Unit E 202 on the explorer building is now available for $149,900 and offers seller financing. Grand Baymen Gardens is away but not far from town that it is quite and private but only takes a 5-10 minute cart ride to be in town.

Hey guys job here with keller williams belize the rainforest team here in san pedro today we are in the newly branded best western hotel here in the island no other than grand bayman gardens we’re in the e building where we have unity 202 a one bedroom one bath with solar financing available now bear in mind e-202 it’s second floor to the left the unit that we’re

Going to see is first floor to the right it is identical but different floors come with me and take a look now the e-building boasts bigger units that are of approximately a space of 502 square feet per unit they have granite counter cut kitchen double band double sink updated nice appliances and as you can see you also have a futon for an additional guest

To be able to see friends sleeping over a family member wanting to come down as well and you enjoy a roman julie balcony as you can see will have you have a short look um at the moment the f building which is their fleet building is getting built so you have a bit of construction materials in front but hopefully when they’re finished those items will be removed

From the property now here’s a great feature of this unit is the laptop door so there’s two units that are connected four when renters need two bedrooms you can take advantage of that as well basically here is the fact on why this makes a great unit co 8 which is hoa as many know it is only 222 50 us a month that includes internet cable building insurance

Outside maintenance and ground maintenance it also includes as an owner the access to the fitness center pools and tennis courts now i’ll let you have a look at the bathroom you have a great walking shower now come on in and take a look at the bedroom you also have a nice size closet space to use if you planning to stay here on a long term basis or for

Your nightly cast come on and follow me and i’ll give you this coupon price so here’s some more fantastic news with this it has just been recently reduced from 165 to 149 900 us the seller is offering seller financing which at this point in the market here in the island where inventor is low it’s very hard to find seller financing they’re flexible at 50 down

With a repayment schedule for three years and but you can have a flexible amortization now this is a great unit and you don’t want to miss out on it they come take a look at the pool the fitness center and the tennis court which we will show you shortly hi guys so we are at the common grounds here where at the right of me you will be able to see the double

Tennis courts and that at the left of me behind is the gym and then the pool and the pool bar and restaurant which we’ll show footage of next okay so basically this is a breakdown of the property side map you the unit we showed you is second floor on the e building remember that second floor on the e building you have the reservations here in the beginning

The blue casita that you will see in the front you have pool bar bar right here and you have tennis courts and fitness club and parking space for the common grounds so thank you for joining i hope you found this video useful please hit subscribe and follow us on facebook our links will be in the bottom thank you

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