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Is it really worth remodeling an old mobile home? Should you just get a new one? This video will help you weigh in and come up with a decision that will benefit you in the long run.

What’s up guys thank you for watching franco mobile homes and today we’re going to talk about whether or not you should remodel your old mobile home or upgrade to a brand new mobile home this is where we show you the ins and outs and everything there is to know about mobile home it is truly our mission to transform lives through mobile homes so thanks for watching

Franco mobile homes 1976 i believe is where hud was designed hud coding and that’s where there is a whole structural shift between how things were built and how they have to be built now so there’s a huge difference in standards of how they build these homes and with the pre-hud homes they were built very old-fashioned and many times unsafe there are a lot of

Mobile homes out there that are 1970s and built without fire rating and without insulation and with single pane windows and stuff like that so oftentimes people come to me and with the situation of where they have to fix they end up having to spend six thousand dollars for a new heating system or x amount of plumbing issue they want to update their appliances or

They have a problem with their roof and the roof could be between eight thousand to up to eighteen so all these things can add up and they can cost a lot or you can fix two of these things and two years down the line you’ll have to fix the other one so you can have a reoccurring amount of problems that can come up with these pre-owned homes and you’ll just have

To continuously have to fix them when the pure body of the home is still a 1970s home and this is actually part of the reason why a lot of banks don’t give as much options for these homes because they’re built differently than post hud homes where they have the fire safety rating the insulation rating the fire rating which is very important so when you upgrade

To a brand new home you actually get everything all in one package you can finance it you actually are raising the value of your current home and raising the equity of your home so when you have an older home you have a particular buyer pool of people that can buy these because lending is different for these homes versus the new homes where you have a little bit

More options to loan for the new homes because the banks can trust the safety of these homes as well so with the new homes they’re at a much higher value than what the old homes go for because of those differences but if we’re going to talk about when to choose to upgrade is in my opinion it depends on the particular area that you’re at i would highly recommend

Giving our team a call if you have problems where you come up with issues that end up costing more than five thousand dollars i would at least talk to us and we can help you analyze whether or not it’s smart to spend on a roof or plumbing or to use that ten fifteen thousand dollars uses a down payment for a new home so that’s the end of this video and hopefully

It was informative and thanks for watching bye you

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