Russias Putin blames West for war in Ukraine in Victory Day speech BBC News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has addressed a Victory Day parade in Moscow’s Red Square, saying that his forces in eastern Ukraine are “defending the motherland”.

Dear citizens of russian federation dear veterans dear soldiers marines congratulations on the great victory of our country is a sacred thing he always has been these feelings of the patriotism important they were used in buridin fighting when there was fighting in kiev in minsk steligra stalingrad kursk and now during these days you are fighting for our

People in dunbas for the security of our country russia 9th of may 1945 became a day of triumph and it became a history showed the unity of our soviet people and the brave actions on the front line and in the back there is no family in this country that hasn’t got somebody who took part in the war children and grandchildren are carrying the pictures of

Their family members who died we are proud for this generation we are proud to be there people we follow their advice and they told us to do everything to stop the horror of the global war so that it doesn’t happen again in the international relations russia always was for this system of equality in december last year we suggested to have a security agreement

Of russia urged europe to find a fair compromise including interest of everyone but that was in vain they didn’t want to hear us and that means they had completely different plans and we can see that they were preparing a punishing operation in donbass to intrude on our historic land in kiev they were saying that they might get nuclear weapons and nato started

Exploring the lands close to us and that became an obvious threat to our country and to our borders everything was telling us that i will repeat we saw how they start and develop military infrastructure there were constant supplies of the most modern military equipment the danger was growing every day and russia that was the only decision and the right

Decision of an independent sovereign strong country the united states of america after the collapse of the soviet union started talking about their unique nature russia has got a different character we will never refuse our love and respect for the traditions and respect of traditions of all the cultures denying the bravery of those who worked hard to earn

The victory we know that there were veterans who wanted to participate in today’s parade but they were denied this possibility i want to tell you we are proud of what you’ve done your contribution to the victory americans british french brave soldiers who contributed to destroying nazism today dunbar’s fighters and soldiers of russia are fighting on their

Own land where we had soldiers of romance and pachompkin where the heroes of the great patriotic war the tutin siddherkov park ludmila pavlichenko were fighting today i want to address our forced our armed forces and dunbar’s fighters you’re fighting for the victory of your land so that nobody forgets the lessons of the second world war today we respect the

Memory of those who died during the second world war to commemorate those who were fathers mothers husbands and wives sisters and brothers friends we respect those who died in odessa in the um house in odessa in 2014 we also commemorate the memory of those who died because of the neo-nazis and those who were fighting for russia we announced a minute

Of silence if you’re just joining us this is the military parade the victory parade in moscow live a minute silence called for by president putin for the russians who’ve lost their lives not only in the great patriotic war as the second world war is known there the 20 million plus russians but also the soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for their

Country in the donbass as he put it the sovereign country belonging to russia this parade slightly smaller than the one last year about third the size we understand some 11 000 troops 77 aircraft we’re anticipating uh military vehicles as well uh security correspondent frank gardiner is alongside me uh who i’ll be bringing in actually because uh president

Putin now addressing uh the crowds there and indeed russians across uh state media let’s just listen in again companies and surprises public organizations will do everything to help those families to provide special assistance to children of those who were wounded or who lost their wives and i signed a degree about this i wish speedy recovery to those who

Were wounded i want to thank medical staff in working in hospitals for that hard and those who are trying to save every single life without sparing theirs today here and now in the red square shoulder to shoulder soldiers and officers are standing from many different regions of our country including those who came right from the bus directly from the war

Zone we remember how the enemies of russia were trying to use the gangs of international terrorists trying to put the seeds of religious hatred they didn’t succeed today the fighters of different nationalities are fighting together covering each other from the uh and that shows that we are united today you are defending what your fathers and grandfathers and

Great great fathers were fighting for who saw security of their country as their priority this is the biggest value that russia relies on those who fought showed us their bravery this was the generation of victorious troops glory to our armed forces hooray to russia so the russian national anthem following president putin’s address and now we watch live

As the start of the parade the victory parade commemorating celebrating russia’s victory over nazi germany with the loss of some 20 million or more russian lives in that conflict which russia calls the great patriotic war but president putin very clearly linking the bravery and the symbolism of that conflict with events in ukraine let’s

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