Real Estate Investment Planning 2022

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Hey steve peterson infinity investments and happy new year happy 2022. uh good to see y’all again it’s the first video of 2022 i’m excited about this year it’s a lot uh it’s there’s going to be a lot in store uh the good the bad the ugly whatever it is i’m excited for it i hope you are as well and in today today’s video what we’re going to be talking about is

Putting together an investment plan for 2022 right an investment plan and this the way i i learned about investment in real estate or anything else is really that investing is a plan it’s not a product and i got that out of the book rich dad’s guide to investing that i read 20 something years ago from you know robert kiyosaki everybody talks about the rich dad

Poor dad book how good that one is an excellent book the rich dad’s guide to investing is even better and it really goes into some fundamental investing principles and what he talks about there is that investing is more of a plan and it is a product i think that’s really really important to understand in 2022 because this is an interesting time right you got like

In commercial real estate of course they had an amazing year last year right and when i look at all the brokers i follow online all the brokers that i you know watch their email see their emails people posting a number of some outrageous numbers out there right it was a good year in the business we had everybody had a big year we had a good year you know it’s a

Good year yet and still there’s some you know some headwinds uh in front of us right and we know not all product types are you know um you know uh fairing the same the hospitality industry is not doing so well we’re not doing as well as you say as well apart or industrial right and so it’s it’s an interesting time there’s been so much inexpensive money in

The marketplace and money chasing deals and not enough deals that it there’s just been a lot of deal flow but i think we need to hone in on our plans our respective plans both for investors and for brokers and agents who are working with them and i think that as i do my content it’s just little steve peterson defending the investments but the way i see it is that

We’ve got to be you know first of all brokers and agents we are fiduciary for investors but we’re more like a business partner in a sense with the investor because we’re helping them to either sell their assets or buy the new assets of a major transaction and and we’ve got to bring we bring a tremendous amount of value for doing our job right to the investor in

That process we got to have a plan as well that is working for the investor in their plan and i think there’s a couple key elements within every one of the investments an investment plan that you put together number one starting with the end in mind what do you want this whole real estate investment business this commercial real estate business to get you it’s

Easy to get lost especially when you’re due especially when you’re doing a lot of deals and because you just get deal flow deal for a lot of money let’s let’s know our target that we’re aiming for right and work our way backwards right so a lot of investors are trying to figure out their moves this year i’m meeting with a lot of my clients say hey what are your

Plans this year what’s going on you know how can we be of value to what you’re doing and everybody one thing i’m seeing a lot of okay is people starting to change product types or people a lot of people who are in multifamily which has been hot uh at least here in the bay or everywhere really but in the bay area um people are a lot of people in oakland say

Hey i want to go from apartments to office apartments to triple net that is i’m hearing that a lot and in fact i have a client in the mid stuff we’re selling the building now and she wants to buy an office builder so i see that and it makes sense the question i would have is how does that fall in line within your plan right have you got the education do you know

What you’re doing the triple net do you know what you’re doing in office do you have you know um an awareness in that space do you have management connections or ability in that space financing the whole the whole the whole thing and most sophisticated investors do but a lot of a lot of folks who have a lot of money have had a lot of success done so i think we

Need to hone in on making sure whatever our plan is for the year right whether that’s doing an exchange acquiring new property maybe just focusing on operations is that you are whatever move that you make is lining up with your end goal simple elementary thought but as right now there’s a lot of different ways you can go in the market right and we know interest

Rates are going up at some point you know at least i would say the fed said they’re going to do three interest rate increases so we can probably look to the second half of the year money being a lot more expensive than the first half of a year but nonetheless more so than the interest rates that are out there i think we need to understand our operational costs

Of capital and when you make moves what is the rate of return that you’re looking for within that move versus just saying hey i want to sell this building where a lot of people say hey i don’t want to sell my building because what am i going to buy right but let’s say they could sell their building and then buy something that doubles their cash flow within this

Market which is possible and they didn’t consider that when they’re setting up the and doing their plan that could be a mistake and so we really need to work on what the next move is according to our plan according to our knowledge base and what we have available and the team that we’re working with and that would be like the number one thing and not to complicate

This business planning thing but and really as business owners everybody gets their look at that looks at their business plan their goals at the beginning of the year investors have to do the same thing when they’re doing their investment plan and not get off track from that no matter how much success success you feel like you got the mice touch everything you

Touches uh turns the goal so let’s let’s put our analytical hat on here make some decisions about what you’re going to be doing as it relates to your end goal and what where we are specifically in the marketplace i would think that if you’re looking to buy or sell this year probably better to do it in the first or second quarter when we you know money is more

Inexpensive you know if you could sell now and then buy in the third or fourth quarter that probably makes this a lot of sense because you can sell well there’s still a frenzy people trying to get in and maybe you can buy one you can negotiate a little bit more you know and so just some ideas and thoughts on my end the one thing i wanted to impart is that we gotta

Have a plan investing is a plan not a product we have our plan and any product that you put must be in congruence with that plan and i you got to work with the right team got to work with the right uh people individuals let’s if you’re if you’re looking to do business uh with a broker if you’re looking to do bit what you should be looking to do uh we would love

The service but there’s a million great firms out there there’s a million not so great firms so make sure you’re working with the right one whether it’s brokers lawyers managers whatever now is the time as you put your plan in place to look at look at that and make the right moves i trust you will that’s our goal we’re going to bring you a lot of content this year

On this space wishing you much much continued success in 2022 no matter what the market does no matter what interest rates does no matter what the pandemic does just keep on pushing and and make the moves towards your goal thanks a lot have an amazing rest of your week

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Real Estate Investment Planning 2022 By STEVE PETERSON – INFINITY INVESTMENTS