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Hello there my name is richard mcmunn from the interview training company past my interview comm and in this tutorial i am going to teach you how to parse a service desk interview so it does not matter which organization you are being interviewed for for a service techs desk position i promise you if you watch this tutorial from beginning to end it will make a

Big difference to your preparation because i’m going to run through the questions that are going to come up and more importantly i’m gonna give you high scoring answers now before i do that a very warm welcome to the service desk interview training tutorial my name is richard mcmunn that’s me there in the center of the ball chuck and i’ve been helping people for

About 20 years now to pass their interviews and i do that by giving you top scoring answers so please do subscribe to the channel by clicking the red button below the video and then you’re not gonna miss out on any of the weekly training videos i’m uploading and i would also very much appreciate your support if you gave the video a like that always motivates me to

Create more content for you thank you very much indeed okay let’s get straight into the service desk interview questions and top-scoring answers so the first interview question is going to be tell me about yourself why you want to work in this service desk role so let’s give them a powerful positive top-scoring answer here we go i am here today being interviewed

For this service desk role because i believe the skills and qualities i possess are a strong match for the job i enjoy communicating with people i have strong analytical skills that allow me to solve problems quickly and i can work under pressure to solve issues for customers and clients in line with the targets my employer demands i’m someone who picks things

Up really quickly i can build strong relationships with my co-workers and i will always represent your brand in a positive way whilst dealing with customers and clients during the calls i undertake now i appreciate you are interviewing lots of people for this service desk role but i can assure you that if you do decide to choose me to the position i will be the

Perfect temporary who will always carry out my duties diligently and professionally so if you use that answer right at the start of the interview it puts you across in a positive and confident manner and it also demonstrates that you understand the key skills required to carry out the role properly second question of your service desk interview why should we hire

You so basically what makes you stand out candida here is my suggested answer i think you should hire me for three main reasons the first reason and perhaps the most important is that i have the necessary experience to carry out this service desk role to the standards you expect the second reason is that i will be able to quickly align the transferable skills i

Already possess so i can start performing in the service desk role quickly and without supervision finally i feel it’s really important within a service desk team role to have strong communication skills if you have strong communication skills you can quickly get to the heart of the problem and solve any issues with clarity logic and to the satisfaction of the

Customer or the client now i believe i have very strong communication skills and these will assist me in the role if you choose to hire me within the service desk position that’s a great answer let’s take a look at another service desk interview question so why’d you want to work for our company in this service desk role so we need to give them a genuine honest

And strong answer but the reasons why you want to work for their company so here is that answer when i initially saw this job advertised with your company i knew it was the position i wanted your company has a solid reputation it employs lots of talented people and it is somewhere i genuinely feel i can grow and develop also more importantly i genuinely believe

In your products and services this means i will really enjoy my job as part of the service desk team because i will have a passion when talking about your different products and services and it will also allow me to get quickly to the problems faced by your customers and clients finally your strong values and ethics are attracted to me as an employee and i would

Feel proud to work for your company within the service desk team so what i like about our response is you are giving a few reasons why you say when you initially saw it you know the company’s got a strong reputation it employs lots of talent people it’s somewhere that you can grow also that you have a passion and belief in their products and services there will

Make the role more enjoyable and also you can get to the root of customers and clients problems and then also you’re talking about their values and their ethics in the manner that they are attractive for you to work there so lots of powerful and positive reasons why you’d want to work for their company in this service desk position next question describe a time

When you took ownership of a situation this is a tough tough interview question but when you are working as part of a service desk team you have to take ownership of situations so here is my suggested answer to this question in a previous job a dissatisfied customer called the service desk to complain there i’ve been waiting to hear back from another analyst but

They had not received the call as promised the analyst was off that day so i decided to take ownership in the situation to resolve it there and then for the customer i quickly read back through the case notes whilst the customer remained on the line the analyst had not raised the problem with our technical department and this oversight was the main reason why

The follow-up call had not been made i apologized unreservedly to the customer and gave them an honest appraisal of the situation i reassured them i would personally deal with the situation they’re on in and i assured them that i would call him every 24 hours with an update after escalating their case to the technical team within 48 hours the issue was successfully

Resolved during that time i had kept the customer updated and reassured them as promised so that shows that you are not just saying oh i’ll get them to get in touch with you which a lot of people would do you’re saying right i will sort out this situation for you right here and right now next question and your service desk interview how would you deal with a difficult

Customer so we have to have a thorough understanding of the process for dealing we have difficult clients or difficult customers over the telephone so here is my suggesting answer first of all i would listen to them by giving them my full attention i would take notes as they spoke and ask some clarifying questions to make sure i fully understood their complaint

Or their problem i would then show genuine concern for their situation apologize if required before offering up multiple solutions to their issue to demonstrate i genuinely cared about their predicament and no stage during the call would i react emotionally nor would i take anything they said personally i would avoid putting the caller on hold and i would always

Be honest and never make promises i could not keep dealing with difficult customers within the service desk team is all part of the role and it’s important to practice genuine positivity in the tone of your voice and how you deal with all customers so that shows that you’ve got a thorough understanding and how to properly deal with a difficult customer to not take

It personally to get to the root of the problem quickly and then not give them any promises that you cannot keep next question of your service desk interview what are your strengths and weaknesses this is guaranteed to come up and it may form two questions first question might be one of your strengths and the second one what’s your biggest weakness but here is

My answer to this question during my employment appraisals over the last few years the core strengths that i hear from my supervisors and team leaders time and time again are my exceptional communication skills my ability to provide brilliant service and also the fact that i always represent the company i am working for in a positive and professional manner i also

Believe another one of my strengths is that i am a supportive team member who will step up and take ownership and situations whenever needed in terms of my weakness this would have to be the fact i cannot say no to anything i hate letting people down and i always say yes to extra work or duties now whilst this is great for an employer i do need to make sure i have

The capacity to take an extra work whenever it is requested so what i particularly like about that answer is that you are giving strengths from two perspectives the first one is what your team leaders and supervisors have been saying about you consistently over the years and then also one that you think is one of your own strengths and then you are just getting one

Weakness but that weakness even though it is you know somebody it is a weakness for people to that they can’t say no to anything and they take on loads of work but from an employer’s perspective that is attractive so it’s quite a clever response to that question now if you’d like to download my 21 great answers to tough interview questions there’s a link that’s

Appeared in the top right hand corner of that screen if you click it it will take you through to my website pass my interview comm you can download all of the questions and answers to help you prepare fully for your service desk interview if you have any questions put them in the comment section below the video and i will be more than happy to answer them for you

Other than that please subscribe don’t forget to hit the like but not very much bring shae that thank you and i wish you all the best for passing your service desk interview have a brilliant day thank you very much

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