going to go ahead and click on save or save and close either one works and then i want to go back to the purchase order that we had earlier so let me click on my last transaction here so you can see

What the purchase order it looks like now you can see now that the purchase order is still showing open okay so unlike before that it is update in july of 2017 it would close up the purchase order right away even if you receive partial you still have a choice of coming in here and clicking close and just forcing closing the appeal altogether so you used to have

That choice or you can come in here into each individual line item and i can close up let’s say just one so for example i chose to just close up the line of the of the hundred because i put in my nose so they’re only gonna get 97 right so i’m gonna close that one up but i’m not gonna close up the the one with 80 just because i am expecting to receive that other

40 in the future at some point right so that’s kind of the the the point is that i don’t want out close up that one because i want to leave it available for the future so i’m gonna go ahead and click on save and close and then i’m gonna look at the open purchase order report so we kind of see what’s going on so i’m gonna click on the open purchase order list and my

Purchase order should show up in there and there is however yes you can tell it tells you that it only has $100 open balance so it tells you the only stuff that’s open from it and if i look at the other report let me back go back to reports and type here purchase order i’ll do that open the detail report we can actually see within it breaks it down by item which

Is nice and you can see within that specific pio which is the one we’re looking at there the one seriously of six is the one yeah the one that’s over there notice that this one she says that the quantity original quantity is 80 received is 40 backorder quantity is another 40 so then when i go and receive let’s say another bill with the difference of the appeal so

I’m gonna select here change gas and oil i’m gonna have that little popup on the right side of the screen letting me know that there are pending orders and then i’m gonna click on add and then that’s going to bring in the latest ones the only kind of issue you will see is that in this particular case i opened an existing the existing peels i was adding stuff to it

In two different lines but if i wasn’t doing the existing pio i could just delete the lines that i’m not receiving whatever it happens to be let me go ahead and close this and try this again just to avoid any confusion so i’m going to click on change gas and oil and this is going to in this case it loaded my previous bill right so i don’t want to do that i want to

Do a brand new bill so i already have my previous bill right here for a thousand and seventy but what it does is it preloads the information and they’re probably because of the settings so i want to make sure that i don’t have this information duplicated in there so i’m gonna delete the two lines that were duplicated in there then click on add that way this is a

Completely separate bill with a completely separate receive and you will notice that there’s a little link icon there letting you know that’s actually tied to something else and i’ll let you know what is the title and it gives you a link to the original purchase order if you need to see it so that would be the proper way of receiving the second portion of the pio

Make sure you’re not duplicating any items so you just receive that second piece so i’m gonna go ahead and click on save and close and then i’m gonna go back to the original pio just so we can inspect what it looks like now and you will see on the top of the screen that the pio says that it is closed and there’s a link for a to link transaction so when i actually

Click on that you can actually see the two bills that is associated with with the dollar amounts and i can click on each one and inspect it if i need to and then here on the bottom in the bottom of the screen you’re gonna see that there’s a little closed checkbox there letting you know that each of the line items is closed and it’s no longer showing open anyway

Super excited to see this new feature of being able to receive partial pos and hope this video was helpful if it was click like subscribe to the channel add comments below if you have any questions or maybe some add some comments about some videos you want to see in the future thank you very much

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QuickBooks Online Tutorial: Purchase Orders and Partial Receiving By Hector Garcia CPA