Rich People CRYING About Student Loan Forgiveness

Hypocrites who have had their PPP loans forgiven are now incredibly upset about President Biden forgiving some student loan debt. Ana Kasparian discusses on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

Following president joe biden’s announcement that he has a plan in place to forgive some portion of student loans offering some relief to student loan borrowers the wealthy couldn’t stop themselves by going on the corporate press to talk about how this is a terrible awful idea in fact during the press conference in which biden announced this plan the reporters

Asked the questions you would expect them to ask so let’s take a quick look at is this that to people who paid their student loans or chose not to take out loans is it fair to people who in fact do not own multi-billion dollar businesses they’ve seen why these guys give them all the taxes is that fair what do you think what about people who’ve made their loans

So struggle to pay their loans and now others don’t have to what okay look i want you guys to understand we’re not harsh toward biden simply because we dislike biden biden to me he’s not a good guy or a bad guy he’s a politician so you judge based on the rhetoric but more importantly the policy now while his debt forgiveness plan leaves us desiring a lot more

Obviously it’s still going to provide much needed relief to student loan borrowers the average student loan borrower has about 30 000 in student loan debt but of course we know uh endless stories of students who have far more than that however i will say the way he handled that question was perfect and that brings me to what we’ve been seeing all over the internet

All over television today and it’s the same argument about how oh how could you do this it’s not fair it’s just not fair all these other people who have paid off their student loans they didn’t get any help it’s not fair it’s not fair well for the people who did manage to pay off their student loans i’d venture to say they probably went to school at a time when

Tuition wasn’t astronomically priced and secondly if you’re salty about other people’s lives getting a little easier you gotta check your priorities okay check your priorities but putting that aside i want to go to this tweet from the house house judiciary gop they write if you take out a loan you pay it back period oh do you do you interesting let’s take a look

At the next tweet this is from cap action where they list all of these republican lawmakers who took ppp loans during the coronavirus pandemic and these are all loans that were forgiven they were forgiven i should also know many of these people were already independently wealthy and probably didn’t need any loans to begin with but you got matt gates he received

A ppp loan that was um nearly half a million dollars 476 thousand dollars and it was forgiven we didn’t hear anyone in the corporate press cry about that you have marjorie taylor green 180 000 forgiven greg pence 79 441 look at this vern buchanan fellow in florida 2.8 million dollars in ppp loans that was forgiven for given forgiven okay i mean the list goes on

And on you’ve got mark wayne mullen 988 700 you’ve got carol miller a republican from west virginia 3.1 million dollars again it’s not just about them getting the loan these are loans that were forgiven don’t you wonder why there’s absolutely no concern about that in the press but the idea of a student getting ten thousand dollars of student loan debt forgiven

Like that makes them lose their minds like that’s all they’ve been talking about today how unfair it is oh it might lead to inflation really let’s see the receipts how is it going to lead to inflation i want to understand how it works you just say it you just say it i mean never mind the fact that there’s been um you know a pause on student loan repayments during

Covid which obviously puts more money in people’s pockets was that really the cause of inflation or could it be the federal reserve uh pumping money into big banks which they then use to do corporate stock buybacks could it be supply chain issues because we exploit underpaid labor in other countries and once there’s a pandemic and once there are shutdowns and

Once there are disruptions there’s less supply that can’t keep up with demand could that be because what’s leading to inflation no that anything they don’t like this is what drives me crazy about inflation narratives anything the corporate press doesn’t like policy wise they’ll automatically attach it to inflation automatically oh you’re going to help ordinary

People inflation we’re worried about inflation they did it with build back better they’re doing it now with modest assistance to student loan borrowers but by the way we were talking about mark wayne mullen right who got nearly a million dollars of ppp own loans forgiven he also couldn’t help himself but tweet about what biden did today he writes we do not need

Farmers and ranchers small business owners and teachers in oklahoma paying the debts of ivy league lawyers and doctors across the united states this places undue burden on those already suffering due to the weight of biden’s failed economic policy fascinating because all the people that you just mentioned also happen to subsidize the research and development for

The same pharmaceutical drugs that they are then price gouged on no concern about that mark wayne no concern no worries about that at all i would argue that’s a failed economic policy that you support but you don’t talk about it no one talks about it drives me crazy let’s go to stephen crowder this is amazing student loan forgiveness sounds really nice to illegal

Immigrants people with no life experience people who don’t have families yet and people who use preferred pronouns like the tweet itself really makes no sense so are you alleging that undocumented immigrants are applying for federal loans and also people who don’t have families yet okay so he’s trying to make a point here about like oh families are having to

Foot the bill for these students how how dare how dare biden attempt to assist ordinary people in making their economic situation just slightly slightly better ever so slightly well stephen crowder let’s take a look at how much you took out in ppp loans oh wow took out um seventy thousand four hundred forty five dollars and the amount forgiven i’m not really sure

How it works out this way but seventy one thousand two hundred and eight dollars i’m guessing the interest uh was included yes includes any occurred interest so hey are you i’m pretty sure stephen is doing real well i’m trying to understand how he was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic i mean he’s able to work from a studio he doesn’t have to be out and about

He’s not a frontline worker he’s not a grocery store worker he’s not an essential worker that’s for sure he’s not even a central part of the media but he got 70 000 in ppp loans and it was all forgiven so he should be a man of his word and pay every dollar back to the u.s taxpayer 70 of americans who were recently polled on forgiving student loan debt were in

Favor of forgiving student loan debt that’s the majority of the country because guess what the majority of the country who are not represented by corporate media or rich right wingers on youtube um understand the pain they understand the suffering and they want to help their fellow americans out i would venture to say that’s actual patriotism but stephen crowder

Loves to pad his pockets with that government cheese and then point his finger at others who are getting any assistance whatsoever let’s go to the next one i i like this graphic uh it was shared by um ken clippenstein and it gives you a sense of all the wealthy people who were able to get ppp loans now not all of them were forgiven but jared kushner who got 800

No i’m sorry his net worth is 800 million dollars he qualified for a three million dollar ppp loan three million dollars and it was forgiven kanye west we don’t know if it was forgiven he’s worth two billion dollars and he received um almost 2.4 million in ppp loans jay-z he’s worth 1.3 billion he received over 1.1 million in ppp loans then you’ve got diddy who’s

Worth 900 million he received nearly two million dollars in ppp loans and they were forgiven same with paul pelosi notorious uh alleged insider trader because his uh wife nancy pelosi is a member of congress who’s privy to insider information that they can of course trade stocks on homeboy’s worth a lot of money 120 million dollars he received a ppp loan to the

Tune of 1.7 million and that was forgiven same with khloe kardashian she received a 1.2 million dollar ppp loan forgiven i mean you guys see what i’m trying to get at here please spare me the concerns about the lack of fairness in giving people a little bit of money and by the way not even giving them money just forgiving a small portion of their student loans

That’s it that’s all it is i mean we’re not talking about all federal student loans getting forgiven we’re talking about a means-tested program no one qualifies for it if they’re making 125 000 a year or more and uh the most a borrower can expect from what biden announced today is twenty thousand dollars in debt forgiveness that’s it but they look at that and

They think no this is this is an unacceptable redistribution of wealth now people who make that argument are just garbage they really are and anyone who buys into it is watching way too many right wingers on youtube who love the government cheese again let me reiterate and also watching too much corporate media that’s fear-mongering about inflation no forgiving

10 to 20 000 in student loan debt for borrowers is not what’s gonna cause inflation it’s not what’s causing inflation there’s corporate greed associated with why we’re seeing inflation there are supply chain issues and of course the federal reserve pumping money into banks and corporations that also had a lot to do with inflation but you never get the full story

Because at the end of the day the elite love to point fingers at ordinary people who are already facing a significant disadvantage with a government that doesn’t represent them with press that doesn’t represent them and an economic system that constantly puts them and their needs in the back burner that’s the reality of the situation

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Rich People CRYING About Student Loan Forgiveness By The Young Turks