Senator Bernie Sanders on Campaign Finance Reform preview

As part of my upcoming documentary on campaign finance reform I spoke with Senator Sanders about the need for campaign finance reform. This clip is a short summery of the interview.

There are people out there was saying why don’t we do something about the economy why don’t we create the millions of jobs that we desperately need why don’t we do something about global warming and make sure that our planet remains habitable for generations to come why don’t we do something about health care and address the fact that we have 50 million americans

Who have no health insurance why don’t we do something about poverty so that when i have more people living in poverty today then we used to why don’t we do something about education well if you’re concerned about any of those issues the economy health care the environment global warming education you must be concerned about the issue that say i’m asked and that

Is the issue of campaign finances and campaign find the need for campaign finance reform unless we create a campaign finance mechanism that people of modest income can get elected that people who are prepared to stand up and take on big money interest can get elected we’re going to have a government that works for the wealthy and the powerful and not for ordinary

Americans so the issue of campaign finance which may not seem like a very sexy issue or very important issue compared to the economy compared to health care compared to the environment compared to foreign policy the issue of campaign finance is at the center of all of these other issues and if you don’t get a handle on that and get a government which reflects

The interest of ordinary people rather than very wealthy we’re not going to resolve those other issues i would answer your question in two ways number one frankly you don’t have the luxury of being cynical or the luxury of being alienated from the political process because what is happening politically is so important that if you say i’ll look at this the whole

Political process stinks and i don’t want to be involved it’s really ugly the rich have all of the power i’m not going to do anything well you’re just cutting off your nose to spite your face if you hope to be able to afford to go to college if you hope to get a good job when you’re out of college if you hope that global warming doesn’t cause irreparable harm to

Our environment you know what you have no choice but to be involved in the political process while money in politics is in my view a disaster and that’s why we’ve introduced this constitutional amendment to take corporate money out of tv ads and so forth one should not be of the belief that you can’t beat these guys when we talk and discuss the important issues

Facing our country when we hear what people have to say we go a long way to minimize the impact of stupid 30-second ads at the end of the day conversation discussion face-to-face talking is where i think we have to go as a nation in

Transcribed from video
Senator Bernie Sanders on Campaign Finance Reform preview By Sam Bellavance