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All right let’s talk about my favorite roi dots for this week okay we’re gonna go through all of them very quickly this is going to be you know a quick section of the video or if you see it as a divided subject part then please like and subscribe because we’re going to be going fast all right number one we have smart cash capital this is the binance march and it uses

Busd stablecoin as you see the lottery is starting in nine hours that’s fantastic the lottery is gonna be a lot of fun uh it’s a new game you have elastic jackpot and now you have the lottery running right what’s happening here you deposit your busd in you can see there’s 136 000 deposited now and then you can start staking i’ve made two videos on this already how’s

It going for me then i have my two stakes i have been holding steady right so i have 180 here which is still earning me one percent daily it’s been staked for eight days after the 20-day mark my apr is going up to 1.5 daily if i wanted to from my investment i could now withdraw uh 50 bucks which is pretty good from a staked amount of 690 i do have some referral

Affiliate rewards let’s see what happens right i have 22 dollars of affiliate reward what i want to check is does my uh affiliate rewards are compounded back into the debt by the way right so if i invest my affiliate rewards will that mean that my other stakes will uh go back to uh the number back to one day or well it’s whole right i can also unstake it anytime

From the step but i will be paying a fee at the moment of 30 as the days pass the deposit the unstick fee goes down and the apr goes up so you’re playing a game of chicken essentially right you’re playing a game of chicken trying to see uh i want to get the highest apr and unstake and with my rewards before everyone else before this contract balance goes to zero but

I think the contract balance will go to zero much later down the line because there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to try and get to this three percent three point five percent apr because that is crazy juicy right so being in early the first week of it running you’re still you’re in the second week now but it’s still a great time to get in i believe

Because the total balance is quite low this can easily hit 1 million does get on the road to 1 million we are golden because we’re in so early so that is smart cash capital looking good busd machine right this is kind of stalled if we’re gonna be honest right the the price of busd token is continuing to go up because as people continue to claim out their minted

Busd here as you see i have 37 busd uh m here to stake right and i have another 11 here right i do have some more bsdm to give away which i will be giving away in a dedicated video later on right but as we stake more into the stakebusdm this price will continue to go up but at the same time no new players are really coming in it’s 324 i remember it was about 300

Before so this really needs to get more attention more love um but the price keeps going up so eventually people are going to begin wanting to sell but a price of 14 cent posdm token is not very high in value right so it’s quite interesting right now i can harvest here that’s about 40 so i’ll take about 20 of that i’m putting 50 of my busdn back into the staking

And i’m keeping half of it aside so that i can sell it when i see that the price of the usdm goes quite high that’s my plan so i’ll take 20 of that stake it in there and just earn more so now my stake will be up to 100 usdm in here and 500 producing my apr on the other side let’s just keep this ticking along um hopefully we get new investors in if we can check

The analytics actually so we can start to see how the the most important thing we want to see here is new accounts it’s essentially what we want to see right talk users 324. you have the user account since 320 324 yeah so we’ve earned about uh 20 new users in a week which is okay right it’s okay there’s a bear market right as long as it’s not stagnating then we

Should be pretty good we just we need to see continued growth right so you can see the state busd uh uh 134 000 five five thousand so in the past week we’ve had five thousand dollars put into the machine the tvl is still rising because people are still compounding their busdm token because the price is too low what happens with vusc machine is it’s a really long

Game hopefully because even the aprs are less than the old ones so we should be about a month uh or more of people continuing to build their busdm before they even think about selling it the more staked in here the higher the price goes finally once the price is high enough people will start to sell but when they start selling then the price of course will go down

So it’s a game um i’m continuing just to keep playing the game to have to play at the game let’s strike uh my dap mischief airdrop minor is running well but we do need a lot more investors about 144 at the moment it is a minor contract you put in busd you get a variable rate of three percent daily busd paid back out to you that’s how it works that’s how we’re

Running and we do have something called mirror pools which is a bunch of d5 products including trading bots which i use which i will then take the funds that i’ve earned from the yield in that and i put it back into the tvl about once a week so we should be able to manage to keep the busd balance in the contract pretty stable once it gets down to about ten thousand i

Think around about ten thousand nine thousand then it’s gonna be very easy for me just to drop in another thousand dollars and keep the um the printer going right for anyone who’s in here pretty sure most of you must be gradually getting to your roi now because we’ve had a lot of payment out yeah because we’ve had 63 000 paid in and we’ve had 50 000 paid out which

Means that most people who’ve deposited into this now are already getting to their roi which is great to see five sixths of it pay back already great to see but as you see the amount of investment is getting smaller and the amount of withdrawal is continuing to go up so you guys are not compounding and the whole idea for the mystery of airdrop miner is that we want

To last until the next bull market so possibly play six one or five two strategy compound more than withdrawing so that we can build up some more people we do have the news that we’re going to have a referral pump event on the weekend so tomorrow or tonight i’m going to set the referral to 16 so if you do have a social network i would suggest sharing your link

You get your link after you deposit you can find your link here right copy that link and then share it with people if they do deposit into the mystery of minor then you will get yourself 16 referral rewards for two days the day after we end that i will be turning back on the coin sniper game which rewards rewards five of the top depositors for the day so that’s

Also going to be running two so cool that is the mystery fair drop minor let’s get into something new we have here pizza okay i haven’t joined this yet but i heard about it and it looks kind of fun so pizza tower what do you do you open a floor here with bnb token i believe yes so we would buy a chef floor profit right on floor one we would put 500 we need to get

Coins so this is a tower it is a uh roi game once you deposit in here i believe you can withdraw but it takes uh you you earn a certain amount of your pizza business for a couple days and then finally that’s it so if you do withdraw so you don’t get back your full investment but you do get back something so far this you need coin so you come here and you want to

Purchase some coins so you know if i wanted to coin want to purchase like one coin or a hundred coins how many coins do i need i need for one floor i need 500 coins right so i purchase 500 coins which is 0.1 bmb right let’s buy that play let’s play it right can’t resist pizza i remember the old pizza again on i have x i got absolutely wrecked on that i was spent

Like six thousand dollars in nft and now there’s an nfts now they’re worth about 20 bucks oh that was bad uh the bull market those are the days anyway so now we have have our coins so then we would take our coins we purchase our floor right so let’s buy level one this kind of reminds me of b game i don’t know if you remember that one pretty good ponzi um where

You just develop a beehive by buying more honey but this one you buy coins then you earn cash with your coins and then you use the cash out the cash to uh turn it back into bnb um spend more money get more floors get more pizza workers right so if i want to go up to the next level i need to pay 625 more coin right um you can of course shill this right uh you get

An affiliate bonus get seven percent in coins and three percent in dollar dollar right and then you have your statistics for your affiliates you can also check out their white paper you can change it into different languages uh which is great so this is setting should be pretty good but i did notice that the total deposits of b and b is going up but not very fast

But it is a growing platform and it looks really fun i like the design i kind of want to fork it and copy it let me know if i should maybe we could have another one another plus seat no no more punches no no more rapunzel but that is a tower pizza link in the description for this if you want to check it out i’ll update you on how it’s doing next one uh we do have

A pretty good one this is called frostflix frostflix works quite similar to how i’m running the mystery of airdrop miner where they have a um team they have a a bunch of things also earning revenue streams which injects into the tvl the difference is that this is a fixed two percent daily paid out b and b token as you can see they have trading bots they also have

Pancake liquidity staking and other things pancakes rewards right which increase the tvl by putting in there right so they’ve invested into 58 bots apparently a bot army you would say and the total liquidity is continuing to rise but the contract balance is remaining steady which is cool and they also have an auto compounding tool what which i’m using as you can

See i’m all compounding every day right so i’m earning 0.02 0.02 slowly rising every day because i get two percent daily on this i went in with one bmb and it’s going really well so far of course you have a referral link so you can also earn affiliate rewards and i don’t have any affiliate rewards yet but also you can airdrop people so i want to actually see if

I do catch an affiliate then i can start airdropping here as well which would be really cool um so that’s what i’m looking to do next so let’s see if that happens um so check this one out it is going very well and continuing to grow it’s audited by georgetown which is great to see because i love george stamp means that the contract is bulletproof shouldn’t be any

Problems they’re suggesting you do a 6-1 ratio which is always a great thing they generate revenue and pancake swap using trading bots like i said it’s 100 original code no fork or copy so you can check this one out two percent daily fixed and continuing just to print so eventually you know my um deposit now is uh from one bmb yes now 1.2 bmbs 1.25 so i’ve earned

25 on my bnb in two weeks since i’ve been in here roughly maybe three weeks it’s two percent daily you can do the maths but looking good looking good next one is a brand new farm which is said to be the non-ponzi farm non-ponzi farm that’s right uh somewhere down here the yeah farm a fortune here we go so we’re going to use the patrick zama cash flow we’re gonna use

His link to get into this farmer fortune by fortune hunter so what is this this is claiming to be the first ever zero ponzi roi dap very interesting right let’s connect here so the balance total is 81 b here at the moment uh invested is 198 bmb so there’s been some big payouts already okay uh user balance 37 now that’s mine 37 bmb and referrals none so how does it

Work let’s find out farmer fortune by the fortune hunters a sustainable investment platform based on the bandit smart chain plans uh two percent daily for 200 days 1.5 for 150 days 1.5 for 90 days with a higher a lower return rate okay withdrawals were subject to a three percent sustainability tax which will stay in the contract when withdrawn and re-deposited

Reinvested this will make a new plan but increase your daily rewards interesting you can make so you can take out put back in wash money essentially that’s kind of sounds like a ponzi craze you can make as many new deposits into different plans as you like up to 150 bmb plan one zero 1.1 bb max there’s a referral system of two percent anti-wail features 168 so

There’s a bucket that you need to deal with it in time 120 hours withdraw cooldown max active deposits limit of 200 bmb and okay so that’s how we’re running it so let me see let me just get into this i’m going to choose plan three uh 200 days not yet i’m gonna go for a 90-day plan right says minimum deposit 0.2 but i can’t seem to touch the can’t seem to touch the

Button so i guess i just have to throw one bnb in so be it craig so we’ll go uh 90 days right right one baby into 90 days and let’s see uh 1.5 daily 135 roi so they are always not huge i’m going to make 1.35 b and b out of this at the end but then what he’s saying then is that if i withdraw my 1.35 and make another plan then i will get higher uh higher rewards back

Is that what he’s saying so it’s 89 days left to run this uh what’s that say you can make as many deposits into different plans as you like when withdrawn and reinvested this will make a new plan but increase daily rewards so what i’m going to do then is i’m going to take the reward from this withdraw the reward and put it back into a new plan and apparently well

I guess it’s compound interest right because it’s not actually going to increase my reward but i’m going to put the rewards back into it then it’s also going to get myself 1.5 percent daily which will be increasing my daily rewards so it’s super compounding essentially interesting so let’s see how this goes i i’m trying to think why it’s a non-ponzi farm though

Because money pays money invested money pays out a balance of money as a farmer contract but it does have the three percent going back into it is that why it would not be ponzi let me know in the comments okay but we’re gonna play around with this and let’s see i’m gonna have to research it some more as well talk to craig see how it goes so that is form of fortune

A brand new one for us to find out about

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