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Landlords in West of England are offering free rent in return for sex, an investigation from BBC Inside Out West has found.

Free room available to female only conditions apply double room for naughty girl for exchange of favors female tenant needed cheap rent contact me to discuss the government says these ads are illegal but no one else seems to care i’m going undercover to meet the landlords here offering free rent in return for sex and a vulnerable woman who experienced the riskier

End of these arrangements one guy’s back to me to like meet with him but then also put in about having like group sex with like a lot of his friends since lot getting a bit of a dangerous fight for so why is nothing being done about it i’ve worked on lots of shocking stories about homelessness recently and i know how hard it is to live a normal life when you

Don’t have a safe place to call home i thought i’d seen the worst of the housing crisis but last year i heard about a new trend that i found most alarming sex for rent in the last six months i’ve seen dozens of local adverts on craigslist some of them are worded subtly so could be rent free for the right student but others leave no doubt double room in return for

Your booty simple no hassle business deal i want to speak to the guys posting these ads but when i contact them as a journalist they don’t respond so i’m going undercover most of them ask for a photo so it’s time to get into character i’ve already responded to some adverse and the replies have been very revealing so one landlord here has told me he’d expect

Sex a couple of times a week and the other one as says he has a high sex drive is very adventurous and has no limits and he’d also expected you to surrender to him now that makes me feel really weird and i’m doing this as a journalist i can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like if you’re doing this for real yes right it’s gone there’s no going back now i’m

Streaked up i’m wearing wig to be honest so they were out to have a photo of me as i really look trying the wig on at home is one thing it suddenly feels very different on the way to my first meeting with the landlord from his outfit i already know tom is in his 60s and has a one-bed flapped on the outskirts of bristol he’s already sent me more than 50 emails

Including a photo keen to arrange a meeting the messages are mild but he clearly feels very familiar already and goes straight in for a kiss i already know part of the deal is sharing his bed but i want to find out what else he’s going to expect when you say and like if like i didn’t feel ready to do that straight away so it would be something else is required

Like something um so i just come back from meeting with the landlord and yeah it was really like i don’t have intense experience i guess that’s how i describe it and even talking about the idea of doing it made me feel so uncomfortable it wasn’t a very nice experience i wasn’t very nice at all and it just i all i keep thinking about is how these people doing

This for real must feel one of those is 22 year old laura from bristol after a family breakdown left her homeless she entered into a sex for rent arrangement as a 19 year old laura’s not her real name and she asked for us not to show her face you were living with friends you were sort of sofa surfing yeah and then you ended up getting into this sex for rent

Arrangement how did that come about i sort of stumbled upon craigslist i went to london and he just just yeah he had like a little sort of almost like a little cabin outside there’s like a bedroom living room but we had my own arrangement that was like written down a sign so like a couple of times a week he’d sort of give me alcohol drugs take out weather and

Then we’d have to seem together and that was sort of like the arrangement instead of money how did that make you feel looking back it’s kind of disturbing but at the time i just didn’t care i really didn’t care about what was happening and when you came back to bristol did you look at being sex for an arrangement yeah i put some posts up everyone i spoke to just

Seemed a little bit dangerous one guy that expected me to like cheat with him but then also put in about having like group sex was like a lot of his friends we saw getting a bit of a dangerous cycle this whole sex for an arrangement is relatively new and it seems to have got much bigger in the last couple of years why do you think that is for young people it’s

Hard to me about it’s hard to sort of like get jobs and like even looking at shared houses it’s a lot of money especially you’re working like minimum wage job just you’re not gonna be able to afford to live do you think landlords are then taking advantage i think they are they’re using the fact that some young girls are vulnerable they using that against them so

Our landlords who do this breaking the law we’ve asked the ministry of justice who told us offering accommodation in return for sex is illegal and those who do so can face up to seven years in prison i arranged to meet the next landlord at a pub in swindon from his advert might claims to be in his forties with a designer pad on offer and this time i’d even get my

Own room there’d be zero rent and no bills just an fwb relationship we’ve exchanged the dozen messages nothing dodgy but he tells me he’s done this before and he’s clearly got away with it no kiss this time though when i asked for a small glass of wine he very generously returns with a large one after the chase turns out the ministry of justice says just placing

An advert is illegal but we’ve checked with the police who aren’t aware of any prosecutions so it hasn’t been tested in court and a solicitor with expertise in this area doesn’t think it’s an open-and-shut case i’m not sure it is inciting prostitution i think it’s a gray area and i suspect the crown prosecution service and police are very interested in taking

This on because there is no clarity you might historically get prosecutions when i say historically two years down the line when a tenant has moved out they come forward and say well actually i had to have sex with him i didn’t really have an option because he threatened me with eviction if i didn’t sleep with him we offered both our landlords the opportunity to

Be interviewed or to give us a statement tom wasn’t interested for right buying nice to meet you bye mike says he is now living abroad he told us he was pretending to be a landlord and he’s actually a writer and a feminist and that he placed his advert to research his novel on the theme of the exploitation of women he says that i was the only person to respond

We look forward to reading your book mike we really do what would your advice be to anyone who is maybe considering entering into one of these arrangements for someone not just for saving a bit of money it’s dangerous it’s stressful it puts you on edge it isolates you if you feel for words just like just about get by and pay rent just do it or like if you have

To like to grovel a bit and apologize and family or friends just do it it’s not worth for that is like stress

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