SIT or SELL: October 2022 Sneaker Releases Part 2

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October is halfway over and usually footwear brands wait to release their crazy heat till the end of the month and it seems like that’s still happening here in october 2022 because we’ve got some crazy sneaker releases what’s up everybody i’m seth fowler and this is sittercel have you guys seen the latest solar premise bags the monogram series they look absolutely

Insane and feel very premium especially for the price first of all i want to give a huge thank you to soul premise for being such a long time supporter of the channel and second of all i want to show you one of my favorite new bags so obviously i love soul premises new monogram design it looks really great in this black color especially accented by these gold hits

On the front of the bag and of course on the zippers it looks super clean but not only that this bag is super functional because in the front of the bag i can hold two whole pairs of sneakers and in the back of the bag i can hold my laptop some cables and even throw some clothes in there it’s a pretty amazing bag and this is just one of their smaller backpacks

They have tons of other bags available they have duffel bags and really big backpacks which i show off a lot on this channel because i use that bag a bunch as well and they come in a ton of different colors like green camo which looks amazing and of course sole premise bags are tsa approved which means you can bring them onto the airplane with you store them in the

Overhead compartment or underneath your seat rather than having to check them underneath the plane which makes traveling a lot faster and keeps your stuff a lot safer but with all that being said if you guys want to check out soul premise for yourself which i absolutely recommend make sure to click that link in the top of the description below and use my code seth

For 40 off your entire order jumping right into it on october 19th we’ve got the air jordan 9 boot nrg in black and gum according to jordan brand this is a winterized air jordan 9 that comes in a rugged black upper and a gum outsole the upper comes in a durable leather and suede with a waterproof coating and then apparently the eyelets of the shoe come in metal

Which make it better overall i guess and more durable i’m not exactly sure and then the final feature that makes this more of a winterized boot is the extra traction on the outsole it feels like jordan brand has been winterizing their classic air jordan models for years and every year that i see one of these shoes sitting in store i’m like yeah i’d rather wear a

Pair of tim’s and i feel like most people feel that way i understand that some people do want a winterized version of their jordan sneakers i get it but i don’t think it’s that many people and i’m surprised that every year jordan brand just keeps re-releasing jordan 9 winterized or jordan 4 winterize and it just doesn’t seem like it makes a lot of sense but they

Must be selling models because they wouldn’t keep doing it if they weren’t however unlike their classic models and classic versions of those models these shoes just don’t seem to have the same hype and for that reason i’m giving these shoes a sit rounding off the 19th we’ve got the social status nike air penny 2 and cobalt pulse and black first of all i want to

Give a huge thank you to social status for sending out this pair of sneakers early i absolutely love it it’s actually my only pair of nike air penny twos and this colorway is fire there is actually a second colorway which i believe dropped exclusively in social status it’s a white and cream colorway it’s also very clean but i think i prefer this black white and

Blue look personally obviously because this is a social status collab you do have some social status hits like this embroidery right here on the ankle which is actually embroidered onto this 3m detail which i really dig you’ve got this nice pink kit on the back of the shoe and then of course a majority of the shoe comes in this black nubuck accident by this white

Sort of phylon another detail that i really love is that with the shoe you get this little like bronze keychain of the shoe which is super super cool which i think i might actually throw onto my keychain right now i mean that’s sick that is super super cool i love this detail definitely a super clean collaboration on a classic silhouette and one that absolutely

Will sell out in fact i think this shoe is reselling for like triple the price right now which is nuts moving on to october 20 first we’ve got the follow-up to the wildly popular puma mv1 aptly named the puma mv2 this shoe of course is melo ball’s second signature sneaker with puma and is actually one of their most popular silhouettes at least the first one was i

Wouldn’t be surprised the second one is also incredibly popular overall the shape of the silhouette is very similar to that of the mv1s and it seems like they’re using a lot of the same materials but what i really like about this shoe is that they’ve changed the details on the side of the shoe or i guess the fuse overlays that form the details on the side of the

Shoe to a much more fire inspired look i mean i guess they were trying to say that this shoe is literally fire which it really is and especially in this initial orange and yellow colorway it definitely imbueds the fire look i don’t know if i use that word correctly but it seems like i did is imbues imbued permeated or inspired that makes sense okay so i used it

Right i just said it wrong regardless this shoe will no doubt be popular and i definitely think this puma mb1 in this orange colorway will absolutely sell out also dropping on the 21st we’ve got the nike air more up tempo 96 thank you wilson so this shoe pays homage to wilson smith iii the first black designer in the footwear industry and the colorway of this shoe

Is inspired by his love of space age tv apparently it’s supposed to be some sort of like otherworldly sunset which i actually kind of dig not only that the mesh uppers used on the shoe are inspired by one of his early mesh upper prototypes of the nike air more up-tempo the story alone and of course the person that it honors makes this shoe awesome but i just don’t

Feel like there’s a lot of hype behind this release probably because people don’t understand the inspiration behind this shoe and for that reason unfortunately i’m gonna give this shoe a sit next up we’ve got the shelf life air jordan 2 low and some of you probably could have guessed from the name of this collaboration this shoe is a collaboration between the south

African sneaker and streetwear store shelf life and of course jordan brand this shoe comes in a very clean white cream and orange makeup it features this really nice white suede around the lace islands of the shoe you’ve got white leather rounding off the rest of the upper and you’ve got cream hits on the heel of the midsole and of course orange on the tongue and

On the outsole as i’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been following sneakers over the last year jordan brand has really been making a push to revitalize the air jordan too and then she was actually one of the three collaborations dropping on the 21st apparently the idea behind releasing these three different air jordan 2 low collaborations the other two of course

We’ll talk about in a minute is to amplify the local stories of where these sneaker stores who are having these collaborations are based and while traditionally the air jordan 2 silhouette and especially the air jordan 2 low have not been that popular when compared to other air jordan models i definitely think this collaboration and probably the other two that we’ll

Talk about will sell out the next one of these shoes from this collaboration is the 218 air jordan 2 low now like shelf life 218 is a sneaker and streetwear store except this time around this store is based in detroit this shoe comes in a very dressy brown tonal upper made up of leathers and suedes accented by a cream-colored midsole and a semi-translucent outsole

That fades from a blue to a brown definitely a clean look and in my opinion a great addition to this set of air jordan 2 low collab operations and i have to say that not only because this shoe looks good but also because it’s limited and of course the collaboration i do think that this shoe will sell out and then finally we’ve got the third sneaker from this set

Of collaborations and that’s the titan women’s air jordan 2. this shoe is a collaboration with the filipino sneaker boutique titan and unlike the other two shoes that we just talked about this shoe is made exclusively for women now personally that’s a little bit disappointing because this was my favorite colorway out of the three that are dropping and while yes

I probably can still grab a pair of these in my size there’s gonna be a lot less pairs of size nines than there are like size sixes so it’s probably going to be very difficult to get this colorway comes in white leather orange and green accented by this really cool sort of green corduroy mud guard which i really dig and overall in my opinion it’s the most unique

Of these three air jordan twos and like i just said about the other two shoes that we just talked about i definitely think this shoe will be no different and will absolutely sell out next up also dropping on the 21st we’ve got the adidas yeezy 450 stone flex man kanye is doing some some stuff right now um and in light of all that stuff i’m surprised that adidas

Is still releasing his shoes i mean even disregarding the crazy stuff that just went down last week just the contract negotiations it’s uh it’s interesting to me that they’re still dropping models or colorways of this shoe which they must have produced months ago or even a year ago and they probably have to release these shoes but man it’s it’s it’s been a wild

Uh it’s been a wild couple weeks with that being said the 450 is still a pretty popular model i like this sort of caramel colorway it’s nice i like the monochromatic look but overall it’s not something that i really feel like i need to pick up and i think that the 450s while still popular have lost a lot of their hype and for that reason i kind of think this shoe

Will probably sit on shelves after that and rounding off october 21st we’ve got two different colorways available fresh goods latest collaboration on the new balance 993s so although this shoe does come in three different colorways it looks like new balance’s website is only dropping two of those colorways the blue colorway and the margarita colorway which is kind

Of like a pale green now you guys know how much i love joe fresh goods new balance collaborations this shoe is in my opinion one of the best new balances ever released but he’s also dropped a lot of other great colorways a lot of which i have and i’m excited to try and grab these colorways as well however knowing the joe fresh goods collaborations they will be very

Difficult to get my favorite of the two colorways is the blue vintage rose colorway i really love that light blue nubuck that they used on the upper of these 993s i also love that sort of rose-colored cream that they use to accent the upper as well as on the midsole it’s a very clean look but don’t get me wrong i’d also be happy with the margarita colorway which

Features the same sort of vintage rose accent but also comes in this really nice sort of toned down green upper i just love both of these shoes i would love to get the third colorway as well but just knowing joe fresh goods new balance collaborations these shoes will absolutely sell out and sell out very very quickly until october 22nd we’ve got salahi bembury’s

Latest collaboration with crocs on the pollux clogs in the kiwada colorway i’m not really sure how to describe this colorway it’s kind of like a clay color with a bit more like pink in it maybe sort of like a uh kawada i don’t know what a kawada is but i feel like it’s probably a similar color to that could be a japanese surname or an anime character either way

I think it’s a nice looking shoe it’s actually kind of similar color to this guy’s hair maybe that’s what it what it is i don’t know if you guys know let me know in the comment section down below but i think it’s a very clean looking pair of shoes i love this colorway i love all of salahi member’s crocs and if i have a chance to grab these i absolutely will but

Knowing all of the other releases he’s done i definitely think these shoes will sell out also dropping on october 22nd we’ve got the nike dunk glow florida a m university so this shoe comes in the florida a m colors you’ve got a white leather upper accident by bright orange on the overlays as well as green on the outsole and on some of the accents the shoe features

The rattlesnake logo on the tongue which i’m assuming is the mascot of florida a m university i i honestly don’t know i don’t really know anything about this university so let me know from right in the comment section down below as well as 1887 embroidered on the heel which i again i’m assuming that that is the year that the university was founded all in all it’s a

Pretty clean looking shoe however i do feel like there’s a lot of florida a m university touches all over the sneakers so if you’re not a fan of florida a m university you didn’t go to the school or you just you’re like me you don’t even know what it is then uh i mean maybe let this one go but hey it’s still a nike dunk glow it does have that bright orange and green

Color blocking which i do really like and for that reason i do think this shoe will probably sell out and then rounding off october 22nd we’ve got the air jordan 7 vegeta tan this air jordan 7 comes in a full vegeta tan leather upper accented by embossed details that mimic the classic ben 23 air jordan 7. accenting the tan upper is a black midsole with purple and

Yellow hits and overall it is a pretty clean looking pair of air jordan 7s now i gotta be honest i don’t totally trust jordan brand when they say this is actual vachetitan leather usually that leather darkens over time after a lot of wear i feel like this is a much cheaper crappier version of that leather if it is that leather at all and i think there is a good

Chance this leather will just stay the same color no matter how long you wear the shoe so i don’t know maybe i’m wrong about that that’s just what i’m guessing from these images but overall it’s a clean look it’s definitely a simple look with some nice accent details on the heel it’s just not a shoe that i’m that interested in and i do think it will probably end up

Sitting on shelves next up on october 25th we’ve got the nike lebron 2 midnight navy so this shoe is apparently a one for one retro of the classic nike lebron 2 in the midnight navy colorway the shoe comes in a dark navy mesh upper accented by white leather overlays and is a pretty clean looking nike lebron 2. i’m not the biggest fan of the lebron 2 personally i

Know i’ve said that about some other shoes on the list but i don’t have much nostalgia towards this shoe because i was never really a big lebron fan i definitely respect his game i love what he does i think he’s an incredible player but honestly when i was growing up i was more focused on ai so this is not something that i’m personally nostalgic for but i’m sure

There’s a lot of people out there who are however i don’t think the hype is there for these lebron retros and for that reason i do think this shoe will probably end up sitting moving on to october 26th we’ve got the nike young kai somos familia dia de muertos this day of the dead nike dunk kai features a split fabric upper one side is brown one side is blue and

Each one of these sides feature really cool embroidered details the overlays on this shoe come in this really nice warm yellow color accented by a red nike swoosh overall a pretty clean shoe and one of my favorite day of the dead nike sneakers and i definitely think this shoe will be popular and for that reason i think this shoe will sell out next up on october

27th we’ve got three new sneakers from the teddy santis new balance 990 collection so this collection is made up of a pair of 990v1s 990 v2s and of course the 990v3s the upper of each one of these shoes are all pretty similar they all feature white mesh somewhere on the upper as well as a dark brown suede and they all feature a little tan hit on the heel i don’t

Know if these colorways are my favorite out of all the colorways it is dropped but they’re definitely a clean look however i feel like some of the hype has died down from these made in the usa pairs and for that reason although they are great sneakers i think they all probably will sit in some sizes also dropping on the 27th we’ve got the women’s air jordan 1

Starfish this shoe looks a lot like the shattered backboard 2.0 it’s a very similar looking sneaker however there are some small changes and it’s not just the fact that it’s a women’s only sneaker the upper of the shoe comes in a white leather accented by bright orange overlays which look very clean and again are very similar to the shatter backboard 2.0 however

The difference comes around the ankle area of the shoe instead of using black leather they decided to go with brown leather probably to differentiate the shoe from the shattered backboards but it definitely gives the shoe a more fall like sort of halloween feel obviously i think most people would prefer to have the ankle area come in a black leather instead of

A brown leather because we’re probably all hypebeast but at the same time this brown is definitely not a bad look but i don’t think it’s going to be as hyped up as a re-release of the shadow backboard 2.0 would have been it’s a clean look it’s a great sneaker however it is unfortunate that it’s only dropping in women’s sizes that being said it will probably still

Sell out and then finally rounding off the 27th we’ve got the nike dunk glow halloween it’s crazy to think that the mummy dunks already came out last year it feels like it just happened but it was a whole year ago and now we’re getting a brand new halloween sneaker from nike the nike dunk glow halloween unlike the mummy dunks it featured a cream mummified upper

This time around nike decided to go for a slightly darker look with a very dark gray and actually reflective upper in addition to the reflective details on the gray upper you’ve also got a bright green outsole which seems like it features some recycled materials in it because it’s kind of speckled it might not but it kind of looks like that’s what they’re going

For all in all it’s not a bad looking shoe and i feel like there’s a lot of cool hidden details that we just don’t see in these promo images for the shoe we’ll just have to wait till we get the shoe in hand but overall in my opinion it’s not as cool as the mummy dunks and i realize that’s probably one of the best halloween sneakers to ever release but that being

Said i still feel like they could have followed up the mummy dunks with another crazy release and not something as toned down as issue but hey i still think these shoes will sell out following that up on october 29th we’ve got the air jordan 4 midnight navy so this shoe is color blocking probably reminds a lot of people of the white cement 4s in my opinion one of

The best air jordan 4s of all time and i’ve got to say while yes i would have preferred having the white cements come back this is actually a pretty fire shoe the upper of this shoe comes in white leather accented by gray details with black splatter print and of course you’ve got the midnight navy details on the eyelets and on the outsole according to the sneakers

App this shoe is actually the white cement colorway except with a an autumn update with a crisp midnight navy accent to keep you looking sharp and season ready i don’t know how this blue is more autumn than the gray that they were using or the black they were using but hey that’s what they’re saying so i mean it’s a white smell with blue hits there you go again i’m

Not gonna lie this is a fire sneaker one that i absolutely want to pick up and one that i think a lot of people are excited for and for that reason i’m giving this shoe a cell then finally getting to the last release in today’s video on halloween october 31st we’ve got the adidas yeezy basketball knit and onyx i don’t really have much to say about this shoe other

Than the fact that it’s an all black yeezy basketball knit with 3m accents on the toe it’s fine nothing wrong with it but not that exciting i guess it’s kind of halloween themed because it’s all black i don’t know either way i don’t think this shoe will sell out so for that reason i’m giving this shoe a sip let me know your thoughts on all the sneakers that we

Covered in today’s video in the comment section down below and i’ll see you all in the next one

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