SCORPIO – Life, Finance, Love – Whats the Major Issue? – May 2022

Hey scorpio welcome to tourmaline tarot we’re going to do your major issue for may we’re going to see what’s going on with you by pulling the majors for life finance and relationships and then we’re going to do a whole deck to clarify exactly what that means and then we’re going to do an oracle a little under the weather i’m going to do one because the flu has

Been running through my house so let’s see what does scorpio need to know for life finances and relationships got some good ones here yeah so for life we have the hereform for finances we have the universe little bumblebee and then we have sky father which is the emperor for relationships so you know if you view the hair finish just overall like level-headed

Doing things the right way um you know really kind of leaning into that whole having structure having balance and everything with the finances i feel like the universe you know that’s like a new phase kicking off because that’s the world so there is something that’s starting off in the financial sector so if you have um we’ll pull a challenge on this and clarify as

Well but there’s something new kicking off there i’ll keep my mouth shut on that until i start pulling other cards because it can go either way but with skye father um i think that’s funny because i think of sky daddy but um the emperor that’s also taking control so with the hairpin and the emperor coming out that’s why i say you’re taking control of the finances

Like i feel like there’s something that if you’re phasing out your responsibility or you’re making better decisions overall with stuff that’s kind of the vibe i’m getting here so with the hair effect what’s the challenge temperance the challenge could be actually being patient and you know with yourself with others with the timing um and maintaining that balance

Because if it’s been you know long time coming and you’re putting the work in and you’re like come on come on it’s almost like you just you’re like could the wheel of fortune card show up and just like whoosh this thing away please so the challenge on the universe is justice look at all your scales okay so justice is you know there could be something legal i’m

Not saying it has to be legal but there could be a legal element that you know you’re waiting for something to be settled or get settled in some manner and then that way you can kind of put an end to things so with sky father we have the chariot so i feel like you’re like i said there’s this balance of literally with your skills here of wanting to be in control

And have it together and work on stuff but at the same time there’s that chariot energy of like let’s do this it’s like let’s go um yeah but also with the chariot there’s also balance with this too because if you have you know a two-headed horse well who’s doing the deciding on where you’re going so there is you know if you’re feeling impulsive you might not be

Controlling the reins and then you’re like what’s going on so there’s an element of that controlling that now we’re going to do tariff mystical moments and pull on those actually i’m going to hold it this way so looking at life in general we’re going to pull that’s too many honestly give me something come on don’t make me shuffle you don’t make me shuffle thank

You we have four wands there we go with the stability the you know if you want to do the 11 11 wish thing but you know if you’re getting down to brass tacks this is stability this is like your home you have four corners to build on now what about your home and home can be like you know just your overall stability it doesn’t have to be like your actual domicile

So force for once what are we talking about here for scorpio seven of swords yeah this that whole like justice thing i feel like there is that element of like there’s just something that’s not adding up and you know the hairpin with the doing stuff the right way it’s like you don’t have time to not get all the pieces for people to kind of half tell you stuff

To only you know someone only half read the contract you were signing or you know changing terms of stuff you’re like whoa whoa whoa i’m not saying that’s going to happen but i feel like there’s a switch in terms like something it was presented one way and then it’s like no no it’s not what i said and you’re like no no no i heard you or better yet you have it in

Writing receipts okay so seven of words what is that about there temperance again it’s that patience that there could be potentially something that’s being like i said sorted out and it doesn’t have to be officially legal but there is something that kind of has to settle and that can be annoying now with the with the temperance after this thing here you know

What we’ll come back to that because i want to clarify these guys but i feel like i’m on a trail i feel like a detective all right so universe and justice and finance what can we say for that you want the wheel of fortune card to show up and whoosh it away yeah um you kind of just are like come on like this has gotta end soon right whatever it is all right and

These two but with the moon and the six of wands you do get it it does get settled um i’m just gonna throw this out there but the moon cancer so that’s like july time it might be that long i don’t usually try and do a lot of timing stuff but this is you know that’s cancer and that’s julyish and june july so you there will be stuff going your way i just don’t

Think it’ll be as fast as you want now relationships what are we talking about all right give me something on relationships here the sun opportunity is coming in so opportunities are presenting themselves and that’s where the chariot might come in you’re like oh this oh that oh shiny like and you’re just like i’m going to go over here i’m going to go over there

I’m going to do this i’m going to do that and then you know 10 of wands you wind up kind of over committing you kind of like overdo it a little bit remember how like who’s driving is it that horse or is it you you got to kind of get control of that chariot before you go oh cattywampus now 10 of wands what can be expected there seven of cups yeah decisions

And you’re like i don’t know what i’ll do and then you have the justice on top of that so you do get to make decisions there might be a little bit of like willy-nilly but it’s almost like fun willy-nilly you’re just like i don’t even know and you know you might need that as a distraction from this kind of business over here where you’re just kind of in waiting

Mode a little bit now i want to go back over here to temperance like what are we being patient about tell me what the patience is about the patience is about i feel like there’s someone that’s gonna it’s gonna come out like if there is anyone not doing what they’re supposed to be doing i hope hope to goodness it’s not you scorpio um but with the sense of justice

I don’t think it is i’m a little biased sorry all um someone’s gonna get you know their little something’s gonna be left out something’s gonna be seen something’s gonna be said and then they’re gonna regret it and they’ll be like oh i shouldn’t it’s like no you shouldn’t have so um i don’t know if you’re just waiting for somebody to screw up i hate to put it that

Way but like everything is moving in your favor so it’s like why are you going to push it why would anyone push scorpio at this point now i want to go over to this moon here you know what in particular that’s too many does scorpio need to know about just kind of having faith here in this element six of pentacles balance is coming because for me this is like

The low-key justice card like the minor justice card there is balance but you do get a sense of where you’re putting your energy where your time where your money where where all that is kind of moving here now i do want one more on the relationship portion or more in the relationship the hermit i think you know if you get put through the ringer and you have fun

I feel like not necessarily put through the ringer but you just like you have your fun but you’re just like i’m gonna i’m gonna go recharge it’s like nothing is permanent or like completely committed because back here with the hairpin i feel like it’s almost like you’re committing to yourself like you’re the one making the commitments you’re the one calling the

Shots and over here it’s just kind of fun but you’re like i’m good yeah it’s like no i don’t i don’t want to go out again or you just have so much knowledge of yourself with that emperor there where you’re like i know i’ve seen this story before and like you know if you get into the thick of something and you have your fun you pull back and just decide that it’s

Like you know what i need some me time and you might stay in a relationship but you might kind of like pump the brakes a little bit now what’s on the hermit what does scorpio find out while they’re hermiting relationship wise the emperor so basically full circle you’re still the emperor yeah it’s like if anyone’s not on the same page as you you’re like that’s

Cool we’re not even reading the same book so i don’t gotta worry about it it’s like like i said you’re just have fun you know commit to yourself commit to everything else around you if anyone’s playing a fool they will be found out as one so um i really wouldn’t sweat that at all because you know universe something’s turning on you you know turning for you not

On you but um you know the time is gonna you know sort it out and that’s where that temperance comes in where it’s like oh my god like move so don’t act hastily don’t go too quick enjoy yourself and just you know kind of sit down and just watch watch who’s doing what and be like i think it might be them and then like a mystery like a detective so now we’re

Going to do the oracle this is the sci-fi one all right all right give me a good cut so we have the visit yeah so i feel like you know we’ll we’ll pull a couple more just to make sure here money yeah money so enemy this this deck is very dramatic but i feel like you are trying to you know the visit you want to go a couple of places do stuff etc the money that’s

Kind of like money for me is more of like the means like do you have the means to do stuff and the enemy the misfortune i honestly think this is back here with the five of cups merriment someone’s acting a fool and whoever is the one like i said that’s going to do something stupid misfortune and you’re going to be like so money what is back here message yeah

So this is like kind of the vehicle around it so there’s something fidelity yeah you’re gonna kind of figure out overall like who’s for who’s against um not necessarily against but like who has your best interest you know because i hate pitting stuff against each other but you’re like kind of like you in you out like in the visit what are we doing the prison

I feel like if you’re changing other people don’t like that you know and they want you to be like stay stay you know um or if this is your past space love that’s kind of like pie in the sky type thing so if you’ve been thinking about something that’s kind of like too much or um you know like you’re expecting too much of people like pie in the sky lower the

Expectations i hate to say that but like if you really think like wow this person’s great but it turns out like they’re kind of a trash panda you know i wouldn’t be upset with yourself you know because sometimes people are just trash pandas and that’s kind of the way it is so i think like you are gonna find out overall like who’s ride or die in this kind of time

There now i know that sounds heavy but like i said i feel like this is the part of the show where you’re going to find out like someone slips up someone kind of like and i don’t read negative like that but it just blatantly is like is the sound right here for that now i normally don’t do this but i am going to pull real quick for a relationship because that was

Very dramatic scorpio i usually usually try not to sell the sizzle but all you got is sizzle so let’s say one two three scorpio relationship what can scorpio know unexpected joy there she is remember how i said like you’re gonna just have fun with stuff sadness though remember how we go back into the hermit thing and then widow back into the hermit thing like

You’re just like bah that was all right but you’d rather it’s not quite it it’s not quite it yet so just like i said enjoy enjoy your money enjoy whatever phase this is going into balance recognition you’re getting and just kind of maybe focus on the practical stuff here and the hair effect and the doing stuff right and the whole commitment to yourself and your

Surroundings and your stuff that you’re doing so that’s what we have for now scorpio and i’ll talk to you in a little bit

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SCORPIO – Life, Finance, Love – What's the Major Issue? – May 2022 By The Tourmaline Tarot