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In 2019, Hollywood’s favorite stoner comedian (along with his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, and longtime friend Michael Mohr) cofounded a company that focuses on smoking accessories—including items designed by Rogen himself—and other homewares for weed enthusiasts. They also sell Houseplant pot. Rogen and Mohr talk about how they put the high into high design.

I love weed and i smoke weed all the time and therefore i need things in my home that are conducive to that lifestyle and they didn’t exist and i wanted them to be like anything reflective of my tastes and my sensibilities and on a kind of a cultural level it would show that things made for people who smoke weed by people who smoke weed are as beautiful well made

Well considered well packaged well marketed all that is done as well as any other product the best products and and that’s really like the standard that we hold ourselves to because i think weed is the best product and i think the things that surround weed should be the best products we knew that this was a massive opportunity a once in a lifetime opportunity

And one where we had incredible leverage from the authority that seth and evan had worked to establish in this category through film and media and seth through a public figure in his unabashed consumption of cannabis as part of his daily life this is an incredibly productive and contributing member of society who is also high every day and that authority in the

Category offered us a way in that was incredibly unique and so we knew that we had this different approach to the space and we really made a concerted effort to not squander that opportunity and so we’ve been incredibly patient and disciplined in building out our strategy with a long-term view on this opportunity seth and evan grew up together in vancouver

Evan’s my cousin steph and i have been friends for decades known each other probably 25 years now we were living here in los angeles as cannabis was going through different phases of legalization and we started having loads of conversations about this coming opportunity and how we could participate in it just kind of took the reins on that opportunity with the

Guys and we understood from the start of that exploration that the industry was really in its infancy and that this was going to take a long time to play out the result of years of meeting with all sorts of people across different parts of the industry and countless conversations we landed on a path that included premium homewares and cannabis house and plant

And the magic there is we understood that this industry was going to continue to evolve with a patchwork of legality state by state and that you need such infrastructure and and reached uh to be able to even exist in markets where it’s currently legal and that wasn’t a game that we felt we should try to win at where we could win early days is coming up with a

Strategy where we could start to engage day one with an audience nationwide and that was through our house goods our premium homewares and so when we launched the company ultimately here in the us we launched with two sides of the business one where as a cannabis company we are also able to engage with consumers across the nation immediately foreign was not

Heavily stigmatized everyone smoked weed the jock smoke weed the nerd smoked weed and everyone in between smoked weed and so i moved to los angeles when i was around 17 and there was a real cultural difference in l.a and vancouver you know and as much as la and america i thought was kind of had a cultural acceptance towards weed i realized they really didn’t

And i realized that as someone who loved weed and put a lot of thought into weed and was also you know someone with a job and who was gainfully employed people were really fascinated when i would do interviews and i would talk about weed so we made this movie pineapple express which was kind of like our love letter uh to weed and we found when it came out that

It really hit a cord with people who smoked weed as well um in a in a truly profound way sometimes mostly it became clear we could speak to a group of people that we are a part of in a way that maybe nobody else could we from the start recognized that we were stepping into a space that has a really ugly history in this country and we have made it paramount

For us as a company to do work to try and rectify a lot of the harm that’s been caused by the war on drugs and specifically communities of color here in the u.s we work on speaking with regulators and and speaking with government officials to try to push for change to be done and for change to be done properly assuming that culture keeps moving in the direction

That everyone hopes it will move and that it seems to be moving in regards to weed um it feels like uh the sky’s the limit

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